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  1. great way of describing it, i think alamy could use it to help explain how it works, i know as a newbie it took a few re-reads to get it myself. charge them for the quote / description though lol!
  2. does the reportage / archival system make any difference to a user / buyer searching eg, does it get put in a different section, such as the "creative images" appearing at the top? pricing differences?? and also, what determines a "creative" image also? is this a setting we can select when uploading, to mark it as creative, or is this alamy done?
  3. agreed! i sell car based stuff, and always post up to tell people its on ebay, and link to it. that way, your giving people you may know well from forums a chance, but also letting the rest of the market decide the price you may garner. most forums / clubs seem to have a "ebay links" forum, at least ones for cars.
  4. yes, ive got a few possibilities i am looking at with these images, which came to me after having an interest in the subjects (motoring), and being an amateur photographer myself and taking my own images on the topic. currently have them with a specialist agency and alamy. (both having gaps that i can fill), but alamy (and the forums) have been very helpful indeed, to someone new to the biz. im thinking that marketing to enthusiasts is a good idea, and also have some positives from dealing direct with motoring publishers, im "on their radar" so to speak. now if only i could make a day last longer than 24 hours! too much to do (scan, process, keyword and catalog and marketing), and not enough time to do it!
  5. I seem to remember, without going back, that you have bought the rights to a whole load of motor related images from a retired professional photographer - you have a whole can or worms to contend with as you probably won't know the history of those images in any great detail - i.e. whether they have been licensed in the past, who to, and for what period of time. Some looked as if they were taken as 'Press Release' images which historically were issued 'free' to magazines and newspapers by the manufacturers and their PR consultants - with the photographer working on commission having signed away publication fees for the commission fee - check very carefully before you try a legal route it can be expensive - and in your case a minefield..... hi, thats correct. they were licenced for short periods of time, and were all released from licence when i bought them (with ones that were still under licence, coming to me when they end). they were taken by a photographer who amassed a collection of others work too, such as the famous geoff goddard. i agree they have the press release look to them, but were never given away "free", and to be honest, most of them have never been published. but were obviously taken with the intention of being sold, as is the idea of stock libraries, but many werent used. which is why i got a deal on them. but thanks for your comment and green on the way!
  6. hi, new to the whole stock world, and have read some posts about non payments etc. you mention google search by image, are there other ways you more experienced users try and find out if your images have been used without permission? thanks
  7. any more pointers on above? what do you guys scan in at for those formats listed above? also as i have a large amount of formats, does anyone use a third party company? ive used digiscan in the uk to get my first batch of images up for alamy, and their service was good and fast any alternatives?
  8. is the general concensus that less is more? i have a specilist collection (or will do when complete), and one of my images - this one> is simply keyworded (i think) - with a title of exactly what it is - Ford Escort RS1800 - 1975, some of the other images ive seen for that search, and some of my others use other more loose words, such as concepts and such). but the simple title of the one above makes it appear 5th on the first page! am i better off (bearing in mind i specialise in motoring), to simply state the make / model / engine / year / transmission type of the car and leave it at that, or am i better off including concept words like racing, fast, speed, and other associated words to do with cars, even if the car isnt at speed (like my one above?). this is only a very brief loose test ive done, but the image above seems to be in a great search result compared to others i have keyworded. admittidley only just 120 of them so far (im struggling against a backlog of 20000 to get scanned in etc and uploaded), plus digitals i take as and when. 2014 - busy year for me! would love to hear some opinions - perhaps from other people who have car / motoring images.
