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  1. Indeed Google does crawl social media faster than say your own blog say. Basically the more popular Web pages n sites get crawled more often. So good linking n positive promotion should get more views. Getting re tweets n people talking about it and reposting also helps.
  2. Hi all. I was wondering does anyone know of an app in which i could create model releases and docs in relation to business. and also use my touchscreen to obtain signatures on them. Also any either seperate apps or ideally combined where i could create say a invoice for an image use or a qoute and have this sent to buyer or again have them sign it on my phone. Im an andriod user and recently had to say to few interested parties.. "when i get back to my office" etc and as i have phone handy all the time figured it may be possible.. on the fly so to speak. Thanks dan
  3. i see uk amounts as mentioned above. also strange licence, you would think that COMMERCIAL be the more expensive "presentation use"
  4. but then wouldnt that just open the flood gates for non-profits / charities (if they get a lesser rate), to just do the same, buy cheap, and usage unknown.
  5. wouldnt this still be classed as commericial? as way i see it, even the photo above (walking frame) could still be used to advertise an event, where commerciality comes into it. for example ive had a flyer through my door, advertising a "free" garden consolation by local residents assoc, where upon if you had went, there were all sorts of companies trying to upsell services almost immediately! perhaps a tenuous link, but still commercial involved, its not like it was printed once hung up in an office, or used for as the licence "personal" suggests the photo was definitely a stock photo (cant say if it wasnt purchased or not), but the same image was on the BBC site a day or two earlier in an article, which made me recognize it and google brought it up as a stock image, on the bottom first page, so likely to have been nabbed from there! and to me the personal use licence, just gives us more to chase re infringers. i cant see alamy policing this type of infringer, so it would be down to us personally to look for someone licencing for $14.99 and making excess printings. more work! lol
  6. thanks philippe! i was just wondering the same about the zoomed in images, so ill cull them ones too, if clients crop as needed. i take it clients can also rotate, flip and do other "basic" edits? which may cut down on my similars also (as i have a good few facing left, then right etc). is there a link or info to what clients can actually do to our images.. or is this between them and alamy.
  7. thanks guys, particularly GS-images, really seems to make sense with the keywording, especially as you pointed out the context in which i would either benefit or fail from buyer searches. i think a good prune may be in order! as for the general scope of my port, i think it just needs adjusting for alamy really, as you guys have pointed out. usually my specific buyers for these images like to have as many angles etc as possible for the transportation i shoot, as it gives them chance to include a main image with lots of detailed around it (i used to lose calendar buyers because i only took mainly exterior and interior shots). when they wanted details of wheels, and even tiny lil areas you maybe wouldnt even notice even if you lived with that car day-to-day lol. so i adjusted and sales came in, and i was thanked for going the extra mile so to speak. but now it seems my original pared back view is what alamy needs and would help my sales, i shall go away and have a think on what angles / views offer a "story" and something that would be used, and trim back the excess. thanks again for the help, really appreciated, especially as what i have on live at the moment is only a fraction of what i have available, so better to know this now / early! Dan
  8. hi, relatively new to the stock world and alamy, well lets say the new "internet" stock world anyway. i've seen posts on other threads and people say to newbies that they have too many similars. im wondering what is classed as a similar? most of my images will be motor based, including motorsport and anything from cars to planes etc, transportation really. and when i shoot, i try and cover as much of the transportation type as possible, eg minimum of 4-6 exterior shots, then interior and then any details which could run into the dozens. so i have some that are a single photo of say a plane taking off, but then if i have it "captive" and grounded i could take 50! times this by say 100 cars or planes, im gonna have 100 interiors for example would these be classed as similars for alamy reasons? or would they be similars IF i DIDNT give make models etc to them, eg to differentiate the interiors of these by class or by year etc. thanks dan
  9. i made mine about 3 months after joining and with around 100 images, and this one image sold 3 times, for each of the next one / two months. yet to have another sale on different image, but i have had success elsewhere.. mainly selling prints etc. i do have a backlog of nearly 500 uploaded and slowly keywording. heres hoping it will add to the sales.
