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  1. Just sold an image to China for a calendar, one page a day. Unfortunately sale price was $13. But always looking on the bright side, at least a buyer in China paid for an image. And being a one page a day calendar, a small image with a 1,000 print run, probably not much else I could expect.
  2. I would think any images related to Le Tour would be acceptable for News. The whole world watched that event. Ken
  3. Bizair

    red down arrow

    I agree, and I think it happens more often than many think. It's all too easy on pad devices to inadvertently hit one of the arrows and in most cases the perpetrator won't even know about it. Having said that though I think the issue is now dead. Judging by the lack of comment on the arrows recently I feel we've all got over it and no longer take much notice of our reputation score. Nevertheless, it could do with an Alamy fix but probably not as a priority. Ken
  4. About 1-5 minutes each for the most part, but occasionally much more if research is required. I find it hard work, but it has to be done. Ken
  5. First Sale reported 30 Sep 2011 Country: Russian Federation Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - Print only Print run: up to 10,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: Spot size Start: 01 August 2011 End: 08 August 2011 $25.00 Second sale reported 3 Oct 2011 Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Travel guides -print and/or e-book Print run: Unlimited Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 January 2012 End: 01 January 2022 $68.00 Strangely the two images were taken on the same day in the Jewish Ghetto in Venice. But sold to two totally different markets within
  6. I agree, it's all a bit silly. In fact I don't even notice them now as I sift through posts. A bit like living next to a train line. After a whole you don't even notice the trains passing by. I feel though that some of the pluses or minuses are given inadvertently by people on tablet devices. Sweeping the screen can often give either up or down to some poor sod's post without even knowing it. I pointed this out soon after the new forum started after I noticed that I had just given a negative to some undeserving contributor (and apologizing after). I think it needs to go. Ken
  7. Congratulations, A rare event nowadays as I understand it. Care to share what type of sales they were? Not asking for the images mind you, just interested in the type of use that attracts four figure sales. And I totally understand if you wish to keep even that information to yourself. We can but live in hope. Ken
  8. If you look at Page 2 inside the book on Amazon, it gives you the source of some of the pictures. Two of those sources are Alamy, front cover: Katja Kreder, back cover: Jim O Donnell. Also, the publisher is based in London (page 2) and the address is included, so you could contact them. If it is the main front cover image you refer to it is BNKM2K. Ken
  9. Ed. I appreciate what you are saying and in your context you are right. CS content aware healing beats LR cloning hands down. In my second post I was talking about finding the dust sensor spots: "Just to add to my initial impression, the sensor spot tool is great. I know that you can do this in CS but having it so easily accessible in LR5 is a bonus, and it's so easy to use. I have found sensor spots that I didn't known existed on earlier images". IMO experience in CS some are easily missed unless you do a manipulation of contrast or whatever else you do to make them prominent
  10. Thanks Ed. I'll investigate further. I fact there's so many statues around Italy that it would not surprise me at all . As to the snake though, it's a plant - but it would not surprise me if one of our snakes is not that far away. Quite a lot around where I live.
  11. Ken, please don't toss the word "great" around so casually. It does very simple spotting okay, but is not anywhere near a match for PS's tools. Yes Ed, and if you look back to my original post in this thread you will see that I said just about the same as you. But I acknowledge that I should have been a little clearer in my last post. I was referring to the "Visualize Spots" tool in the Tool Overlay. This finds sensor dust spots far more easily than I have been able to do in CS6, In that regard I'll still give the Visualize Spots tool a "great". Sorry for my lack of clarity.
  12. Just to add to my initial impression, the sensor spot tool is great. I know that you can do this in CS but having it so easily accessible in LR5 is a bonus, and it's so easy to use. I have found sensor spots that I didn't known existed on earlier images. Ken
  13. Looks like you both hit the nail on the head. Plane tree and Argave Attenuata appears correct. Many thanks
  14. Would someone please help identify the following tree and plant: Tree, close up from below. Taken in Venice (Lido) https://www.dropbox.com/s/tgtpuqejfj0b5aw/20100406-IMG_0669%20%281%29.jpg Small garden plant. Taken in Melbourne. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jksubh1zywomlye/_B5A5608.jpg Not sure if the above links work, first time I have used Dropbox. Many thanks Ken
  15. ^^ And once you upgrade your post processing system, have a look at the lastest versions of LR5 and CS6 (if you can still get CS6 while avoiding the coud), you will see a dramatic improvement in processing. I've been using PS since the early 90s and LR since LR3. The improvements in the latest versions are nothing short of astounding, particularly from LR3 to 4 and now to 5. Start with an LR5 and if you need the additional process that CS6 provides then that becomes a cost- benefit decision. But LR5 is a no brainier as far as I see. It is the best value in post processing software that I
  16. Until you get a new camera and you need a new raw converter? To overcome that it could be simply convert to DNG before hitting LR. Another step in your workflow, but saves having to upgrade LR. Ken
  17. Download myself this morning, upgrade from LR4. First impressions. I agree with Julie regarding the reworked clone tool. It is useful, but not up to the healing tools in CS6. Nevertheless, when used with care it is an big improvement over a simple spot tool. Agree the perspective correction is brilliant but, again, needs to be used with care. These are first impressions only. I've processed 16 images from raw ready for upload to Alamy and it was a good experience. The upgrade price is good at $99. Even a full license if you can't upgrade, at under $200 (depends on your local
  18. Can someone please advise on the rules? Do we have to use an image already accepted by Alamy, or can we upload other images we have taken that we think are good images but for IQ uncertainty reasons, we have not uploaded to Alamy? Understandably, many of us are a bit paranoid about IQ as you can gather by the stream of posts on this over the years. Alamy may wish to comment if this rule has not been considered by them? Ken
  19. Sorry to see you go Christian. I like your work. You make substantial use of composites to produce industrial concept images. I've started but I'm still a minnow in that field. Your work has inspired me. It goes back to the old adage: a good photographer doesn't just take a good image he or she makes a good image. And there are many ways to do that, composites are but one means that I find interesting. Any final advice on that aspect of your work would be welcome here I'm sure. All the best for the future. Ken
  20. Bizair

    Unidentifiable people

    I agree that it has to remain up to the publisher as to whether an image can legally be used. After all, only publishers know what they want the image for. The main difficulty I see is the distinction between RF and RM. I sense a view by some contributors that RF is a better way to sell images. Other agencies handle RF differently, eg. Listing an RF image as editorial use only. On the other hand, why should any agency follow what others are doing? Who knows whether these other agencies have it right? The turmoil out there at the moment seems to indicate that many don't. As long
  21. Thanks Alamy. Is it possible at some appropriate time to place your collated list on the forum? Having such a list available for contributors to have a look at will almost certainly trigger more suggestions or changes. It's appropriate also to include a disclaimer that not all suggestions can be implemented. There are always technical and cost consideration for not implementing all user suggestions. But in my experience users do accept the reason why a particular want or perceived need is not possible if it is briefly explained to them. And it leaves them with a sense that at least the
  22. ^ Hope you get a good price eg. Such as good part of their commission.
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