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  1. That's probably true, but then maybe it isn't. Hmm. Uncertainty. Paging Dr Heisenberg!
  2. Time to vote folks. I've shortlisted on the basis of me not knowing why I like an image too. So you have to vote the same way. Or something. Anyhow, you have until midnight on Friday 6th March to vote. The shortlist is: Martin's cricket net . . . . Reimar's blurred gull . . . . Phil C's abstract architecture . . . . Lynn's toadfish skeleton . . . . Steve's barb wire fence . . . . Phil R's London . . . . Jorge's Luxor . . . . Maria's cat (or maybe Schrödinger's seeing as it's half there, half not) .
  3. Entries now closed. Thanks to all those who've entered. I'll put together a shortlist and poll over the next day or so.
  4. At the end of 2014, another Archant title "Wild Travel" went belly up. I was a subscriber and was offered credit toward a subscription to a different Archant title. "Professional Photographer" was top of my (very) shortlist. Ho hum.
  5. I think it says "danger no anchoring... unless you can't understand Welsh, in which case do whatever you like" Reminds me of the (true) story of the email sent to the council works department to make a bilingual sign in English and Welsh for something like "No Heavy Goods Vehicles". They got the English bit right but underneath, cut and pasted the bit of the email in Welsh which translated as something like, "This message is confidential. It may also contain privileged information. The contents of this e-mail and any attachments are intended for the named addressee only. Unless you are the named addressee or authorised to receive the e-mail of the named addressee you may not disclose, use or copy the contents of the e-mail..." ETA: Actually it was the automated Welsh "Out-of-Office" reply. Anyhow, just over a week left. Keep 'em coming.
  6. It's a Beta and is pretty buggy. But it's promising. It renders very quickly and there are some nifty tools. When it goes on sale, it looks like it's going to be around the £40-£50 mark.
  7. I pull part the plastic casing and then cut, crumple or tear the disc inside. I have done that once for one. But I need a WMD to deal with several hundred. It's never been a hardship. I find it strangely satisfying and meditative.
  8. I pull part the plastic casing and then cut, crumple or tear the disc inside.
  9. So. It has fallen on me to sort out the February challenge. There were some fabulous entries last month & I know it's a cliché but I was genuinely surprised my image did so well. Thank you to Bryan for stepping into the breach and doing the business. Anyhow, I'm going for a rather nebulous subject for this month's challenge but I'm sure we all have images that fall into this category - "I don't know why I like it but I do". This may be a disaster or it may work out OK. That's up to you lot! Rules: 3 images max per entrant 8 will be shortlisted by me at the end of the month Entries close at 23:59:59 GMT on February 28th Images needn't be on Alamy and whether they are or not won't influence my shortlist Vote with Greenies all you like - it won't influence my shortlist Off you go then my lovelies...
  10. Thanks all. A nice surprise along with a magazine sale (different image) appearing for me this morning. Almost but not quite made up for Wales getting schooled by England in the 6N last night
  11. Yes. You're missing the loss of formatting of the OP's post. I think "Number of images" should line up under "Rejection Reason".
  12. Nice to be in such exalted company. Thanks for putting me in the shortlist Bryan.
  13. Guardian Online 25th BNT9X5 :: trekandshoot E6MB5M :: Ed Rhodes (cropped) ​And there's an image I can't track down on Alamy in this piece.
  14. What Spacey says. I've got plenty of wildlife shots taken at nature reserves in my port and I've had no problems/comeback with any sales I've made here or elsewhere. If I take a shot of a sign or something like that on a nature reserve, then I'll regard it as "Property Release needed" and put it up as RM. The only "nature reserve" shots I haven't uploaded are those I have from Monkey World in Dorset because they request that you don't use photos taken there commercially (and I respect what they do at Monkey World). I think you'd have to be careful with wildlife shots taken on National Trust properties too if you were to take any.
  15. I agree with the above. And looking at the EXIF, it's the fault of the lens rather than the D200 sensor, IMO. Zoom lenses like that tend to be soft at the long end, especially wide open as these shots were.
  16. Some tips I've picked up over the years (since v4 anyway) that also apply to ACR. I'm also assuming raw use (or TIFFs) and not JPEGs. Global Adjustments To maximise dynamic range whilst preserving highlight detail :: In general, it's best to increase values on the White Slider to increasing overall brightness, and reuse values on the Highlights Slider to recover blown highlights and reduce highlight brightness. There are some photos where highlight detail doesn't matter or is not desirable, in which case consider doing the opposite of the above. The Contrast Slider can also be used to reduce brightness & decompress highlights. There are images which might need a negative adjustment on the Whites Slider ​but I've found these to be rare (and to be used as a last resort) since it reduces overall brightness (maybe useful for low contrast shots in fog or something). This can be compensated somewhat by increasing the Contrast Slider and to some extent, the Exposure Slider. Of course, if what you want is dullness, e.g. some foggy shots or something, it could be just what the doctor ordered. These adjustments are trade-offs and will vary from image to image (or between batches of similars but let's not go there again...) Local Adjustments Don't forget the Local Adjustment Brush (LR v5 on; doesn't apply to ACR/CS6) which also has Highlights and Shadows Sliders, which means you can be a little more "adventurous" with Global Adjustments (i.e. Basic Module and Tone Curve Module) and then attenuate locally. The alternate also applies - you can go easy on Global Adjustments and be adventurous with Local Adjustments. And anything in between.
  17. An impression of a bird . . . . The bird feeder... . . The street performer...
  18. I think we're also reaching saturation point on the tech front all round and sales are plateauing. Just how much more do we need our kit to do?
  19. If something appears to be too good to be true, it usually is. At least you didn't lose out financially.
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