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  1. no, both say editorial print only, and it is live online now, found it y'day
  2. i use firefox, and its called simply "copyright imfringement finder" - you select piece of text or image right click and its google searches it, pointing to where it may appear.
  3. hi all. i have had my first sale, this month, with (at the time 300-odd images). specs of it are: Country: Germany Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - Print only Print run: up to 10,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1/8 page Start: 01 June 2014 End: 01 July 2014 and then: i had another sale, similar, one of these is for 1 month, 1 may-1 june and the other 1 june-1 july. 30% alamy commision and 40% distro commision. then on the 10th, same sale, and stats except 1/4 of a page, but then cancelled today. i presume this was the early one? i know where the image appears, thanks to a plugin at my browser, does the date on the original sale (start 1 june. end 1 july), mean that if they havent renewed the sale, (or they did then cancelled), they are using it without permission? as its still on the site, but as i undertand it, obviously if its a mag, it is a monthly thing, so if its july's issue they are fine. it does say print mag, but it is on their website? is this covered under the specs above? thanks dan
  4. the other programs needed to use windows based software are kind of virtual solutions. eg they make fotosketcher etc think its running on a PC, then it will work! the act as a bridge between the PC code, thinking its on a pc, then the wineHQ (or others), convert it into mac friendly code. so the mac's getting its instructions from mac software, but ibviously putting PC code through. some software is out there to enable you to have a computer running windows AND mac os too. software translation really, or thats the theory. it can be more complicated than that. HTH
  5. thanks for the replies. will run a test to see if it shows up in results - this time tomorrrow!
  6. hi all, as title really, i was just keywording (revising) some images, and just wondered how long my changes take to be amended? is there like a database refresh once a day or something?
  7. hi, all easily done. i've come into alamy after being the buyer of a collection of images myself! 70s-early 2000s images on film mainly, so im doing the hard work digitising etc. an interesting topic, as im sure a few people would feel the same "wanting to step back"
  8. ah would something like this be - do not use for defamatory or pornographic etc etc use. if thats the case, couldnt see them being classed as such. thanks for the advice. just when i think i have a good knowledge of rights etc, in the uk at least, something comes up, its a minefield. especially USA law, as you say the US tend to make it a sport.
  9. hi, i will send dmca notice. but what rights would GM have? would i be best to credit them in future for these photo's eg car photographed courtesy of GM - eg thank them for having a car to be photographed? what do you mean by property rights?
  10. hi, the images relate to 2005, and were assigned by the original photographer to me. no online use before. the images are used on a USA based site, and ive also found them on russian wallpaper download site. the usa based site sells ad space on his site, and says it can attract 100k plus visitors, would this make it a commercial site? eg i have given him the oppourtunity to remove, or to licence from me and continue to use, and looking at various pricing calculators and models, would this be classed as commercial use? im thinking commercial as it clearly runs a profit, selling some ad space etc. and i have always given the moral rights - eg photo taken by xxx - copyright me. i believe this is the correct way and was part of the agreement - eg the original photographer gives me full copyright, as long as i give him his moral rights to be id'd as the person who took it. the photographer sold all his motoring images up after ill health forced him to retire, and i have some makes of cars etc, and some have went to the makers concerned archives - eg jaguar bought all his jaguar images, ditto with bmw. the guy's site in question has now said that because the car is of a General motors car, it belongs to them, i have then asked for proof that they have given him permission, to which he hasnt replied. and then told me to consult GM which i have done, and awaiting reply. i have the tear sheets, mag samples that have these photos from 2005 and it clearly states the name of this photographer, and no mention at all of GM, so im pretty sure im right here. also tried to educate him, as it seemed that he was under the impression that a photo of eg mcdonalds, is automatically mcdonalds property and c right. obviously this is not true.
  11. hi, the original images i saw were USA, then ive found the same on russian wallpaper site - i did a WHOIS on the domain name and came up russian, same images used on both sites, give or take one or two.
  12. hi, thanks for the post and advice. how can i hide them from public, till after i have checked the watermark is on, and then make public? im new to PS. i have terms and conditions on my PS, which are clearly there and have been breached! since i wrote the above first post, i have found more on other "wallpaper download" sites. would you suggest a simple cease and desist - aka take my images down letter, or would you guys suggest looking for damages (espacially since my images are available for licence etc on my own PS and alamy pages, and effectively they are being offered for nothing, especially in the case of the wallpaper site) i have the option for someone to "personal use" as a wallpaper, but tightly controlled, and obviously for a fee.
