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  1. Guardian Online Foodography Justin Kase z12z Juice Images Ingo Oeland Martin Berry (same article on Australia as above)
  2. Guardian Online Peter McDonald (great story this!) Marvin Dembinsky Photo Associates (I think it's this one; there are several similar shots from the Hubble)
  3. This seems to be common judging by the various fora (I don't have CC); the first step seems to be to log out of CC and then log back in again. Good luck Ed.
  4. Not necessarily. Where Aperture won out over Lightroom was that it was filing system agnostic. You could set it up to "reference" folders and files (like LR) but you could also literally import images into the database so it was contained within Aperture (so-called "managed"). This allowed a more granular level of control of albums/collections and the like. Even if you used a reference system, you could still exercise a more refined control than Lightroom. Also, you could move images around in the Finder and Aperture would keep track of them (unlike LR). To the OP, I didn't use the migration app because I saw the writing on the wall and ran an Aperture library and LR catalog in parallel, switching wholly to LR last year when Apple made their announcement regarding Aperture's extended demise. So I can't help you with that I'm afraid. If you've used a referenced Aperture library, you can just add the images to LR, exporting only those that you've worked on to produce a derivative. If you used a managed library then I guess you could give the migration app a whirl, perhaps by creating a new, smaller managed library of images to see how it goes. Hopefully, a trawl of the forums or somebody here will offer more useful information than I have. Good luck.
  5. Here's the what's new page. Looking forward to hearing the views of the beta testers early adopters. Very unAdobelike for this to be released with so little fanfare.
  6. Guardian Online Stephen Burrows (2nd use by the Graun this month) Alan Auld (same article) D Hale-Sutton (same article) Tetra Images
  7. Guardian Online All from this article Aflo Co Ltd P J-Foto Ricardo Ribas Rick Pisio/RWP Photography
  8. British Medical Journal 18th April 2015 8004 p8 :: Bubbles Photolibrary p9 :: MedicImage Guardian Online Stefano Politi Markovina Michael Kemp
  9. Guardian Online Carolyn Jenkins (cropped) There's a PhotoAlto shot I can't find (I can find shots using the same models and style).
  10. De rien. Yup. Their financial woes means there's more reasons to snap a Morrisons.
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