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  1. thanks guys, seems from above, its a mixed bag, but seems it could take a while for them zooms n ref searches to actually get bought / result in a sale - as john says above ill keep my eyes peeled!
  2. i think technology is the main driver, however i am only at the younger end of the scale, both in age and starting in this biz! for example the dark(room) days, cost money, so only those with the skills perhaps got work out there, eg they had the skills so they had less wastage from the roll of film. so amateurs couldnt afford to waste the development costs. because it COST money to MAKE the sales. these days it costs nothing other than (as mentioned above), the shutter wear and perhaps depreciation of kit, and time, which to be honest most shots, digital allows you to check it out on
  3. i have re-worked some keywords, and indeed got round to some more uploading that was on my to-do list. i've got some good zooms, recently going up from nearly nothing. with some (albeit generic) searches having healthy numbers. is a Zoom a good indication of that i may have some sales coming from them?? also i have some searches for specific "Alamy image refs" eg the 5/6 digit code that ID's my images. again, is this a good indication a buyer is wanting my stock? thanks in advance, Dan
  4. i clicked this yesterday lol, is clearly says " photographers, this is only for buyers" - or as similar as i can remember!
  5. i was just wondering this last week! great info on here! it would be interesting to know peoples methods and calculations, and which have been won, perhaps to use as a "template" almost, but i imagine this would depend on lots of factors, such as subject matter, eg news / celeb images may command lots more, especially if you were granted exclusive "red carpet" type access, and this image was then TWOC'd havent had any infringers (that i know of yet), but regularly look using google images search and Tineye add-on in my browser which is firefox. i have a follow up question for spacecade
  6. thanks spacecadet, i may email customer services and see if they can / will provide a list, as its something of use to everyone i would think.
  7. yes thats right, and sorting out my large archive! thanks for the advice, i'd never have thought of the concept of the "forces" of what the car is going through, i think i best ask some non-car friends to have a look and they would probably see past the obvious make and model etc. also i noticed on another thread the mention of boolean "stop" words, that i think im guilty of using - eg common words that get ignored or used automatically when searching - eg if you search "a black cat" on google, it actually submits to googles servers as "a + black + cat". it can obviously get very detai
  8. around 2% with only less than 400 images, i think this thread has given my the OOOMMPH to get more done!
  9. many thanks paulette, yes i totally missed some things like that and used generic "dashboard" keyword! which i could kick myself for, as i have previously sold an image elsewhere where somebody wanted an image OF an interior because it showed the CD system!
  10. thanks guys, and thanks to yorkphotographer especially, good to see someone with similar images. ill put in some "extra" info in the description then. i suppose im coming from a publishing background, where i researched the stats etc. and im at the start of my collection, so wanted to check a few things / ask a few questions first. before i have tens of thousands keyworded all in a mess! thanks again.
  11. i was always lead to believe police in uk - public servants (they dont like to be called that though, as lots have inflated ego's!). but in general, police in public, on duty, should be fine. and you shouldnt need to delete any images, there was a handy website that promoted the use of a little downloadable "cheat sheet" that had uk photographers rights on it, and says pretty much the same as i have said. i wouldnt like to try armed forces though, they arent as public facing as police, imo. but on parade etc, if a large amount of people are going to see them (eg remeberance day
  12. hi, im keywording some images, and have read the descriptions and weightings that alamy state whilst in the manage photos dialogs etc. i notice that the description is zero significance. i have a lot of images on motoring / cars and will be keywording them / revisiting keywords as i go. but with them being motoring, and cars, there's obviously a lot of specs and such i could mention. is it worth putting it in the description field? being as it says zero signifcance? eg for this image - E6ADTX = sorry i dont know how to link so that it shows up in this post? i could wax
  13. so what fields in the metadata on the file on pc, are there which gets carried over to alamy? eg what field would i put in keywords on the file, that i would want to be "essential keywords" or the other fields on alamy? i have found that each service i use tends to give them all different names, eg, alamy, photoshelter, etc. compared to what the fields on the actual file as i see from irfanview (my image viewer). thanks dan
  14. thanks guys. i have had someone it would seem find my "more" images from a search (all relevant to the search terms, just different generations of a car model), and got 7 zooms, after reading a topic about zoom to sale ratio, hopefully these will result in a sale!
  15. im just going through my images to upload, and was about to upload ones from a shoot, of all images that were related. but then realised on a different disk i had others that were similar. if i had uploaded them in seperate batches would the "xx more" link on the thumbnail still have worked? how does alamy group the images, is it by uploaded at the same time, and relevant keywords or is it by other means? im principally a motorsport shooter, so obviously i would like all images of either a specifc car (with multiple views around it), or specific race to be available for buyers
  16. totally agree with "iphone-ograhy" - im an andriod user, and pretty much agree with the apple way of doing things, is soo closed as you say. and technically, their products lack in areas where other open formats, such as pc, and andriod (for the phone side of their offerings) are miles ahead. for example they tend to scream about features, which even "dumb phones" have had for years. all for the stylish and snobbish imo. i would be all over android stockimo. i think its akin to technology-discrimination, that ios seems to get picked upon first before any other. when android run
  17. i was in the same boat a couple of weeks ago, and then one sale got cancelled! but was happy that my 30% was ok amount -- perhaps more happy that it was my first sale though! i also got confused with a mag buying an image, for print but using it online too, but only mentioned print in the specs of sale - turns out this comes under "archival rights" yet to have a "direct alamy" sale.
  18. no problem, in uk we tend to use "store" as a place to put things, or to put something away. think stor-age. most of my alterations have taken few days to be updated too, so im guessing monday-tuesday yours will be updated. Great point, thanks!
  19. i didnt know there was a limit, i have just registered my first batch. uk photographer - is it worth doing more, even if not USA based?
  20. shop, and store. two opposite the pond keywords too. shopping centre vs mall. etc
  21. had email back from memberservices. "The customer has “Archive rights” included in the licence. This means that the image may be searchable on their website after the published date. This is no different to printed papers and magazines being archived and stored in libraries. They can’t use the image for another use unless they re-license." thanks for the replies to the thread guys. always a friendly bunch on here, and non of the "boys club" mentality, that i have seen on other forums! Dan
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