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  1. Already under discussion in "Let's talk about pics"
  2. The Adobe site is a bit of a mess in terms of finding out what is happening. But I recall reading somewhere (either the Adobe site or DPReview), that Adobe will continue to sell and support PS CS6 (bug fixes, security issues etc), but not with the enhancements coming out in PS CC, which will be a subscription only product. How long CS6 will be available as a perpetual license product is unknown but I would think that at some point in the future Adobe will remove it as a supported product available for purchase. Ken
  3. From my readings of Adobe's site Lightroom will remain available as a standalone product, as will Elements. LR will also be included in the CC suite subscription at $49.99 pm. This price includes access to many of the Adobe imaging, vector and web design, coding products. Many of us do not use or need these additional products. But you will be able to select a single application subscription, say photoshop, at $19.99 pm. So, $240 per year for PS (I don't need all the other products in the CC suite). Not sure yet whether I'll take up the subscription or not. I use LR almost exclusive
  4. If you don't have Model or Property releases my understanding is that editorial is all that they can be used for. Just follow the Alamy guidelines applicable once the images have passed QC and you should be fine. Ken
  5. Thanks Ian. Interesting. Let's hope the rest of the world is taking notice. Don't read anything into this that is not there. I support the BALPA position. Ken
  6. I agree. Over time there has been quite robust discussion on keywording in the old forum. A dedicated thread may be well utilised I expect. Ken
  7. Not a bad idea. I'd support that approach. It may stop the kitchen sellers. Ken
  8. Well you can have an Alamy account while yet to have anything on sale - and therefore able to post here. Richard Or you can have two accounts, post here with one, upload with another. I'm not sure this is within Alamy rules and I would not condone it nor do it myself. But it is not outside the bounds of possibilities. In any case, I think that people who have a problem with their portfolio being publicly accessable from within the forum may have good reason for it. It's just that I haven't yet been convinced on any arguments I have seen. Ken
  9. This has been raised before. Let's see what Alamy can do about it. My preference is that Alamy do away with the like/dislike buttons. We really don't need such juvenile features in our forum. Ken
  10. The world is what it is. We have to live within it and change our response as it occurs. I know we will miss Geogphotos input about Darwinism and all the other gaff, but change is not new. As all societies before us have had to live with change, so must we. The main problem as I see it is that change has now accelerated to such an extent that this is very difficult. My pragmistist mind still holds out hope that the industry will sort itself out. It has done in all similar paradigm changes in the past, so my hope is that this will continue. We can wish, hope, activate all we lik
  11. Hi Danny. I didn't offer any advice as my experience is so much below that of others that I knew would respond and give you the very good advice that you got. But I do want to thank you for your very kind and considered comments to all those that offered advice. It's so nice to see someone who shows such appreciation for those that took the trouble to help you. I'm not suggesting that others do not appreciate the help they get here, most do. It's just that I can't recall anybody before who has gone into such detail when thanking others. All the best Ken
  12. Can you operate the RX100 on full auto to a raw file? Many cameras don't. Ken
  13. As Ian suggests I don't think here is any doubt that many similars has an impact on your overall sales. We are all guilty of that from time to time. But I'm not yet convinced that the BHZ exercise is a real indicator of overall success. Most searches are multi word phrases. My view is that accurate keywording of phrases is more important. But I am afraid that I don't have any answers other than to put into your description what you see in the image. And then emulate the keywords of what you see into the Essential Alamy field. I'm not entirely sure of this but it seems to be wor
  14. Goodness me people. I'm not a great fan of like/dislike buttons either. But let's just give it a go for a while and see how it all pans out. What's so hard about that? I'm sure Alamy will take genuine concerns into consideration as we move forward. They have said as much. Ken
  15. In some respects the reports are depressing information. But being a pragmatist, the world has undergone continual change since before time. The only difference now is that change has accelerated to such an extent that it is so very difficult to keep up. And as far as change facilitated by technology, environmental and regional considerations is concerned, my feeling is that we are still at the Model T Ford stage of this new "Industrial Revolution". To put it bluntly, we ain't seen nothin yet. Answers - I don't have any, nor from what I can gather, does anybody else. All we can do is
  16. Agree it would be a nice feature to have. Provided always of course that it does not distract Alamy from selling images. Ken
  17. OK thanks for the response. We are all attempting to get used to the new forum and I'm sure that problems will be resolved as we all go forward. Ken
  18. I'm sorry Carole, but I inadvertently touched the -ve red arrow on your post, which affected your reputation. I apologize for this, it's all too easy to do with a touch screen. I have created a separate thread to Alamy asking that they look into the problem. Regards Ken
  19. I'll fess up. I'm using an iPad to read the forum. As I "screen flicked" down the page I accidentally hit the red down arrow. Inadvertently giving someone a -ve on their post. I can see this happening all too frequently with touch screen technology. So can Alamy please look into this aspect of the new site. Perhaps either remove the -ve and +ve post functionality, or at least asking for confirmation that this is in fact what was intended when a contributor flags a -ve or +ve post upon another contributor. Ken
  20. Bizair

    Alamy front end

    +1 from me. A useful additional tool and one that benefits both Alamy and the contributor, as far as I can see. Ken
  21. Agree. This would be very useful provided that it was flexible in terms of allowing users to pick and change what they wanted to appear for their purposes. There's ready made portal software that allows this type of flexibility, but there is fair bit of tailoring/interfacing to do by Alamy software guys. It might be a nice to have but lower down the priority list. Ken
  22. Sorry Paulette, I didn't see your earlier post. Clumsy of me. And yes, a very useful addition.
  23. It would be useful to be able to append new additional keywords in Batch rather than changes to a batch edit wiping out whatever is already in individual keyword fields. For instance, if you want to add say a few additional keywords to a large batch of images already keyworded, under current functionality we have to do this image by image. A example is if you wanted to add the keywords "blue sky" to 50 images of subjects, all keyworded differently, but all taken against a prominent blue sky. Currently, a tedious job. Ken
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