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  1. Sunshine Coast Queensland from end June to early Sep for me. Two - three day drive each way. Hardly exotic but it's a nice place to spend a winter. Plenty of photo ops. And besides I grew up there, so it's a bit like going home. Ken
  2. Thanks all. Excellent advice. So much so that it may give me the option to carry only one lens around. I'm not concerned with CA (I used to be). As stated LR4 or ACR is superb at correcting any problems in that regard, as well as very good noise control. I'm also not all that worried going for F4 max aperture, higher ISO and LR4 has fixed that. Same with IS. My problem is not camera movement so much as subject movement for my main use. If in doubt I shoot off a few quick shots in succession and if movement is a problem then I usually get at least one keeper. I know this is not the
  3. My opinion for what it's worth is that the market is changing and it will continue to evolve. This is no different to most other industries. The technological change in photography has evolved more slowly than other industries and this has caused concern with photographers who entered the industry when the price of entry was high. That is no longer the case. And quite honestly, coming from an engineering/IT background we are still at the Model T Ford or biplane equivalent, with general photography. I have been lambasted in the past for expressing such views. But I've been in a positio
  4. You can't set attributes any other way, but with LR you can upload your keywords. You just need to rearrange them into the three Almay categories. IMO this keeps your selection of keywords with the images on your hard drive. But, I acknowledge, we all have to find what works best for us. There are no right answers. Ken
  5. I know this link is from MSG (yeah I know), but it is one of the better videos posted there that has application to our work. Mainly relates to assignment work, but worth watching. http://fstoppers.com/fstoppers-original-success-in-photography Ken I needed an edit after reflection. It mainly relates to success (in any field) = hard work. Sometimes I feel that some contributors seem to forget this. In my other pre-retirement life that was certainly the case. It served me well and it will others who are starting out young. Ken
  6. I've recently moved from a 7D and I have various lenses for the APS-C format. But I have moved to a new 5D III, and my current EF lenses include the 17-40L and a 50mm f1.4 prime, both of which I find superb lenses. But I need to purchase a mid range zoom. Could I have collective experience on where I should go? I would prefer Canon but Tamron also has good reviews. I am looking at 70 to 125mm max zoom. I do a lot of travel so do not wish to have any more than 2 lenses accompany me. The reason from moving from the 7D was the lower noise capability. I'll retain the 7D as a bac
  7. Deleted. Doc beat me to the post, essentially the same advice so no use repeating it. Ken
  8. Well done. This type of news is encouraging to us all. And there could be many more such sales by Alamy that are never posted on the forum. Firstly, those of us who do post here are a tiny minority of contributors. And, secondly, some of those, perhaps many, who do post here may not wish to reveal their sale prices. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that wish for privacy, it is an individual choice. But given that we do get some who are generous enough to post such achievements and that this is a very small number relative to the total number of contributors, leads me to sugge
  9. Is this alarming, or what!! http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/05/31/chicago-sun-times-axes-all-staff-photographers-offers-reporters-iphoneography-training Have we reached the stage where the facilitation of current technology has dumbed down the general public as to what good photography is all about? I suspect it has to some degree, just like it has in other fields, general journalism is a prime example, but in many other fields as well. I have a neighbour who is now shooting weddings. Previously she thought beautiful sunsets were her thing. She is a lovely lady and so I am u
  10. DavidC said: "It is no good smashing the weaving looms - things change - not always for the better. " Totally agree David. I've held this position on the old forum for the past two years. A few on that forum seemed to think that they can hold back the tide and i was lambasted whenever i voiced that view. It isn't going to happen. A luddite mentality will not work. Thankfully most of those contributors have ceased posting on the new forum. As you suggest, the world is what it is, human nature is what it is. Technology is facilitating a paradigm shift in the way the image bus
  11. My experience also. Not sure there is anything we can do about it unless the illegal sites are substantial, ie. avoid bloggers, they don't pay and probably can't anyway. Ken
  12. OK. OK. "Quirk" then. I shall remember it forever. But your point is good. Why not a bit of novel spelling in our keywording? Ken
  13. Hi Alan. Sorry if I gave the indication that my time is cheap. I certainly don't think that. It's simply that I have the time to experiment, and in retirement I find that a refreshing change to my previous employment on the engineering and IT industry. I wanted to point out that those of us trying to earn a living in this game could understandingly be forgiven for not having the time to experiment. Nothing would make me happier than to find a niche that would assist those in that situation. Ken
  14. Log out then log in. Seems to cure the problem. A querke of the Alamy system. Ken
  15. Tina. IMO that is a perfect example of an image that could attract cover buyers, plenty of copy space, horizontal, square or vertical options, and a great image to boot even if it is niche. Has it sold before as it has been on Alamy for a long time (AA........ Image)? Ken
  16. I'm wondering whether anybody is doing much composite work at the moment (ie two or more images combined to create a new image). I'm experimenting at the moment particularly with image within a word, but others as well. I am aware that this is not difficult for any designer to do, but I'm working on an assumption that many are busy people and if you can save a few minutes of their time to provide a readily finished image then there may be sales. It's only an experiment at the moment as it does take some post processing time (for simple things an extra 5-10 minutes). But time is money
  17. Both, but more horizontal than vertical in my portfolio at the moment. However, I'm more and more inclined to crop to square when the subject suits. Even to the extent, when in the studio on live view, marking my screen to a square format for still life. A square format has an advantage in a larger thumbnail. And it gives the buyer more options. But only if enough copy space is left available for the buyer to crop to whatever layout they need. So I guess there is no clear cut answer. Whatever you think appropriate for your image is the closest I can come. Ken
  18. Unlikely to be any copyright issues, if prehistoric the original artists are long gone. However, property issues may be another matter. For instance, you may not be allowed to photograph on private property without permission, and in nature or historic reserves there may be restrictions as a condition of entry. Also, at least in our country, there are some cultural sensitivities with indigeneous peoples sacred sites that may make it inappropriate to take photographs. I don't see any hard and fast rule that could apply across the board. There's a need to approach each case individually.
  19. Bizair

    Hello Alamy

    Deleted. nothing to worry about.
  20. I tend to agree with David as well. It's tempting if you are travelling and you take a picture in a popular travel destination to include the word travel and derivatives. I have been guilty in the past. My approach nowadays is to only include it if it does indeed illustrate travel, either actually or conceptually. Same goes for holiday,vacation etc, and many other words in a similar vein. A quick search of %travel% in AofA suggests that the word is used in a large number of searches (over 200 searches in the last month), but usually as part of a descriptive phrase seeking to illust
  21. Why not simply tell them want your requirement for the license is? And that is entirely up to you. I know what I would do. If someone or a corporation wanted perpetual rights to an image including registering it as a logo, then they could have it. But on negotiated terms only, and it would be expensive. The $$ amount would be your decision alone I would think. Ken
  22. Thanks for the invite guys. I'll accept the challenge. Of course that's assuming you fly me to the UK (Business Class), with accommodation and provide the private jet. About a two week visit should do the trick? I am available on short notice, so looking forward to hearing from you with booking details etc. I'll bring my own camera. Thanks again Ken
  23. Don't know how good your PS skills are, but this is one where the image in the mirror could be changed very easily to whatever your liked. I do a bit of such digital alteration. Just make sure once uploaded that you answer the digital manipulation question correctly. And I usually also annotate in the description the change made. For in instance in this case I would annotate something along the lines of "mirror reflection substituted for aesthetic reasons". Ken
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