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  1. thanks for the help guys, hopefully so pressure with the law can get them to pay, it really is a small amount in the scheme of lawyers etc, so they maybe wouldnt chase (less than 200$), as for the italian one. carloM you will have a pm soon
  2. yea, im fairly new to the game, but i kept hearing on here and various places that it was worthwhile doing even for non US residents, so filed, and pre-dates the infringement etc
  3. yes I and WE know that, thats what their defence was, perhaps they thought it was a free manufacturers image (this is common in the motoring industry which is what the image is of, a car, makers usually release these as free for editorial use, when a new car comes out etc even though the car in question hasnt been on sale for decades lol)
  4. I discovered a website (a turkish website) had one of my images in december, i took screenshots etc and emailed them asking for removal, and as they'd had it some time, a small fee. no reply and life got in the way, till this week when i was reminded by a conversation, so i dug deeper, the website is a large USA company which has local language sites, hence the turkish edition. I skyped USA and they were helpful, info was passed to USA editor in chief etc, and i sent him original email from Dec and he got back to me to say the turkish site had taken it from another site and didn't realise these werent for editiorial (aka free use) and removed the images. so far so good. however i email and thanked him for chasing turkey but still felt annoyed that ignorance wasnt a defence and a publisher should know better etc and referred him back to the original email where i asked for a small fee (low 100$ equiv). and told him that even though im UK based, i had registered with US CR office a good year or so before they used my image. to which he said he noted this and passed to their in house lawyer. my question and worry is, with this being cross border, are they likely to laugh and run off, or do i genuinely have a case given i have it registered in their country (even though im uk). the company is large (with other recent acquisitions of local sites to blend into theirs, some 2 dozen sites i think). and also how could i do this, as obviously im not in a position to go to a US court given location etc and i was fair with a genuine non gouging price based on the image and its use etc. i also have the same image used in italy, to which they have said no we won't pay, again a large sports based newspaper / sports website. have i any recourse here, they got the same email as the USA company as i found them in days of each other, although the italian site has had it longer, before they removed. TIA Dan
  5. anyone got an input on this, re: bright bordering on overexposed being more desirable?
  6. thanks all! and would you believe it!! nope! its not a car image lol. but i do like shooting motoring images and is my "thing" the stars and planets have seemingly thrown a very big bone for me in time for the "12th month" (i will not say the C word till its a LOT closer lol)
  7. ive just logged in after a good month of not checking my dashboard! a shot that is very average, anyone could have took it! has resulted in a sale of my HALF being $2400! one of the worlds biggest companies is behind the licence so itll be out there for all to see, which is a nice bonus feeling too! ecstatic, and loads of zooms this week too, very happy given my portfolio isnt very big compared to some.
  8. i have just seen a $69.99 sale drop in. from a zoom last week. my take obvs half of that. fingers crossed for 9 of my images zoomed a couple weeks ago (similar but cover a topic completely, so ideal for many uses) all sell! all 9 of mine zoomed, but less than 20 for the customer search in total.
  9. i have just had a sale yesterday, of one which i am chasing an infringement with alamy. Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic, Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. Media: Website, app and social media Image Size: Any size Start: 14 March 2017 End: 14 March 2022 is this likely a co-incedence and this image has sold twice (it sold in December which is where i think it was ripped from) - or is this amount / sale likely to be alamy making the infringer pay up? OR does alamy add some sort of note to say "this is payment for the infringing image you told us about"?? tia
  10. indeed! i do hope it continues to sell and buys you a shiny new car in the future!
  11. hi, i too dont have an infringement history, this is the first - either i've been lucky or i simply dont have images appealing till now ha. its a photo of a car, and has been modified so that their are hotspots on the car to click (wheels, body, glass, interior), and is used to sell car cleaning products, eg click on the wheels takes you to the page of wheel cleaners etc. and this image is around 1/4 of page and is on the very first page on the site - the home page. a bit of digging around results in the company behind this brand having others and is a chemical company behind it all with about a dozen sub brands / trading names under them. turnover a couple million last year. i have taken screenshots every day that its been live on their and will wait till next week chase alamy on there dealing with it.
  12. thanks for the replies guys! as i say first infringement, and i did email and they told me it wasnt in line with the licence they sold etc. filled form and waiting, in mean time, ive been taking screenshots every day, there is no metadata, been stripped and modified as the image is now a hot spot image (5/6 lil buttons that hover over and take you to different product pages on their site, yes they are selling / commericial). anything more you can suggest i do in mean time myself whilst waiting for alamy to say, yes we will chase or no but feel free yourself lol. as spacecadet suggested, using another usage calculator...and alamy's would IPEC or any route i may go down laugh at a larger sum ? or is it best to use as many as possible and come to some sort of average? or when i say in my case, i use alamy and it was legally licenced there... would they say well what did they charge and i'd be bound by that only? as i say my first infringement, and i guess from reading replies and the forum in general ive been lucky till now, but a good solid understand now would no doubt help when it happens again, note how i said WHEN lol, not if ha
  13. hi all. ive had my first infringement! (well second but ive given up hope on the first, its small time and in russia). i emailed alamy asking if the use was as i received payment for, and they confirmed it wasnt and to fill out a form for them to investigate. they received this and havent been back in touch since they acknowledged receipt. im just wondering how long it usually takes? and are they likely to take it on? im based in UK, as is the infringer and in mean time ive been screenshotting the infringer site and the placement of the infrigement daily in case i have to deal with it myself. are there any rules of thumb or rough ideas on what to charge should i have to deal with it myself or do you just go on what the calculator on alamy would come up with, if they had of paid in first place! some sites i've seen tend to go on 3x the amount normal charge, eg to punish for the infringement, but these seem heavily USA based and mention the US copyright damages etc. TIA Dan
  14. no john, image on alamy, it was to check it was available for the use intended.
  15. i had an email last night from alamy asking for an image i replied saying it wasnt under licence anywhere else, and was happy to proceed and any idea on the price i'd be paid. our client will be charged, $1590!!! i was shocked to say least, thats a good price and im looking forward for my 50%, my biggest so far by far having only had 4 PU sales in the last month and with only a few hundred images on my account.
  16. was this just the fee they'd have paid anyway? or was there an uplift for being naughty?
  17. i dont know the releases / address side of it, but as someone into classic cars, i really hate the security risk side, so i blank out locations and plates where needed. theres lots of spotter pages on fb, that dont and cars have been nicked, sometimes using guns / knives. because the location is easily found.
  18. interesting thread, and its given me a kick up the ..... to get some of mine for sale, ive just noticed i have 100 ish uploaded but not on sale / keyworded! they were from a batch of many times that from last month though, so i guess im in the camp of, upload lots, and keyword as and when. think ill have to rethink that!
  19. just out of curiousity, what sort of prices does the RHS etc charge for access to commericial photography? eye-watering, or sensible lol.
  20. why is it only I devices, when in the main andriod has a much bigger market share, hundreds of models run latest andriod compared to what - 3-4 models of i phone and 3-4 ipad models. yes im an apple disliker lol
  21. or we could all just fit one lens to one camera and have 5-6 bodies covering most likely lenses! fit it once and never remove it again lol like the sports photographers seemingly do lol.
  22. agreed! used this before i even owned a camera, just to open images online in the late 90s when i had my first pc (when i was 10-11) i too sing its praises and install it as a basic for every computer i help build or fix.
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