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  1. Please, no, it is not your obligation. I was just surprised that the link didn't work and had to choose between removing the link from my website or replace it with a link to my portfolio page. I haven't really decided yet 😉
  2. I suddenly found out that the original function "Search my images" on my website couldn't be found on Alamy any longer. It seems to have been moved to the Alamy Portfolio Page, so this probably has to be turned on to maintain the function.
  3. Glad not only me. Gave up on my smartphone once. Just think how much dirt these contain: I think somebody mentioned a washing machine once, but that will make scratches - and probably not good for smartphones and radios - especially if the photo was not the only purpose of the buy.
  4. - and that was what I meant 😚 - not a paw print on a model release form.
  5. You really should ask Alamy contributor service about this - how far you can stretch it. Niels
  6. Sorry, I didn't get it - I usually do 🙂
  7. https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/11078-model-release/
  8. What I saw hasn't been through QC at all - they were all reportage / archival images.
  9. The new MS Queen Elizabeth cruise ship near the port entrance after one day in Copenhagen, Denmark, now heading for Rostock. Worldwide Industry sector: Travel & tourism
  10. You cannot. When this portfolio thing started I gave it a go, and I remember from one of the first stages a warning that this name could not be changed later on.
  11. There is property in the image. Microstock often doesn't care as long as there are no names or brands. But Alamy does care. I know what I would do: sell as RM and in the optional part tick number of people (even tiny people and parts of people count) - but I guess there is none here - if so, choose 0, and you are not asked for releases. Then tick yes to contains property - and tick that you don't have releases. Then it will be up to the buyer to determine whether the image can be used for the purpose in question. If sensitive in any way, I would also tick Editorial only, but not in this case. Or choose RF editorial (and even then I would tick the same tick boxes as above) - I know not all does this - but this is considered the old-fashioned safe way for a photographer - and somewhat different from what microstock photographers are used to. I am definitely an RM photographer, that simplifies things. Niels
  12. Sales okay, 10 so far in April, but prices..... Edited: well, another a bit more decent sale ticked in.
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