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  1. If you're shooting raw, your choice of colour space in camera is immaterial. Much like putting a DPI value in unless you're printing a hard copy (with the caveat that you should always put 300 DPI in the EXIF data because people who don't understand resolution think they're getting a "hi-res" image...)
  2. The main reason I gave up film photography was because of the animal welfare issues inherent in film's manufacture and processing.
  3. This is the UK. This will be as much about raising a bit more cash by some govt agency charging like a wounded rhino for the licence as it is about safety.
  4. As I suspected, she's a shape-changing lizard. Or something.
  5. Guardian Online GP Image Lynne mentioned ​Photo fusion Picture Library Nature Picture Library Pierre Brumder (same article as above) Tom Till (same article as above) Hemis (same article as above) BlueOrangeStudio (same article as above) REDA & Co srl (same article as above) EDIT: Steve beat me to it.
  6. Guardian Online Marco Ledda (I think it's a crop of this shot) Ian G Dagnall (same article as above) B O'Kane (letterbox crop :: same article as above) Image Source Nature Wanderer
  7. British Medical Journal #8010 ​Peter Scholey :: p6 Editorial on GP services (cropped and partially cloned) David J Green - Lifestyle :: p8 Editorial on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (cropped) Norma Jean Gargasz :: BMJ Careers p6 :: article on medical training/education
  8. Guardian Online Transport for London Phil Wills (same article) Marcin Rogozinski (same article) Ikon Images
  9. That price is without VAT/sales tax which is applied at checkout according to your country of residence.
  10. What Mark said. Also, an image not requiring a release opens up the possibility of RF licensing in Manage Images.
  11. Guardian Online xPACIFICA (heavily cropped) Cultura RM D Hurst (credited directly in Guardian Online ref post above)
  12. Guardian Online Ian Masterton (heavily cropped) David R Frazier (same article as above) Don Smith Peter Barritt John Bowling Artur Marciniec Givaga
  13. British Medical Journal May 23 #8009 p3 :: Trinity Mirror/MirrorPix :: Piece on Prince Charles and regulation of herbal "medicine" British Medical Journal May 9 #8007 Tino Soriano/National Geographic Image Collection :: p18 :: Discussion on surgical training (heavy crop)
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