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  1. isnt it all subjective, as one publishers idea of good copy space, based on their style is different to anothers? its all about personal interpretation isnt it, based on your need.
  2. for me, a few users have indeed helped me without asking, eg, i have had photos of some old cars, vintage, and back then it was a case of body of car supplied by X and fitted to Y, and some good guys have really helped as the badges arent always accurate on 80-110 year old cars lol and ive seen plenty of help when people HAVE explicitly asked for "what is this flower" or animal latin name etc. and tbh, thats another good alamy plus point for me, the people on the forums (although we may compete for same money / sales), have always been helpful and never too "cliquey".. so pat on the back for us as friendly contributers lol
  3. also... worldwide? wouldnt you say what country its going to reside in, which wall of which country it may hang? not that im doing the seller out of the increased sale price, from 1 country to worldwide! i've never quite got my head round some options you can select on the licenses!
  4. something i've never thought of, my first instinct in bad weather is... hide lol. i have seen some good weather shots taken by drones recently, sadly of the destructive kind.
  5. i use a generic one, no frills for date only, but do use my phones app which cycles through images as a wall one would - without the manual flipping ha ha. with regards to above someone saying - make sure you get a few copies of the calendar... is this the done-thing these days? i was told by a good old photographer friend, who since retired that he insisited on a "voucher copy" of anything his images were used in. and indeed asked me recently if i wanted any of his many books that these appeared in - as he is running short of space and thinning out. so when i started this stock biz in the past couple of years, i too thought that may be a nice way to keep track of what images are where, and also a lil bonus, having a freebie! and i have encountered nothing but resistance to the idea! is this simply an outdated practice now?? although i have added an "extra" % charge for sales, for the waiving of this freebie! successfully
  6. im sure apple will have a checker on their site, for anyone who is wondering if they are affected. im a PC user, and use a SSD - solid state drive (no spinning parts just like a usb stick), for the main "working" data, and then back up to external drives. solid state is usually faster than spinny drives for working data. one kept with me, one kept offsite, and then i have photoshelter which would enable me to download the same high-res files back if needed. ive never had a "spinning" hard drive fail, but i think its because i (usually) upgrade my full pc every few years. BUT they do fail, even the slowest ones spin at 5400 RPM, seeking data. mechanical wear and tear with motors etc. i have heard good things about "drobo" this is an enclosure that you can put drives into and if one or even 2 fails, u can swap them out and it will still have all your data safe. not cheap though! and there may be better solutions now, last time i read up on this stuff was a good 18 mths ago.
  7. interesting post, as i have recently filled in the form for the first time, awaiting reply.
  8. going from 64k upwards, good old "moores law" in practice! intel's founder / chief engineer once said he expected number of transistors on a chip to double roughly every 2 years. and so far its still working. he said this in the 60s i believe. so not long before we are using TB of RAM lol.
  9. yes true, but as a good rule of thumb, u shouldnt delete anything if asked, and im sure if your required to, only a court order or similar would do., but sad to say, there WILL be photographer who will sign the contract, 1000's wouldnt, 1 would.. either way, mrs swift wins. ya takes ya chances.. always plenty ready to step in your shoes i guess,
  10. wouldnt the adage of, you should never delete any images even when asked, override this? your property, your finger on the shutter. as is usually said as advice, when police etc, try to get you to remove film or del.
  11. you can never have too much ram or storage imo. im guessing everyone knows about storage on here, as we create large files, but just as important is the transfer into programs of them large files. i remember having (first pc), with 16mb of ram and 2.1GB of storage, thinking wow thats lots, within 2 years i upgraded same pc with 64mb ram and 6gb hdd added. running a pc now with a solid state main drive (windows and progs on it), and large normal (spinning disks) for storage. and 16gb of (fast speed) Ram, all water cooled, and even this is 3 years old i tend to take the view of, changing out every 3 years (like people do with cars). solid state is really the way forward of fast processing of large files, into the programs, and lots of ram to breath. also looking at the speed of RAM / drives helps too - afterall no good having a fast hard disk if the ram cant load from it fast enough - you create a bottleneck. and vice versa, fast ram but slow to write back to disk storage.
  12. you may have a memory leak from a programme eg, it states its using xxx MB/GB, but actually the program is buggy and using more, but not reporting it, also viruses can do this, it basically means, when your doing a task, and its finished, sometime programs manage this badly, and keep hold of the memory instead of releasing back into the shared pool to be available again for another program / task. thats the general issue, and just a suggestion, i have never used a mac. but as many have said, if its under warrenty and help is available, no harm in using it, but it could be software or hardware based. my money is on software, hardware is usually "dumb", either works as should or not at all, its very rare in my experience it is inbetween, and hware is matched quite well these days by the makers.
