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  1. Another from the Guardian Online 1st April A011BT :: Stephen Woods Guardian Online April 1st BAP7m5 :: Brad Wynnyk
  2. I have it on good authority that this is a typo and downloading from that page will get you v3.12 rather than v3.11
  3. Guardian Online April 1st E7E87Y :: Mark Beton/Transport (credited to Alamy only) EDIT: Hmm. That was the original image but it's now changed. Still credited to Alamy only but it's one I can't track down. Aha! Found it! E96PBH :: Renato Granieri
  4. Just in case you didn't realise Paul, Fuji have today issued firmware updates for the X-T1 and 18-55mm (amongst others). Navigate starting from this page http://www.fujifilm.eu/uk/support/digital-cameras/software/ to get to the firmware downloads.
  5. Maybe this shouldn't have happened in the first place but... We made some changes to your Alamy contract on 16th February that were due to come into force on April 1st. We've had some feedback from our photographers and it made us realise that some of the clauses didn't accurately reflect how we work, so we've made some changes. To summarise: After deletion or termination, we will only issue re-use licences for the same product or project as the original sale. We will only licence images after deletion or termination if we've already entered into negotiations or had a download for the proposed licence before the image was removed from the site. We've set a limit of two years from the date of deletion or termination for licensing of images where there's been a download or we've entered into negotiations. We're not preventing photographers from chasing alleged copyright infringements, but they need to check with us first. We're sorry we didn't do a good job of explaining this before. Because we've made some further changes we're writing to give you 45 days notice of all recent changes. The new contract is here and the key changes are listed here. All changes will be effective from 14th May 2015. We don't need anything but you might want to keep a copy of the contract once you've read it through. (Email received from Alamy today).
  6. A couple from Uganda. Pied kingfisher hovering above Lake Edward . . . Wild but habituated juvenile mountain gorilla in dense vegetation, Bwindi Forest
  7. Russell Watkins


    What about an iPod Touch? The 32GB version is ~€220 and the 16GB version is ~€150. Both have 5MP cameras.
  8. From the Guardian Online 26th March BE519N D Hurst (Heavily cropped) A4DG1B Mike Abrahams
  9. Guardian Online 27th March D3XKAG Jamie Mann (slightly cropped) C39Y9W Newscast (heavy crop)
  10. Russell, you are brilliant. Job done. Can't believe it was so easy. A greenie for you and everyone else who imparted wisdom. Thanks Betty. Glad you got it, erm, sorted.
  11. Right Betty, if you're using Bridge, navigate to your folder, right-click on an image in the filmstrip and in the context menu that pops up, scroll down to "Sort" and select "Capture Time".
  12. Not according to their website: Sound very similar to the way the British Transport Police enforce law on railway property. Sort of. They only have the "full powers of a constable" when enforcing Hampstead Heath byelaws. Also from their site: "Any significant incidents or crimes on the Heath are handed over to the Metropolitan Police..."
  13. No way that this this was a "Caution" in the true sense of E&W Law and so would not appear on a CRB check (or whatever they're called now). More likely it was a form of Fixed Penalty Notice or fine. The Hampstead Heath "Police" are not sworn officers of any constabulary although they do have limited police powers. It's worth reading some of the comments BTL where there's a more in depth explanation of this. The subject in the story, Alan Rusbridger, is the current Editor of the Guardian, by the way.
  14. A blissed out vervet monkey enjoying a grooming whilst suckling its young: . . . . Street massage: . . . . Doing their bit so that the rest of us can lead a good life: .
  15. If you're using Lightroom to view the folder, you can sort the files by "Capture Time" which will keep the derived TIFF next to the raw file, whatever you name it.
  16. Guardian Online 8th March Jeffrey Blackler (but credited to Alamy only).
  17. It does need an explicit second step though. Martin is correct in saying that the "Develop" data is held in the LR catalog. XMP sidecars are only created if you tell LR to do so either automatically (which is not recommended) or with a manual key press/mouse click "Save" command.
  18. Aaaaaand.... ...the uncertainty is over. Maria's quantum cat pipped Reimar's blurred gull at the last. Congratulations to Maria and thanks to all who took part. Some great images again for us all to look at. So it's over to Maria to choose a topic for March's challenge. If Maria really exists, that is...
  19. The uncertainty principle is strong in this one. Neck-and-neck between the blurred gull and the demi-cat. I haven't voted yet and if by the close of play tomorrow it's still a tie, I'll use my vote as a tie-braker.
  20. That's probably true, but then maybe it isn't. Hmm. Uncertainty. Paging Dr Heisenberg! Are you certain he's still around? He's been seen in a number of States... This is becoming a bit of a Bohr! Steady, mate. It's all relative. Actually I am finding this all Strange, Up and Down in fact. Just need more Charm to get to Top and Bottom of this subject. "I don't know why I like it but I do" is rather quarky, isn't it?
  21. That's probably true, but then maybe it isn't. Hmm. Uncertainty. Paging Dr Heisenberg! Are you certain he's still around? He's been seen in a number of States...
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