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  1. Just sold an image, apparently to Benchmark Education (https://benchmarkeducation.com/) with the following: "EEMP, Multiple re-use in any and all Benchmark Education editorial products globally per the terms set forth in Asset License Agreement dated December 10, 2019. Out-of-context advertising/promo use excluded." Are Alamy now allowing RM images to be used multiple times like RF without additional licencing? Stephen.
  2. An API key is now required, allowing Google to bill for use. The interface hasn't changed apart from this field now being mandatory. The charges seem to be about $2,000 for one million autocompletions: given the advantages to Alamy for location based sales, and the assurance of geospatial accuracy I consider this to be worth it, but I guess I don't know how many requests Alamy users would make, and how much that will eat into profits. I really do hope it returns.
  3. Thanks guys. As an IT consultant by day, I know the root-cause of the problem lies with the user interface design. It's just far too sensitive, and has some daft quirks. I have no problem with any other stock site, or any other website in general - it's just the design of the Alamy Image Manager. Id even happily go back to the original keywording system, as it worked well for me. Spacecadet: my mention of "disability/access" issues is because websites are supposed to be accessible to all, even those with disabilities. This isn't particularly accessible to me, and even "able bodied" people struggle.
  4. Sally - left side and right side of the Alamy Image Manager - left side shows the grid of all images, right side shows the score for the selected image. How can the two be different when one single image is selected? |s for your advice about P60B1K, I 've never found my [recent] keywording style to be a problem when they're relevant (for example in this particular image: "take away" normally refers to fast food, usually burgers and chips, which is always high in fat, responsible for the obesity problem, and the location doesn't matter when it's a generic photo like this. It could be taken anywhere. Many people do say keep keywords relevant to what you can actually see in the image, but I've been pretty anal about analysing (see what I did there?) my search results, as well as the "All of Alamy" results, as well as similars across other stock agencies when available, to see what people buy vs. their search criteria. (My day job is in Big Data Analysis). Generalising: customers haven't a clue how to search for images, It's not their fault, they're generally journalists, or authors, or publishers, not data analysts with a background in taxonomies, data classification or extraction. So, if they have a story about "childhood obesity" they're going to search for "childhood obesity" as their first search - that's only natural. They're not going to search for "fast food outlet", or "hamburger plain ketchup" first - that might be a second or third search. They're not going to search for "Obese child" as that just isn't politically correct these days, so that's not in my list of keywords. I'd rather be in their first set of results to get the sale. FWIW, and getting back on topic, I've found a (time consuming) workaround, but over 10,000 of my images which had been marked as "Not for sale" on the discoverability ranking have now been freed up. I've also determined that these images haven't had any sales, even though they appear pretty parse compared to the images that were discoverable.
  5. The replies seem to be a little off topic - I assume I'm therefore alone in finding this behaviour? It's really a frustrating exercise having to go into all your images that you've already optimised only to find they're showing up in orange on one side of AIM, and green on the other.
  6. I have quite bad arthritis in my hands, and I'm finding the keywording process more and more frustrating because of one simple issue. When keywording multiple images, many of the keywords show up as light grey when they only apply to some of the selected images. I want to select these to add them to all selected images. However, unless the mouse is COMPLETELY still when clicking, all you do is to move the keyword slightly. It doesn't apply to all images. I end up clicking on a keyword, it temporarily darkens, then goes back to grey because my mouse moved by one nanometre. This also happens when I try to promote tags to supertags. This is frustrating, as I find it very difficult to keep my mouse absolutely still and click the button at the same time, meaning it can take me 10 clicks (or more) to select each keyword. This is VERY frustrating! I really don't see why it's necessary to move a keyword anyway, as the order makes no difference (I know you can combine keywords by dragging and dropping) but surely clicking to select is a MUCH more common activity. Can the keyword be selected if you click anywhere within the box, not just on the text? Can it be selected if you move your mouse even a tiny amount? To move a keyword you need to drag the mouse a considerable (relatively) distance. This really is affecting my ability to keyword, and I believe it's a disability/access issue (as well as incredibly frustrating for most people, I'm sure!)
  7. I have a strange problem when using Jim Keir's Alamy Lightroom bridge. I spend quite a lot of effort trying to get my metadata fully optimised (10 supertags/50 tags, and ensuring everything is filled in). The bars on each image shows full green. Not a problem. However, when I use the plugin to do a "Set Alamy Data" the discoverability bar on the left side image grid shows orange, but the discoverability bar on the right side image summary shows full green. It's only when I change the Primary or Secondary Category does it pop back to full green indicating it's optimised. Has anyone else seen this issue, and do you know of a simple solution, rather than having to reset the category on every affected image? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ootwbe8rsltyr62/Screenshot 2018-03-28 20.31.09.png?dl=0 Stephen.