  13. i heard a similar thing of "mehgan trainor", but shes relatiely new compared to taylor. perhaps the same management or something somewhere along the lines, or a worrying new "trend".
  14. the ability to persue "punitive" damages is the USA big one, aka, u can pursue more than what a legit licence would cost, because there are many stories of people only getting back what the licence (if granted) would have cost anyway. where USA system i believe, allows you to pursue damages for costs / and punishments for the flagrancy of it. thats as i understand it anyway. anyone feel free to add anything more.
  15. yea, it does seem that way with regard to the UK "promises", a lot more flimsy compared to the USA system. thanks for the info guys, its good to know i should be ok, resizing for upload. apart from that the only other specifications i can see, are files must be under 500mb, which should be fine, especially if resize AND .zip / .rar file them up.
  16. hi all, im going to be registering latest batch of copyright images, and hopefully using the electronic deposit this time, after looking up tutorial online on how to go through step by step. im just wondering, can i resize the images, or do they need the full-fat versions? i have also emailed the USA office, but they say it can take 5 business days, so thought i'd ask anyone on here who may have also been through this. i was thinking resizing to 800x640 or similar would allow enough detail to be seen, so it can be proven its my image etc also has anyone ever used the UK copyright service - UKCS, which is a paid for service kinda like the USA one, which offers proof of registration if needed. thanks dan
  17. wow, i know of the DVLA trick, but it never would have crossed my mind to use on something that old! ill keep that in mind for myself for sure!
  18. very good - right moment right time shots. i had a similar one once, watching car racing, high speed burst on, filling up card fast! then a crash happened right in front of me, and i snapped away, frame by frame and got some good shots (im convinced to this day, that i flinched out of fright and held the shutter by accident!), results in some good sales elsewhere. heart stopping stuff though, my friend was shook up seeing the carnage happen so close!
  19. AH, my bad, misunderstood! This is not a lens or "clip on stuff". This is essentially a camera without a digital back. Your iPhone acts as the digital back. Think of the attachment as a Mamiya 645 and the iPhone as a Digital Back to that body (of course this is not medium format but I'm trying to display the idea). Aperture and shutter speed are controlled via software to the camera body. The image is stored on your phone. This isn't a piece of junk little magnet lens that fits over the lens of the iPhone.
  20. ditto, i literally thought it meant, outside eating. it is a hard one indeed this old keywording lark, i have recently gone low-tech and found its helping my thought processes, and as in my example above to you betty,,,, i have simply been reading more relevant items, and picking up on the odd keywords. and noticing what words are being used more and more, and applying them where needed, as i say anything with a physical location seems to get B&M these days. also, as a slight devitation from your original query, dont be scared to use these new "trendy" words where applicable imo, such as the oxford (i think) dictionary regularly ranks words of the year etc, i have added a few where it made sense, and found sales from them, across a few agencies and my own site. so even though some may make us all groan and moan about the new words, they are in heavy usage, and we can use that to our advantage!
  21. iphone (mainly but others available) lens / clip on stuff has been available for a while. great for shots where you want more than the phones lens etc, but i'd be cautious about using it for stock. they do have better results, but imo with all things like this, a dedicated machine / gadget for one task will always be better than 1 for all, but who knows maybe Dx0 have stepped it up a notch!
  22. as above really, cell phone is USA, here in uk, mobile phone. also use telephone - the long form of phone.. with cell, cellular, also telecoms / telecommunications. and if its a store, bricks and mortar may be a good keyword to use. as in the sense of traditional shops being commonly referred to as this in articles about online shopping, eg retailer "we have phones.com" - is closing down 100000 bricks and mortar shops (an imaginary headline of course"
  23. ford model A, as suggested, with the rear lights of a ford cortina (1960s) creeping in on the right hand side. when looking into the model of classic - prewar cars, make sure to use the right bodystyle in keywords. happy researching!
  24. hi all, im relativly new to alamy and the stock world in general. i have just found an image used of mine, it was licenced by alamy in oct 2014 (after some bizarre previous, sale then refund, sale then refund), eventually sold oct 2014. a car image, used in germany, by a BIG car company, all good. i did a google image search just, and is shows up on a russian, what appears to be photo sharing / facebook classic car group. i even recognise some press photos in the same page, from car companies themselves (presume stolen too). i looked at the german LEGIT usage, and the pixel size matches the stolen use. so they obviously lifted it from the legit licenced user. what to do? i have read a EPUK article which gives sample letters etc and also the idea of flagrency etc (after some user on forums posted link). do i contact alamy, because they licenced the image? or do i contact the russian site direct (i could WHOIS, the domain name / ISP). or register for the forum / page its on and send to the admins / moderators etc? and send them a "cease using my image" letter / email. bit wary of what to do, as im UK based, and as far as i can tell, the site is russian. thanks
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