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  1. Ed. I too look forward to you updating your blog. Nice writing about ordinary stuff. Wasn't there an old TV show that claimed that there are a "million stories in the naked city". I'm sure you have experienced a few of those. I've only visited NY once, for a day. But what a vibrant city! Ken
  2. Thanks John. I have an iPad 2 so I don't think I have that feature. Looks like time for an upgrade. Ken
  3. John, what dictation app do you use with the iPad? I take it's available from the App Store. Thanks Ken
  4. I travel a fair bit and often the only skies I have are grey and overcast. These sell, but I try to ensure that the sky is not the main object of the image, the subject is.
  5. Alamy. You really have to tackle this issue. It is arising far too often for it to be an aberration. I know news media often have immutable deadlines in relation to getting their press out there. But they also have a responsibility to manage their news and image sources, and this includes reasonably prompt payment for what they use to generate sales of their product. Time for Alamy to escalate the problem in my opinion. I've dealt with many bureaucracies over my working life. At a working level often the immediate crises takes precedence often leaving the follow up somewhere
  6. It's also an RM image listed on several Micro sites as RF. Not a good look as a front page image for Alamy.
  7. I'm not convinced that major news agencies look too much at pricing. I believe that they look at whether the image fits the story best. On TV and on line, the quality that most agencies require in way overkill. I've seen stunning images on line that would not pass agency technical quality standards. Who is the publishing industry or readers give a toss? I suspect that no publisher checks images at 100% for editorial use. Maybe for commercial use but that is not Alamy's genre. The imaging world is changing so it may be that Alamy needs to review it's QC process to a more contemporary
  8. I've have LR% and CS6 since earlier this year. but I took the plunge (with gritted teeth mind you) to take up the LR/PS CC cloud offer. Mainly to take up the $9.99/mth offer before it runs out. Overall, it's quite good value at the discount price if moving from earlier versions of LR and PS. It may not be in my case but I hope I get a major upgrade within the next year to justify my decadence.
  9. Look fine to me, but I notice that you do not have too many images with people evident in the images. As I understand it images with people do sell better that straight scenic shots.
  10. I am considering upgrading my OS from Windows 7(64 bit) to Win 8.1. Has anybody been through this process and, if so, can advise any problems they have had? Particularly with Lightroom and Photoshop (I use versions LR5 and CS6 respectively. I understand that it's best to install Windows 8 over Win 7 first, then upgrade Win 8 to Win 8.1. The reason is that installing Win 8 first brings across most applications without having to reinstall them, and then upgrading to Win 8.1 retains those programs. If one installs Win 8.1 directly over Win 7, then all applications need to be reinstalle
  11. Definitely looks like chroma noise to me. I've had no problems fixing it in LR5 though, unless there was substantial chroma noise before the LR fix (LR can only go so far). Also, is that CA on the edge at the top RH side of the crop? CA is a sure fire way to a QC fail if picked up. I'm paranoid about noise. It's the main reason I upgraded from a 7D to a 5DIII. I found the 7D was just too much of a hassle with noise above 400 ISO for my liking. Of course this does not alleviate the weight issue though.
  12. Not on FB but plenty on other questionable sites, particularly after appearing on a newspaper site (paid for). I don't bother chasing them. It's a PITA but life's too short to worry about such things. Ken
  13. It does seem to be keyword related, at least in some circumstances. I recently did a test search and a few of mine turned up in Creative when specific keywords were used, but they turned up in Relevant when other keywords were used. Not sure what to make of it, but I'm not all that paranoid about it. I just take what comes. Ken
  14. I'm only on one microsite as well as Alamy. I earn on micro about what I earn on Alamy. But my micro site has 10% of the number of images on Alamy. I target my micro shots for micro, and my Alamy shots for Alamy. What's the big deal? They are different markets. It's not about micro sites selling licenses for peanuts, or about Alamy prices going down south, it's all about the overall return on investment, mainly in time. I'm happy with my lot, at the moment at least. Ken
  15. ^^. +1. You only need to reflect on how advances in technology have facilitated change over centuries. A good example is the luddites. People have always "blamed" other people for their ills. But human nature dictates that humans will do whatever humans can do. The relentless advance of technology only facilitates people doing what, at a personal level, was unachievable to them previously. Perhaps brain surgery is next. Ken
  16. I think that's the whole point. If you have something you think is special, you can't upload it anywhere, as far as I know, without risk of it selling for peanuts. We have many images that we don't mind selling cheap, but others that we want more for. No agency gives you the option to set a minimum price. I would love to be able to do that for certain images, even if it's only 10% of the portfolio. It's strange you say that about pricing. If you take a look at the calculator on Getty you will see that different collections have different prices. If your work is within the sought after Ston
  17. David, that was sort of the point I was making. I entirely agree.
  18. You have a lot of them so is that unexpected? I'm not trying to be smart, but is that a niche in Alamy perhaps? Ken
  19. How to be a successful stock photographer. 1. Build a successful professional career outside of photography. 2. Make enough money to allow you to retire early from your high stress but well paying career. 3. Go back to your first love, photography, upload to a stock agency that will take your work. 4. Enjoy yourself taking photographs, learning a lot along the way, and accept that your return may, just may, pay for the expensive equipment you need to enjoy your hobby. But don't be too worried if it doesn't, you can still afford the toys. Works for me, but I do empathize with thos
  20. Thanks wim and DannyC. I get it now. Feel a bit of a dill, but in defence I don't really follow the social media scene nor have I ever seen Fight Club. But I do admit that I should have Googled the phrase. I don't have any problem whatsoever with some contributors starting a "by invite" forum on any topic. In fact I think that is essential if such contributors wish to discuss issues away from public view. But I was a little galled when one member of that forum returned here, anonymously, and then insults the members of this forum. In my opinion that type of behaviour is a tad cow
  21. It's pretty hard to determine where your images fall into a creative search. When I search on one of my pseudos using just the pseudo then I get no Creatives. But when I search on a more targeted search and my images that fall into that search category many come up in the creative category. IMO this is probably how it should work. Ken
  22. This is the most sensible and pragmatic post I have seen for the last two years.
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