  8. Check out the LR Alamy Bridge plugin. It's got two main functions: "Fetch Alamy Data" which matches your local images with those on Alamy by filename then pulls down the Alamy Metadata. You can update your Alamy data within LR, update Pseuds, keywords etc. Then there is "Set Alamy Data" which allows you to sync your changes back up to Alamy. It's a little temperamental at times, and takes some learning to get the best out of all features (I've only recently felt confident about using the Set Alamy Data feature after about a year of using it!), but the biggest advantage it gives me is the ability to search by Alamy Reference within LR, plus you get to see the number of sales and revenue for each image. You can filter on any of the Alamy data (pseudonym, sales status etc). I've also set up lots of Smart Collections to validate my Alamy metadata (e.g. find images with people, no releases which are RF) or images which are marked Alamy Exclusive, which I have available elsewhere. Probably the most useful LR Plugin I've ever used. Available here https://www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php should you want to check it out.
  9. The new image manager allows you to filter for images which are "Exclusive Alamy" and "Restricted Images", but doesn't have the corresponding "Non-exclusive Alamy" and "Non-restricted Images". Surely it just makes sense that you can do this? (I have a real need for it to ensure images I have elsewhere are represented properly on Alamy, and without these filters I can't do this!)
  10. "Travel" is a bit of a bug-bear of mine - images of airplanes, hotels, etc could be travel. However, what about a photograph of the Eiffel Tower? It's only travel if you don't live there! I have ended up categorising lots of photographs taken in Belfast as "Travel" as there isn't anything more appropriate. Then there is obvious omissions such as politics, policing, military, society etc. I end up just lumping these into News and Events even though often they are stock, and not news events. The problem with changing them now is that it would involve reclassifying a few thousand photographs.
  11. Just had about 10 reCAPTCHAs to work through just to get logged in this morning - VERY ANNOYING! I have to do this EVERY TIME I log in. Please make it stop!!!!!!
  12. It wouldn't be SO bad if we could actually cut and paste tags from one image to another. I'd also like to be able to see all the tags I've used, to click on one, and to bring up all images with that tag. The main reason for this is to try to tidy up the tens of thousands of images I have which have been migrated from the previous system, which now have individual words as tags which should be compound tags eg. "northern" and "ireland" - should be "Northern Ireland". It wouldn't be so bad if one could select multiple images and merge these keywords, but this only works if every image has fewer than 50 tags (or 10 supertags), and even then sometimes it won't let you. So, PLEASE Alamy, let us merge keywords on multiple images even if there are 50+ tags. It will make it so much easier to have efficient, well tagged images and will therefore help sales!
  13. I get the reCAPTCHA quite often. Annoying, time consuming, and completely unnecessary!
  14. Totally agree - it's a right pain in the proverbial. The workaround is to paste it into notepad, edit it accordingly, then cut and paste back into AIM. But it really shouldn't be like that - it's counter intuitive, and hinders good, accurate keywording, which Alamy is trying to promote.
  15. I've a bit of an issue with this field: does it mean images currently only available from Alamy, or have only ever been available from Alamy? I've got quite a few (!) images which were submitted to both Alamy and Demotix - they were taken into the Getty collection, which have since been removed from sale.
  16. I don't think the categories are as complete as they should be. OK, while one could run the risk of having hundreds of categories if not restrained, there are some gaping omissions: fashion, environmental, engineering, society to name but a few. The travel category is completely confusing: if I go to Spain and take a set of images there, yes, you could argue they're travel. But what about a photographer who lives there - he wouldn't consider them as travel. Similarly, I've got lots of images of tourist attractions etc in my home city, but I struggle to call them travel. I think a better option would be a category based on country: Location-Europe-UK-Northern Ireland for example. The problem is now that I've crossed the 7000 mark of re-keywording my images I'd hate the categories to change and I'll have to go back through them all. (we also need a filter for category if Alamy want us to manage this field effectively!)
  17. I'd also like to be able to cut and paste tags - pasting isn't a problem as I do this at present with comma separated values, but copying tags from another image isn't easy. Even if the tags were presented as a read-only text field, this would work. Oh, and PLEASE list the tags in alphabetical order, the current method is a mishmash of tags: if you're looking for one to delete you can spend quite a while trying to spot it. I agree that it's much slower than the previous image manager to tag: it's great if you have lots of images which are all similar (e.g. 20 photos of a band on stage) but if you've got a lot of different images it is frustratingly time consuming.
