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  1. It's not that I'm objecting to your posts, it's that you seem inordinately wound up by the thread. When I see a thread that pisses me off, I just stop visiting (and re-visiting) it. Life's too short.
  2. You know that you're not forced to keep revisiting this forum thread, right?
  3. The term "Senior Citizen" was common parlance when I was growing up in South Wales 40-odd years ago. I suppose it started falling out of favour at the same time that "Geriatrics" and "Geriatrician" did, terms that could also be seen as slightly derogatory.
  4. This is fair game until we get a clarification from Alamy, Ian. (No reds from me, btw).
  5. Aw come on, this is the internet. A few harmless and often interesting digressions here and there are the norm. Frankly, in an 80 page thread, I’m surprised there haven't been more.
  6. I don't think they're laughing at us. They might have been when they wrote the new contract. But now I think they're spending a significant amount of time wondering how to rephrase the contract without it making them look like they were either being a bit naughty or that their legal team are hopeless at writing contracts. I don't think I've ever dished out a red by the way. Received one or two, mind.
  7. I'd another caveat -- don't license any of the "high quality and strictly managed portfolio of exclusive images" for a couple of dollars.
  8. Alamy are between a rock and a hard place on this matter now -- when they give us the "updated" contract terms, will it be regarded as sneakiness or incompetence? Those are really the only two options.
  9. I had my tongue in my cheek and I agree with your general premise. However, the big proposed change in the new contract is that should Alamy be sued for any reason in a case involving one of our images, we agree to underwrite Alamy's legal costs. And this is on the backdrop of the new contract also seemingly giving Alamy the right to override the restrictions that we place on our images. So I'm looking forward to Alamy's response to our legitimate concerns over these contract terms.
  10. The problem is, they kinda do. They have bought up newspaper collections and other agencies. It might be that they see small fry photographers with small ports as a bit of a nuisance and would rather devote their efforts on the larger (i.e. massive) contributors that they have. And who are already likely on sweetheart deals.
  11. I agree that they will be deleted on the 30th June in actuality, but I was highlighting where the confusion came from. Under normal circumstances, a deletion means they're still available on Alamy for 6 months and you're told this when you delete them (I think). The problems of talking at cross-purposes on an internet forum.
  12. I think they're talking about the situation when you manually delete images - they stay "available" for 6 months after the deletion.
  13. A thought occurred to me -- are those of us who are contemplating leaving Alamy also contemplating leaving their iPhone-based sibling "agency"?
  14. I was including that as a reason for it feeling like constructive dismissal.
  15. Since Alamy are changing the contract and have given 45 days notice, you can inform Alamy at any time in that 45 days that you wish to close your account as you do not accept the new contract terms and they will remove all your images just before the new contract comes into force.
  16. It's looking more and more like constructive dismissal of us small fry.
  17. What we need to help us make the decision are pithy slogans on the side of a bus.
  18. Nearer £6K (just over £1500 per 30 credits). Not cheap but you can do it part time and you can do one 30-credit module per year, if you like. You need 360 credits for a bachelors degree and that will involve some 60-credit modules so in that case, you'll be paying the region of £3000 per year.
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