  10. alls well that ends well. least apologised. and yes, ebay did buy gumtree, so share the same hosting servers. itd be interesting to know if an image was found on xxxxxx company, but they had used amazons AWS (amazon hosting service), who would be responsible? could amazon be jointly? FYI, AWS host content for some really big names, and most of their income for past few years comes from this, not selling on amazon.com etc as u may expect!
  11. there are better ones than the london page, the AA and RAC in uk both do one, and this even tells you when the cars last date of liability is (eg when its road tax is due / ran out). and engine info (fuel type) etc im on lots of car forums (another hobby) and lots of people ask if their old car is around still etc, and people screenshot these to show them. eg if a car hasnt got tax, for some classic cars its usual to only tax for the "show season" but if tax is years out, its probably dead.
  12. if youtube can go html5, and they handle videos fine, im sure a photography based site would cope fine, and speed of use etc would make a difference!
  13. im not a fan of the idea of this personal use, not on alamy anyway. i DO however get the idea, perhaps for someone to make wall decor etc out of. and i have approched copyright holders myself for this years ago (for a gift). but its open to abuse, and gives a high chance will be infringed, and something else to chase, these people as well as bigger players (who should know better). but personally i have sold personal use prints a lot, in fact, actively going looking to find out info on some images (ID help / info help for my own catalogue), and then having people who either have liked my images after helping me ID, or some of the best paid ones have been car photos were the owner or ex owner has wanted a print or poster etc of the car! but i would be thinking an opt out on alamy is a good idea!
  14. I had similar. I was told by Ms. . . Print for that month. And can be archived on website.
  15. interesting topic, as im in uk and also registering with usa, or will be soon. i have a batch of 2000 images currently, and didnt know of 750 limit so thats of interest to me. i knew about the upload limit of 500mb per file though, so i was going to split into 2 or more zip files etc as i presume id have to pay roughly 3 times the reg fee, for the 750, plus another 750 images and again for 750 (to cover my 2000 images).
  16. i have reported this issue to MS now, and they have asked for my evidence of circulation of the mag, one report from the industry shows 400-odd thousands, and another from the mag themselves qoute 660K !! (i found a page where they themselves say how good they are and how much advertisers can reach if they pay for ad's etc) much more than the paid for use of 10k plus web i was given! maybe a warning for others if you feel you have been underpaid. i shall let you know what MS say and any outcomes!
  17. im pretty sure the usage above was paid correctly, however, i feel it could be mis-represented, as i say, 10000 run, when its a pretty big mag that used it! and i have a good evidence that i have found that they havent dipped below 100k! i shall make a little "case" and email MS. has anyone else had similar issues? or am i perhaps expecting too much, and its a quirk of the alamy / buyer relationship.
  18. i stand corrected! thanks Geoff! i guess this can now be mod'ded and removed as it already exists!
  19. i was looking back through some old sales recently. some sales i wasnt looking for specifically, so omitted them. i was reading a publishing story on a news site, and it reported the circulation that a certain magazine i know i have sold to (through alamy), is currently at, and also historic circulations for the latest year / quarter etc. its usage from me was: Country: Germany Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 10,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 September 2014 End: 01 October 2014 but the circulation that i have found for this company / publisher's title - at the lowest has been in the 100's of thousands so i have a few questions. the same usage today (even though i cant select 1 month, the lowest it will allow is 5 years) would cost near double the 10000 print run. surely if i have read their circulation is in the 100's thousands they have mis-represented their usage for the image ? and also i get that it was for a monthly timeframe, which makes sense as the mag is monthly, do they have continued, in perpetuity use online? eg as a archive? and the strange thing is after reading a bit on refunds on another thread, this one was indeed changed a lot and refunded 2-3 times, the info above was the latest date and therefore the one i got paid for im sure. many thanks Dan
  20. i use a lot of different forums, and usually when you reply to a post, it auto subscribes you to that topic. alamy is one of only a few that doesnt, and if i want to be informed of an update i have to maunally "follow the topic". maybe a way that auto follows when i comment?
  21. date taken? but that could be a photo taken today of something 300 years old? it is a good idea to search by sate of item, and one that would help me too
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