  13. hi all, i have just found an image of mine, that is posted online. as some of you will know i have acquired a large amount of car images, and have recently started putting them on my own photoshelter and alamy. a few of the images appear to be on a website for car parts - and show the car as a kind of "this is the car", and none of them appear to be part of a particular shoot - eg different colours of the car and years, and reg plates from various states or countries etc, and convertible and hard tops. so looks to be a right click and save job from anywhere and then repost on their site to show which cars they have parts for. would i have a basis for asking them to remove the images that are mine? or for any compensation? the images are posted by myself on alamy and PS, even though both have watermarks on them that i have uploaded (except ps that said it takes upto a couple of days from uploading to them watermarking them), is it likely someone saved it whilst visible but not yet watermarked by PS servers? and many of the images, havent been used anywhere before to my knowledge - eg thousands of photos taken, but obviously not all of our photos get used etc. and only some have made it into mags etc through the original shooter. im pretty confident on this, as the ones that had been used, i was given example pages from the mags etc. would the matter be complicated by the fact that i wasnt the original shooter of the images, but am currently the copyright holder. in which case shouldnt they have credited both ME as Cr owner and the orginal shooter (as i have done on my site), eg copyright me, photo taken by xxx). this is standard in the uk, under moral rights. is there any way i could prove that the image was put up on their site AFTER i became the owner? or even to prove before i was owner. (as i guess if i explain i own it now, they will just say we got permission from xxx who original owned or took it? many thanks in advance for any help.
  14. thanks joseph! yes i have been known to search for cars on forums etc simply by the number plate reg. thanks for your insight into the space being omitted and how different searches are handled. saved me keywording and testing! but now i shall add the registrations to the relevant ones i deem to be "famous" and will be looked for.
  15. thanks! so just put it in like any other search term / keyword, no brackets or qoutes or special enclosures for the term. ive got quite a few that i know return results based on google and using the reg only, just wasnt sure how to keyword them properly. it seems alamy suggest the brackets etc in keyword help faq's but its not even active!
  16. you could kinda understand it with physical products - dvd's cd's etc, especially if adobe dont have any presses for the Cd's etc in that country, but come on! 30% more for downloads is taking the biscuit. data does not take any longer or any more transit time (none thats not more than mililseconds anyway) to travel from the A to B!
  17. hi all. i have just had a thought whilst looking through some catalogues of cars that i have photos of. i know it's early morning in the UK, right now but i seem to have some ideas and random thoughts at these times! when i keyword, would it be an idea to put the cars registration in the keywords? and how could i do this so that the full phrase eg D123 7DB will return the car with that reg. do i put qoutes or is it the brackets to make alamy look for the full phrase? also what format would i use for a part reg search? it just occoured to me that some cars (being a car nut), are known to me just by their reg's, and are "Famous" in my car circle of friends and owners club's simply by the last 3 letters for example. and i seem to have an uncanny knack for remembering these ever since i was a kid and car spotted with my parents on trips etc. and thought that they MAY be searched for by others like this. eg famous race cars etc, such as a race car may not have a reg as such but for example early ferrari's etc are simply known by a chassis number or prototype number. mclarens first F1, being XP5 and so on a good example of what i would like to happen (and a famous reg plate), for those that watch the apprentice in the uk, you will have seen AMS 1 = alan sugars rolls royce. any input welcomed. thanks dan
  18. UK based, comes second below the "shaded" sponsered searches for me. but this could be influenced by the fact ive just been searching and keywording, and now postin on alamy, all in the same browser window!
  19. What is SoLD ? Upsize from 2496 to 5000 will no doubt introduce SoLD. It's not going to pass QC. Don't do it!
  20. more than likely a sale from what i have read. chances are they searched wide, and wrote down a few "possible short listed" alamy ref numbers, and then out of that, they searched for one with a view to buy - yours in this case. maybe or maybe not, but if i was buying an image, thats the process i would follow.
  21. as ever! its only easy when you know the answer. really simple idea, that i hadnt thought of. esp the trunk / bonnet! grr at myself!
  22. you have given me something to think about indeed, i try to cater for what americans would think of when they search for car images of british cars, and what british would think of on american cars. eg americans may call our cars small, british may think of american cars as being big gas guzzlers. but more room for improvement - as ever thanks to tips or comments thats making me think of how better to do things!
  23. Ah! so alamy doesnt auto-pluralise (i dont think thats even a word but..) i now have some adjusting to do myself. newbie in learning mode! i have noticed that my images come up for very broad terms and some that a buyer wouldnt be interested in eg stingray 1970s blue was one recently, and that brought up a car, chevrolet stingray, a 11970s model i had. i only presume they were looking for the ocean creature, because of the extras defined such as PH WOP etc, who knows. as for cencepts, im convinced my mind doesnt work like that, maybe im more of a spade is a spade kinda guy, must try and see beyond the obvious. most of my images will be motoring based, so trying really hard to see past the obvious of Make..model,, year... etc anyone got any suggestions for any concepts or other descriptors i could use / or you have used for similar motoring images? also are quotes worth using, i think alamy gives an example of "golden gate bridge" would only return that specific phrase - the well known landmark instead of i dunno, a golden retriever next to a gate near a bridge. (stupid analogy i know but i drew a blank!)
  24. thanks for the answers, it seems from what people have said, that all images show up for a given search together but the buyer gets a warning about QC, im currently working on medium to large format scanning in vast archive. agree its time consuming! but worth doing right
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