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  1. I use Flickr Pro for proofing with models and clients (Private) and displaying portfolios for agency review (Public). Getty uses Flickr to review submissions (Artist's Picks) and then asks for a full res version if it's selected. I always watermark everything.
  2. I subscribe to the APA Professional Photographer and NAPP Photoshop User magazines, but I generally find them too cute for my taste. However, there is at least on gem per issue, so I keep my subscriptions up. These do have to repeat, since there are newer photographers coming along all the time, so I don't mind the repitition. I also like to go over the basics of digital photography from time to time to make sure I've gotten my fundamentals right, and to see the latest meaningful innovations and improvements. I also subscribe to several higher-end fashion and lifestyle magazines for my clie
  3. I created a couple of pseudonyms for my account and placed the appropriate images in them via the "Attributes" field for each image. The pseudonyms are showing up in the drop-down list under "Manage Images" and do include the proper images. However, when I enter the "Your Images" summary, the pseudonyms do not show up. I suspect the images in the pseudonym have to be included in a search at least once for them to show up in the "Your Images" summary. I want to do this correctly, any advice or guidance will be grealy appreciated.
  4. I'm doing some spring cleaning, and deleting similars and non-commercial images. However, they are not actually deleted they are in the awaiting deletion category and still show up in searches. Do I need to do something more, or does the deletion process just take some time? Thanks,
  5. I'm a new contributor to Alamy and had my first zooms yesterday, three out of a series of 12 images. I may break the code on this stock photography thing, yet!
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