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  1. My first sale of the year and in another first for me, zoomed and sold on the same day Worldwide. Corporate client. Presentation or newsletter Excludes advertising. One time use only. Construction & Property Bargain $
  2. A minor thing but when you're keywording, this is a fungus (actually the fruiting body of a fungus). "Fungi" is plural.
  3. Are we allowed to have similar images as a mix of RF and RM now? Alamy used to stipulate that all similar images had to be either all RF or all RM (notwithstanding the presence of non-released "people").
  4. I asked because there's a well documented problem with the appearance of foliage when raw files from (some) Fuji sensors are demosaiced. I've not heard of a similar problem with Nikon cameras (and I never had a problem when I shot with Nikons).
  5. Out of interest, do you use a Fuji camera?
  6. I tend to make the really good look really ordinary so I'm half way there.
  7. BME for my diddy port. 5 for $135 gross. Lowest $10 and highest $54. After a bunch of personal stuff getting in the way over the last year, I need to start uploading again.
  8. Best Alamy month ever for me, and there's still a few weeks left. *shrugs*
  9. Congratulations to @Steve Hyde who won with this great umbrella failure shot. . . . . See? It's always worth shooting the weather. In second place, just one vote behind Steve was @Doc with his wilting candle. Thanks to all for the entries and for voting. Over to you Steve for the November Challenge.
  10. Inspired by this month's challenge, "impotent candle"... . . .
  11. Not an easy shortlist to compile either. Plenty of great shots had to be excluded. @Phil Crean has the right attitude although his claims of winning are a bit grandiose as he very nearly made the shortlist...
  12. Thanks for your entries - if only I could have had a shortlist of 18 rather than 8! Here are my choices, for better or worse. BrasilNut - Affluence fail Simon Evans - Long-distance runner physiology fail Steve Hyde - Green umbrella fail Abiyoyo - Havana car fail Funkyworm - England field hockey defence fail Sally - White van man reading comprehension fail Doc - Red candle fail Keith Douglas - Rowing fail
  13. We are now closed to entries. Thanks to all who've submitted. I'll put a poll up with my shortlist in the next few days.
  14. Last day today, folks. Any more entries to be posted by midnight tonight GMT.
  15. One week left! Thanks to all who've entered so far. I can see I'll have my work cut out whittling down the shortlist.
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