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  1. hi all.


    im going through a keyword frenzy at mo, and just wondered about the additional info.


    i'm mainly a car / transport / motorsport shooter, so of course theres additional info that i do give to other clients as part of my "pic research" such as any info on engines or sales figures or where the car was made or lil snippets of info there, such as 0-60 times and "top trumps" kinda info.


    is this worth doing on alamy in this field or is that overkill / unwanted info? and should i just let the image be there and leave it down to the final user to do their own research? am i correct in believing that this field is also non searchable ? although a post in sept, someone does seem to suggest otherwise.


    thanks in advance



  2. hi,

    thanks for replies and sorry about the confusion i will clear it up now..


    1. infringement (if indeed its classed as such) - a car parts site, foreign. using a pic of mine which DID get licenced a while ago (hence why it was being looked for by myself i like to see where they may end up), and its there a pic of the car advertising a part, its an alamy thumbnail with the ref on bottom etc. i assume these arent the genuine licensee.


    2. an image again advertising a car, but this time on a "commission based" sales site, aka they sell the car take a chunk for doing so, in switzerland. i have approached the guy and he says that simply he took his own but was given some by the owner of the car (which are my 3 i'm disputing) and hes passing buck etc.


    3. another image, licenced by alamy but they have no licence for the site i showed them (which was difficult as i had to use a VPN to fool it into thinking i was canadian as it seems a lot of overseas non uk sites have locked out UK since the GDPR came in!), they told me, we cant be confident it was alamy exclusive so we cant persue (despite them licencing it last year legit, and me absolutely not having licenced this, and on my site its low res, and watermarked across is via pshelter, i think theyve nicked it from the legit licensee).


    so i was after advice on if anyone (uk based would be an advantage), chased switzerland or canada, and also is someone using the alamy thumbnail still an infringement.


    sorry again for any confusion, i typed it whilst being distracted.

  3. i have just noticed that a commercial site is using one of my images, to sell products.


    it is an alamy thumbnail with the ref on etc, does this constitute a breach?


    also last week an image i DID sell through alamy, was found and contacted them and got told, as it wasnt exclusive to alamy (it was on my site, heavily watermarked however, and i have never sold that image from my site) that they couldnt persue, despite them not having a usage for that site, and i told them ive never sold it myself, is this right for them to do?


    also does anyone have any experience of claiming from canada or switzerland? im uk based.

  4. 1 hour ago, spacecadet said:

    In the UK, they have no power to prevent photographs being taken in public. If they want privacy, they should use a backlot.


    doesnt the same also apply for people such as police / fire etc, in the course of their normal business, as long as they are public location too?


    ive read some horror stories about the terrorism act being used by police with some friends of mine, i stand on the, no they are wrong if its in public its fair game side of the coin. they have been subdued though, through fear of prosecution.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Bryan said:

    Not that uncommon in answer to your headline question, but, thankfully, far from being the norm.


    From memory, and I may have this wrong, I think that if there is to be a refund and a resale at a different value, you get to know about the refund straight away.  So if no refund is mentioned I would guess that there won't be one. There are circumstances where a client buys more than one licence of an image, for example text book and teacher's copy, different sizes of the same image for varying calendar purposes etc. 


    Do let us know the outcome.

    yea it reads to me (never having had a refund before or know the alamy way, as well as many on here), that they have put both through and the lower sale could be an extension price maybe, as all details bar my summary above are identical. i too would have expected a cancellation /refund then "corrected" sale almost immediately after.


    of course i'll keep updated on situation. either / or both a nice sale :)

    13 minutes ago, Bryan said:








  6. i got a sale on the 5th, very happy with it.


    licence dates are:


    Start: 05 April 2018
    End: 05 April 2023


    but then today for the same usage the dates are:


    Start: 09 April 2018
    End: 09 April 2028
    Duration is life of the edition


    but for a lower amount (a good 40% difference). - still a nice number though.

    any ideas if this will result in a refund? how common are they? it seems to me that they are getting a better deal for a lower price, given its longer and has the extra note about duration on.


    both still showing as live on sales, if it was a refund, wouldnt they have refunded that and then bought the new one straight away? or is there some overlap and both sales will go ahead? and the lower amount is kinda "extra" to cover the additional 5 years and the duration notice?