  18. 1. Most frustratingly, the left and right arrows take you back and forward through the images which is fair enough. However, it makes editing captions, descriptions a right old pain when viewing images in the expanded view: you have to use your mouse to position the cursor over the text you want to edit. The other annoyance is that if you have a number of images selected, any moving left/right (in expanded view) really should move to the next selected image, not the next image which may or may not be selected. Also: can the expanded view be bigger (e.g. sized to 80% of the screen size), after all, if we want a bigger view of an image, why not give the biggest you can fit on the screen, while keeping the metadata box. 2. Clicking on tags to select/deselect requires a degree of accuracy. It's not good enough to click within the box - you have to click on the text itself, can be frustratingly difficult when trying to select many tags. 3. I'd like to be able to delete multiple tags in one go, for example, holding CTRL or SHIFT to select multiple tags, then a single click to delete. It will make my job of tidying up keywords on 25000+ images a lot quicker. 4. The location field is very hit-and-miss. Sometimes it shows a map sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I see the matching list of places, sometimes I don't (but can scroll through them with up/down buttons). It also jumps from right-justified to left-justified when selected, making editing frustrating - can't it just stay where it is? 5. I love the ability to join tags by dragging and dropping one over another - this has saved me so much time! However, when multiple images are selected which currently have more than 50 tags, I can't combine multiple tags saying "You've exceeded the number of tags on one or more of your images". Instead I have to select images individually until the tag count drops under 50 for all images, then I can continue with combining tags. I've tens of thousands of images with tags "United" and "Kingdom", that I'd like to combine without doing it on every single image individually. I'd like to be able to select multiple images and combine tags, even if I still have more than 50 tags afterwards. The same thing applies to supertags - when I have 10 and try to combine them on multiple images I get told I've exceeded the number of supertags - actually, I haven't as there now should be only 9! The whole point of doing this is to reduce the number of tags from the old system, and having this ability would make it easier to get to a more reasonable number of highly focused tags. 6. Image Type can't be changed if the images were uploaded as Live News or Reportage. Some images which have been uploaded as News would be better categorised as sport, for example. I'd like the ability to change this post upload. Anything you can do to relieve these frustrations would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Another problem is that apostrophes are being dropped from tags on entry - "Michelle O'Neil" becomes "Michelle ONeill", even though my current (old) tags have "O'Neill" listed correctly. Also can't properly tag things like "Giro d'Italia".
  20. I like where the IM is going, but I don't think it's arrived just yet - still a lot of work to do: 1. Biggest problem is that I can't upload anything. Tells me "Upload Failed" against each image, and no further information. I haven't changed how I process images, so don't know what's going on. TAGS 2. Tags simply not long enough. Documentation says tag lengths are unlimited, but they seem to be limited to 4 words per tag. That means I can't properly tag the couple of thousand images I have of the "Police Service of Northern Ireland". It's also not possible to use the tag "President of the United States". This really isn't good! 3. How are composite (multi word) tags searched? If I have "police officer", will I get a hit if I search for "police" or "officer, or only if I search "police officer". In one way this is good, but it means that for every composite tag, I'm going to have to also include all other possible combinations. 4. I agree that the 50 tag "goal" is wrong. Not every image can have 50 *relevant* tags, and some may require more..... which brings me onto FILTERS 5. The filters are not sufficient. I want to see all the images that I haven't reworked on the new system (all 25,000 of them!) Even if an image has poor discoverability, it may have all the tags which are relevant. We need a way to flag images as 'keywording complete'. If I add tags like "xxxx,xxxxx,xxxxxx,yyyy,yyyyy,yyyyyy,zzzz,zzzzz,zzzzzz" I get to the magic number and the bar turns green, but the quality of these tags is poor. At present this is the only way to filter images that have been reworked. 6. There needs to be filters for things like "no category", or "number of people not set" to allow images with incomplete metadata to be filtered for further work. CATEGORIES 7. Insufficient number of categories. There needs to be more make categories in any way useful for the customer. e.g. music, politics, military, emergency services - just a few which immediately spring to mind. I agree that the number needs to be kept under control, but there needs to be more.
  21. I've just uploaded two batches, one of 33 through reportage, and another of around 350 images through stock. The first batch has the comma issue and it takes much longer to keyword them. I'm hoping it gets fixed before my large batch is approved! It doesn't make sense for Alamy to fiddle with the current uploader that has been working for years, and now only has a limited shelf life. I'm not looking forward to the new system - while it will make keywording a lot more consistent, i really don't fancy having to go through my existing images to check for errors in the migration process!
  22. I'm in. Had a few sales over the years for about $50 total. It's $50 I wouldn't have otherwise ....
  23. Stephen Barnes

    Manage Images

    Agree that we shouldn't need to go through the extra screen. From the My Alamy dashboard, "Manage your images" should go straight to the new editor, but there should be a smaller link below it to allow users to go to the old editor. Best of both worlds.... Stephen Barnes.
  24. PROBLEM SOLVED! The issue is caused by Internet Explorer 11, which from what I hear, is a crock of ****. I've gone back to IE10 and haven't had the issues at all. To go back to IE10: Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and features Go to Windows Features and disable Internet Explorer 11 Then click on Display installed updates Search for Internet explorer Right-click on Internet Explorer 11 > Uninstall Do the same with Internet Explorer 10 Restart your computer If you previously had IE10, then it should be restored and be useable. If not, you can install IE10 here.
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