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  1. I have a pair of 'shooting mittens' fingerless gloves with a mitten bit that folds over like the picture, mine have small magnets that hold the mitten and thumb bits back.
  2. Fixed it now, have adblocker extension which is usually fine but today it was preventing the google recapcha pop up from appearing, disabled it and can now login.... after selecting all the images with sidewalks, buses, cars, mountains, river... lol.
  3. Can't login to the contributor dashboard using firefox browser, anyone else having this problem? Page just reloads back to login page.
  4. You're very kind . They are tagged and descriptioned before uploading, it's those flipping yellow stars, if I try and select a batch of images with similar keywords not all of them are clickable, just the least relevant ones, so the only way to do it is individually. If they just had a box you could paste into instead of the stupid stars it would be ok. I never get further than 2 images before getting too annoyed to continue, plus simply not enough time to do it. No supertagging for me unless they make it quicker. They should get contributors who upload in big batches to design the image mana
  5. Since the new image manager I can't be bothered any more, the amount of extra work required is ridiculous. I refuse to click on the single tiny pixel 10 times for each image to make 'supertags' . I have a thousand images that are undiscoverable that will require ten thousand clicks just to put the stupid tags in.
  6. After failing to select all 8 pages of roads I was then asked to select around the street sign .....nooooo! #makeitstop!
  7. Had to endure another 10 minutes of it just to login and reply! I estimate months of my life are wasted selecting all the squares with whatever in them just to login to various sites, I wish google had never patented the stupid recaptcha, it's torture! ..please, google make it STOP!
  8. Current implementation of supertags makes the image manager unusable as there simply aren't enough hours in the day to click the yellow stars. By the 3rd image I'm losing the will to live, by the 4th I've given up completely. Simpler way would be either to auto populate the super tags from the first 10 key words in the IPTC meta data (they could still be editable for those that keyword online). Or make the super tags section a simple text box so we can paste in to it. Also would be easier if the tags were displayed in alphabetical order.
  9. Other sites don't use them, but if we have to have them then it would be so much simpler if the first 10 keywords were extracted from the IPTC rather than us having to attempt to click the single active pixel in the center those yellow stars, it takes an eternity to super tag a few images let alone a 100.
  10. The old image manager was time consuming, the new one is indescribably tedious to the point where I dread having to use it. The new image manager makes the old one seem easy. It would be better to simplify the whole submit process and get rid of the 'super tags' completely.
  11. When I try to login to the contributor site I'm getting reCAPTCHA hell, I selected all the images with gas stations, mountains, water, apartment buildings and even all images that matched the label facial tissue holder..... before finally after 5 mins getting the verify button and logging in, my joy was short lived however as when I click on image manager, account balance and anything else that opens in a new window I'm asked to login again and endure a repeat of the long and tedious reCAPTCHA verification. I'm not a robot!
  12. It looks very sleek and nice to get away from the flash format, BUT it now takes 20 times longer to process images - the whole 'supertag' thing needs to go. I'd hoped we were going to loose the essential keywords, alas they've been resurrected as 'super tags'.
  13. Manage images: Larger thumbnails, no flash, just one keyword box and one description box. Upload: Have really sloooow rural 'broadband' - ftp would be so much easier. Also on the upload batches awaiting QC would be nice to see what files are in the batch (I can never remember where I got to)
  14. Getty's plan has nothing to do with the licensing of images nor copyright infringement but wholly to do with the ad delivery system that will follow. Their long term goal will be to promote these free images so that they become as insidious to the web as google and eventually the norm - imagine millions of websites, blogs and social networks using getty's free images (much like they do now with youtube) and the billions of impressions the targeted ads that will display alongside/overlaid/underneath will have. For Getty this will be a win, win situation and they will try to get away without pay
  15. Getty have a long history of ripping off photographers but this latest one really takes the biscuit. Plus they've now made it even easier for people to steal their images, the 'embedded player' is just a basic iframe! One click on 'show image preview' and you've a nice unwatermarked image to download, amply sized for web without hassle of cloning out the watermark in PS.
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