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  1. I agree with replies. Alamy is very good at determining acceptable blur, particularly when the intention is clear. One of mine as an example C50EWN Regards Ken
  2. Firstly, congratulations Keith. A great achievement. Secondly, this has evolved into an interesting topic on the order of keywords. I've just done a quick survey running through searches that utilize quotes enclosing phrases. As mentioned above quotes certainly do greatly reduce the number of returns compared to the same but unquoted phrase. So I then had a look at the number of searches where quotes are used to enclose a phrase. Looking at the first 600 searches in All of Alamy, I only found 1 search that used quotation marks around a phrase. This is a quick test only but, i
  3. Thanks to all those who responded to my original post. Of course, I fully understand the need to honour a non-disclosure agreement. I guess some of us are just a tad frustrated by the lack of further announcements from Alamy about how the project is going. Nevermind, it will come when it comes. Regards Ken
  4. Hi all. Has any contributor had the chance to try the new Manage Images yet, either a Beta version or otherwise? If so, are you free to comment about your experiences? And, for Alamy, would you please give us some up-to-date indication of when it will be released to all contributors. Regards Ken
  5. Hi John and Steve I too have a RX 100 MK 3. I find the image quality generally quite good but nowhere up to the standard of my 5D III with L glass. But I did not expect to have that sort of quality. With the RX100 I always reduce image size when uploading to just above the Alamy minimum. I shoot in raw and post process in LR and occasionally PS CC. I would be interested in your RX100 workflow. Do you accept The RX JPEG output or shoot in raw only. The noise at anything above 100 ISO is a concern to me, so do you have any comment on noise treatment. All said though, the RX100 i
  6. My only problem in Rome is crossing the street. My solution, wait for a Nun to come along and follow her. Italians simply refuse to run over a Nun.
  7. Hi Alamy I feel many contributors are looking forward to implementation of the new Manage Images. Would you please provide an update on progress. Regards Ken
  8. Re Flash. I seem to recall that Alamy were bringing out a new version of Manage Images that will not be using Flash in early 2015. I can't find the post at the moment. Perhaps Alamy could advise progress of this upgrade. Ken
  9. I've got the 17-40 F4 and love it on APS-C cameras, very sharp but it became a small problem though when I moved to FF 5Diii. The 17-40 was a tad soft at the edges. I finally pulled out the credit card and bought an EF 24-70 F2.8 and haven't looked back. What a fantastic lens - very sharp across the frame and at all apathetic and focal lengths. I'll keep the 17-40 for APS use, but the extra money for the 24-70 F2.8 was well worth it. Ken
  10. Bizair


    To transfer between any IOS devices eg. iPad, iPhone, and to/from any desktop desktop or laptop (either PC or Mac) try the Simple Transfer App from the Apple App Store. Costs under $4. Here's the developer website. http://rambax.com/simpletransfer that explains how it all works. Works like a charm when on a home wi-if network and the transfer is very quick, and avoids having to use the cloud if you don't want or need to. My simple workflow. 1. Take image(s) on iPhone. 2. Use Simple Transfer to send to PC. 3. Make adjustments in LR or Photoshop CC, save image as Jpeg. 4
  11. I've done some further testing on the M3 with my first trip out and about with the camera. It definitely is a feature of this model. As mentioned above. Choose M, set speed and aperture, and make sure Auto ISO is selected. Ken
  12. My M3 arrived yesterday. This my first RX100 so can't comment on the M1 or M2. But I just tried the M3 and it did indeed work OK on Manual and Auto ISO. Choose M on the top dial, set shutter speed and aperture, then use the function button and set ISO on Auto. I swept around the room and ISO varied as I took pix in varied light. This is a useful feature which I use quite often on my DSLRs (7d & 5DIII). So far I'm very impressed with the RX100M3's IQ. Just have to get used to the tiny size, controls and menu system and I'll be a happy chappy. Ken
  13. Interesting article regarding a push to establish right to privacy when photographing in public places. http://theconversation.com/is-it-ok-for-people-to-take-pictures-of-you-in-public-and-publish-them-27098 While written in an AU context the article mentions that UK, Canada and NZ have already passed such laws. I haven't formed a view yet as both sides of the argument have some validity. My hope is that any laws passed on this topic are sensible and balanced. An ultimate unbalanced law would mean that much photography in public places would be illegal unless model r
  14. In some respects I agree ie. many bloggers will not want their blogs contaminated. But many others, perhaps the majority, won't give a toss. Most likely these will the ad-hoc bloggers that are rarely looked at anyway. They are not the sort of blogger that will pay for an image, so nothing lost there. The bloggers that may be concerned about the Getty "initiative" are those that are serious and have already monetized their blogs. I can't see many newspaper or serious company sites wanting to let Getty control their content. But, who really knows.
  15. I did notice a couple of mine showing up some time ago but these were images I had included in a couple of Alamy forum posts (old forum). I just assumed that was where the Google search bot got them from. Things could have changed since then however. I didn't check keywords etc.
  16. I have the same issue. It. could be teething problems but a response from Alamy would be appreciated. Ken
  17. Has any body used both and if so, would appreciate detailing your experiences with IQ, weight, non IS v IS, and any other issues? There is quite a difference in price, but that is not my main concern -rather the better image quality but with lack of IS on the F2.8 verses perhaps lesser IQ but with IS on the F4. Loss of one stop on the F4 is not a particular issue with me. Thanks Ken
  18. I agree. My wife and I travel extensively. We almost always take a tour bus to start with and then decide where we want to go for a closer look. Works most of the time. Most European cities have good value tourist buses but, in Asia, that is not always the case. However, overall, it is usually good value in an unfamiliar city. The other thing to keep in mind are the guidebooks available such as Lonely Planet. These guides generally give a good background to the features in most obscure places. Unfortunately, you also find that the sites you see are the ones already well covered on s
  19. Ed. I agree with Sheila about the Great White shark. But not to worry, there won't be many left soon. The mental giants in government in one of our States are culling them. Stupidity knows no bounds. Ken
  20. Why don't you write to MS and ask the question.
  21. I've had a look recently and very few of my sales have been preceded by a zoom.
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