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  1. Allan, when this lens was first announced, I hoped it would be a macro, also. But it was shortly revealed on the Fuji-X forum that it would not be. There is a macro announced, I can't remember the length, but more than 100mm. So one is coming, but it will be awhile before it ships. The macro and the 100-400 will be on my list, for sure. Look at thr roadmap. Betty The macro will be 120mm. For now, as well as the 60mm, Fuji also produce a couple of extension tubes so you can shoot macro with a few lenses in their existing range. You lose infinity focus then though.
  2. British Medical Journal No 8006 2nd May 2015 Issue p4 :: EPA :: news item about Médecins Sans Frontières launching a Mediterranean mission p17 :: Sean Gallagher/National Geographic :: essay on the NHS crisis (heavily cropped) p18 :: rgb ventures/superstock :: article on A&E crowding p2 Careers Supplement :: Janine Wiedel :: news item on GP trainee recruitment (heavily cropped)
  3. Guardian Online Keith Morris Phil Degginger Guy Corbishley (cropped)
  4. Guardian Online Incamerastock geogphoto (looks like a heavy crop of this shot) Wide Eye Pictures (another heavy crop :: same story as above)
  5. The trouble is though Mirco that a potential buyer may well search for "women in the gym" and would be happy with, or even prefer, an image showing a woman in the gym. Buyers are often not that literal.
  6. Guardian Online Johner Images Marc Anderson Blickwinkel (same story as above) Matthew Banks (same story as above) Guardian credits Pal Hermansen but is on Alamy under Steve Bloom Images (?distributor) :: (same story as above) Les Gibbon (same story as above) Robert Fried (same story)
  7. British Medical Journal #8005 25th April p8 (McClatchy/Tribune/Alamy) p23 Patrick Eden
  8. Guardian Online Hemis imageBROKER (same story as above) CHROMORANGE/Tscherwitschke (same story)
  9. Juniors Bildarchiv Angela Hampton Picture Library Phil Wills Monradus brianafrica SuperStock imageBROKER
  10. Guardian Online Hemis Kathy DeWitt (same story as above) Pekka Liukkonen (same story as above) Peter Forsberg (same story as above)
  11. Guardian Online Rebecca Vale Darryl Gill Peter Packer (cropped) Rosemary Roberts
  12. Mirco - it's worth coming to the UK for. Thanks to Keith (and Graham who organised it) for giving us an excellent day. Thanks to the other participants too for some interesting debates.
  13. Guardian Online Ian Woodcock (heavy crop) AA World Travel Library (same article) Steven Gillis (same article)
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