  9. im new to the game as such, but was under the impression that you could expect a "voucher copy", and was passed a few of these when i bought a load of photos that had been used in car magazines etc, maybe this has changed with the internet / digital? and come to think of it, they were bought from an "old skool" photographer who made his bread in the 1970s / 80s
  10. i own a large amount of 1970s-2001ish negs and older film formats etc. i have read the guidelines on alamy for these and follow them as best i can. i have an epson v700 and im happy with it thus far. i was wondering what the best DPI would be for 35mm, 6x6, 6x7 and 4x5". i have thus far been using less DPI for the larger formats, as it made sense to me that the larger the PHYSICAL size of the negative it would need less DPI, eg 4x5" are 2000DPI scans and according to irfanview when set to 300DPI this would give a print of 24 inches x 30. (as i was told that 300dpi is the standard magazine print resolution??) and the smaller 35mm i have scanned in at 4000DPI to get the detail out of the pysically smaller format. is this a good rule of thumb? larger pysical size of negs = less DPI needed or should i overhaul my methods. what do you guys scan in at for those formats listed above? also as i have a large amount of formats, does anyone use a third party company? ive used digiscan in the uk to get my first batch of images up for alamy, and their service was good and fast any alternatives? thanks dan
  11. thanks for the info guys, much appreciated and alamy contributors have been very helpful with newbie-to-the-indusitry questions ive had (some forums are very elitist!) i think a photoshelter gallery is on the cards, as this seems very well set up and good to have feedback from actual users. must get my finger out and get some more images scanned in, and keyworded for alamy and anywhere else!
  12. does this make any difference that im UK born and bred? is there a UK equiv? and also, some of my images (to be scanned) were bought lock stock and copyright by me, would these copyrgiht offices need to see proof of this, eg the invoices and statements from the original owner, who then sold to me?
  13. hi all, very new cotributer here, with only a few images. and im sorry if this is very off topic. i hope to have around 5000 as soon as i scan in and edit old negatives and formats. mainly of cars and related, with many thousands to digitise and more as i continue shooting. i was wondering how many of you also sell your photos as prints as well as stock? and how does this compare with the stock prices gained vs the price gained for prints ? i ask because i think some of my images would be of more interest as actual prints. to give you an idea of my thinking i have amassed a large collection of car marques and models, and i was thinking that a nice print would be of interest to an individual owner or enthusiast of one of the models, for example a ford capri. as well as have images of the same ford capri hoping to get used for a web article on the history of the capri etc via stock sales. i have been looking at photoshelter for this, anyone use them? i have read that they can do all of the printing etc of the errm prints and send out etc. and obviously give a gallery and shop front for my images. the only thing concerining me (and making me think about forgetting the idea), is that the copyright would still apply, as it covers none redistribution etc, but how difficult would it be to stop someone buying a print and then scanning and selling on? Thank in advance dan
  14. pruning? so how would you suggest i keyword? using words more than once is ok then!?
  15. so for the result of putting "bird" twice (but in different fields - the client would have to search for "bird bird" for the result to come above the other contributors one instance of "bird" ??
  16. hi all, im currently keywording some images, and am quite new to the whole stock game, as well as alamy. when i keyword in essential keywords, does it harm the results in a search if i also put them words in the comprehensive or other sections? eg i'm keywording some car photo's and was going to add the make and model in the essential and also in the comp, as well as obviously expanding in the comp keywords. thanks dan
  17. some good pics of your area in your portfolio too. as i said im around here too, have you encountered any hostility from having a camera and taking stock photo's. i had a bit of a "to-do" which put me off walking round here once!
  18. hi, yes i acquired them lock stock and barrell with all assigns all legally done! i understand what you mean though!
  19. thanks for the comments and guidance guys, i must admit, being new to film (having to learn as i go, after acquiring them), as im a digital generation lol. and also i have learnt photo "tidying up" too, it was a bit daunting having to wait for the QC nod! then i saw the application of archival, which seems to fit my photo's. i acquired a few thousand car photo's but also take my own shots, so i think i'll start on the getting releases for my images from now on. obviously i would have a near impossible task getting releases for them many years after the fact. so its good to know that people have had good sales from film, and that the archival system still generates interest! really impressed with the helpful'ness of the contributors on here, some forums can be elitist to new posters, or people who are on the "bottom rung" of a business as i am.
  20. thanks for the comments, im currently digistising a few thousand car / motoring history items, long process but hopefully it will work out in the end! so you think the editorial use only is the way to go for my subject matter?
  21. thanks! thats pretty much the answer i was looking for! as my items also would number the hundreds / thousands for use in archival, and also that they would be coming from film formats, of various sizes. thanks again
  22. hi guys, im currently building up mt portf, and have looked at the archival / reportage section, as i think my items depict a certain historical theme. one question is though, i have already uploaded some in the normal way. and assigned RM etc to them if i upload them under the archval scheme (if accepted), will this affect what rights i can assign them? eg are the archival scheme images likely to sell for much less, or can these only be royalty free or whatever. thanks
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