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  1. I agree with Alamy making all sales decisions and i'm happy with their service. They are on our side after all ... However, the point of my forum post was to see what other member have experienced and when this data is available, we can feedback to Alamy directors and misuse department. Keep the comments coming ... So far i think the best suggestion is to omit Personal Usage sales from refunds. The photos are still incredible value for money ...
  2. Getty do allow personal use for websites etc for just 1 cent and a credit ... but they are web resolution not 50Mb + like Personal Use downloads.
  3. Excellent idea Joe ... or perhaps i'll opt out if it's possible as Stipe suggests ... The sales are for such small amounts anyways ... and you can't trust anyone these days ...
  4. I didn't realise we could ask these uses to be excluded ... It seems most of my "Personal Use Sales" get refunded ... I'd like Alamy to look into this further and if we can't police it I'll also ask for an exclusion ... I actually see quite a few image uses "Slip Through The Net" and never get paid for via Alamy and other agencies, It's blatent theft from artists who don't ask for much in the first place and it makes me livid. This is my livelihood and it puts food on the table for my starving kids ...
  5. Does anyone else find that a lot of their images sold for "Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts, or reference for artists" are purchased and then refunded a few weeks later ? I find it hard to believe that these very high resolution photos are regularly downloaded for small amounts of money, refunded and then never used. What are other member's experiences ?
  6. Since Alamy seem to deem it fair to keep changing our contract with them, maybe we should change their contract with us ! My costs keep rising so I'm changing my commission fee to 95% / 5% in my favour. I suggest you start selling images for higher prices to cover your costs rather than keep screwing over your suppliers.
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