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  1. Guardian Online Nick Moore Stephen Burrows (same article as above) David Pearson (same article as above)
  2. Guardian Online F1online Bildargentur GmbH (cropped to landscape format)
  3. Guardian Online 80eight Photography and Design Backyard Productions (I think it's a crop of this image) Dave Pattison (same article as above) \ Mike Kipling Photography (same article as above) Paul White Aerial Views (same article as above) Robert Harding Picture Library (same article as above) David Levenson
  4. Guardian Online Elvele images (another long lens shot...) Jeffrey Blackler Feng Yu (cropped to landscape format; same article as above) Odyssey-Images
  5. They digiscoped with the Hubble. But then struggled translating the property release into Martian.
  6. Guardian Online incamerastock (could be a crop of another similar image)
  7. Guardian Online age fotostock Hemis Nick Cottman (same article as above) JTB Media Creation (same article) Chris Schmid Photography (same article) imageBroker (same article)
  8. Guardian Online Arsenii Gerasymenko (cropped to landscape format) Justin Kase Lucy Pope (cropped to landscape format) PhotoAlto
  9. Guardian Online Yadid Levy (cropped to landscape format) age fotostock Curtseyes (cropped to landscape format) Jeremy Hoare
  10. Guardian Online All from this article. Two from LOOK Die Bildagentur der Fotografen GmbH Imagestate Media Partners
  11. Up until now, Lightroom hasn't used graphics cards or chips at all. It has relied entirely on the CPU and RAM. It is rumoured tha LR6 will at last take advantage of GPUs. The reliance on RAM and CPU has left LR prone to these sorts of glitches. One other thing to consider is how full your hard drive(s) is/are. When LR starts struggling for RAM, it uses available hard drive space as "virtual RAM" and needs a fair whack of free space to do so.
  12. This one's just appeared in a different article on Guardian Online. Phil Degginger Terry Harris (cropped to landscape)
  13. Guardian Online Dinodia Photos Shaun Higson b&w (same article as above) Dave Pattison (also same article)
  14. Guardian Online Artur Marciniec Joe Belanger (cropped from portrait to landscape format)
  15. Guardian Online Hire Image Picture Library Ashley Cooper Pics Premraj KP M4OS Photos
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