  7. 3 minutes ago, RedSnapper said:

    Twin card cameras are your friend. Raw to one, JPG to the other as a backup and/or quick upload..


    No need then to have to sort out the two formats...just read from the card with the Raw's




    yea agree, thats how i roll. jpg has it's place for quick upload or social media / send to friends (a lot ask where ive been this weekend etc so a quick low res snap to show them occasionally.

  8. On 3/23/2018 at 04:47, hdh said:

    RAW - I used to do both, but found it too cumbersome to have to delete two pictures while reviewing the rolls on the PC.

    I don't know why, but I often managed to confuse myself in this process and sometimes even deleted to wrong files.  



    a little tip, in windows you can search for file type, i shoot jpg and raw, so to delete the jpgs. i search for "*.jpg" and it will only show those files with .jpg extension. leaving only RAW behind. i also just today used *.mp4 search to delete some movie files from a mixed SD that had some short clips on.

  9. i'm keywording images, and to be honest it's the first time i've got to grips with the new AIM properly, having had to take time off and let my current images until now earn "passively".


    noticed the additional info under optional tab, is there any ranking / search benefit to including information in here?

    im thinking it may be suitable to include info on the subject, eg say of a football game, including the attendances or the score / other info, or say of an aircraft its top speed or cruising height etc or passenger carrying number etc? kind of like ready made picture research for the user.


    i'm used to doing that for images sold by myself, eg supply image and do the research on the subject or my most common images, i have a "pick from here" list of around a dozen or more common facts and in most cases the buyer chooses one or more and i get a slight uplift in prices for giving them a full ready made piece to print.

  10. theres been some talk of ink pricing etc earlier in thread.


    BUT... including ink, and paper etc.


    what would be some average prices for say 8x6 - 10x8 -12x10 etc?


    ive never home printed, always thought the cost would be too prohibitive, but last time i ran the numbers was a good few years ago now, anyone got any upto date numbers to ponder?


    i use digitalab in newcastle UK, great lab, there used to be one on my doorstep RGB labs, but this closed about 4 years ago i think not long after i discovered them!

  11. 5 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

    Just to clarify, only OR seems to work as a Boolean. AND doesn't. AS Niels says the Image Manager uses the Alamy database search, so images not on sale don't appear.


    ahh, i had a document with the refs in to try today etc, and i written them out as OR.. so left it at that, and then drew up a short list of AND ones, ill stick to OR now, and yes, the "on sale" label in AIM was annoying me not working till i realised a refresh at server level was needed!  thanks for the tips guys.

  12. 31 minutes ago, Niels Quist said:



    Add at least five tags and a caption, plus tick the appropriate boxes, on the not on sale images. When on sale you can delete the tags on the images in question - select all plus a master image from which you want copy the tags by clicking on each tag.




    that also doesnt seem to be working, will i need to wait for alamy's server refresh? the other images from older sub are optimized, the newer sub is orange and just "on sale", and using the "ref AND ref" doesnt show any.

  13. hi all.


    i've got to keywording images, after a sale spurred me on!


    i have a set of 7 images that are on sale, and discovered a couple more from that batch / topic that i wanna add the already done tags (for the sale images), onto the not on sale ones.


    how can i do this, i searched the forum and used the AND / OR boolean search terms as follows; i click on all submissions, then search, then put in the ref's (a space) and then AND (or) OR. it only seems to show me one of the not on sale images. eg my search term is "E6AEW9 and F59GC9" but it only shows up the first ref, even though both arent on sale yet.


    i have a longer string of 16 ref's which shows up the first 7 (the ones on sale and optimized). any ideas on how i can add the tags from the optimized to the not on sale few, as they are the same subject and most tags will apply.





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