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  1. Incidentally, one thing that infuriates me about this is that about 4 weeks ago, I decided to go down the DNG route in its entirety so I could store metadata with the raw file and take advantage of file validation should I need it. I converted and then deleted my entire archive of NEFs (and Panny RW2s) thinking that there'd be no further need for them. It was good while it lasted and I liked the way the DNG format simplified things passing files around different software and plugins. I ignored the fact that Aperture couldn't read RW2-DNG conversions and just used my master and derivative TIFFs
  2. Good points, MDM. For me (YMMV), Lightroom 4.4's raw conversion (2012 Process Version) is better than Aperture's raw conversion for my NEFs. On the other hand, the UI and the cataloging and metadata handling (especially keywording) is better in Aperture than Lightroom. Both LR and Ap can pass files to external editors including CS5 (I didn't upgrade to CS6 so old Process Version hence LR4). Both integrate with Nik and onOne plugins although neither is 100% bulletproof in this regard. And for me, if spending a couple or three days (I won't need infinite time) learning to use free but po
  3. Except FOSS (free open-source software). I expect the userbase of the Gimp to skyrocket over the coming months. I've bitten the bullet and downloaded a beta version of the Gimp that handles 16 bit editing after getting interested in it again following this Gimp thread - http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/179-has-anyone-use-gimp/ If there was a FOSS Mac photo catalog program that was a workable solution for me, I'd be using that by now too. I've tried using Macports to get digiKam (a Lightroom, Aperture et al equivalent) but it was a world of pain. By the way, for Windows use
  4. Yeah.... agree with that. Life's to short It's not "to" Duncan, it's "too"! You were so close to being negged, there.
  5. Simon, I used PSE v3 and PSP v7 around the same time as I was using the Gimp. So it was at least 10 years ago and there was a huge difference in capabilities then between PSE, PSP and PS (and the Gimp). As I said, the gap between those "cutdown" versions and full fat PS has now narrowed and if it weren't for the lack of 16 Bit editing, I'd probably be back in the Gimp saddle by now. One of the things that pushed me to switch to full fat PS was that a few years ago, magazine submissions needed files to be submitted as CMYK for publications. PSP, PSE, LR, and Aperture (although I wasn't
  6. Unfortunately, the current 2.8.4 stable release is still limited to 8 bit processing. The unstable release (beta equivalent, I guess) can handle 16 bit editing. I think with Adobe's recent Cloud-based strategy, many are going to be looking at alternatives and this is quite an appealing one. One thing I will say about The Gimp is that it uses the same underlying programming and dependent libraries as other powerful photo and video editing FOSS so its foundations are excellent. For instance, there are some pretty nifty noise reduction algorithms around in the FOSS world. The collaborat
  7. In general, I like it. I was a relatively new, infrequent poster/frequent lurker on the old forum so I didn't really get involved. As a result, I've got no baggage (for want of a better term). I'm on a few other fora that use the same underlying code so I'm familiar with the look and feel of the thing. The like/dislike thing is a bit meh but comes with the above forum-coding territory I guess. Having said that though, I'm a doc in a former life and post on medical fora with the like/dislike facility but it only applies to posts, not to the poster which to me, is a far better way of doi
  8. You could always upload your banknote images, sell them as RF, and then claim that despite a "diligent search", you couldn't find any regulations to the contrary...
  9. "Ag-Gag" and the UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act which got Royal Assent a few days ago are two cheeks of the same corporate fascistic arse.
  10. Someone else has mentioned this - navigating by swiping the screen of a tablet or smartphone results appears to be a culprit. Since these are "involuntary tic(k)s", perhaps we should call the phenomenon, "Alamy Tourettes".
  11. There's one too many periods in that last ellipsis.
  12. Sounds good. Do any Bridge Preferences need to be tweaked for this David? I'm thinking of how Bridge renders embedded previews and whether any specific Prefs need to be set. Also, do you tell Bridge to sharpen the previews (also in Preferences IIRC)? The last time I used Bridge was a couple of years ago (CS5) it was painfully slow rendering NEF previews. I've since updated my Mac though and might give this a go. Thanks for posting.
  13. Hey look, I could give Stu a positive vote after all! PS - I agree with Inchiquin. Some notable shots this month.
  14. By the way, for anyone who's interested, if you don't have a Lensbaby but want "that Lensbaby look", shoot with a standard 50mm and tell Lightroom or ACR that you want to manually control Lens Corrections and then select something like a 10mm wide-angle lens from the drop-down menu. (Assuming you don't have something like Snapseed or onOne PPS7 that does the selective defocus thing. And I'm not sure if this works using other lens correction software).
  15. I know. I was sooooo tempted to Neg his post but my conscience got the better of me and I Pozzed it. Ironic too, that on a photography forum, we're having a bit of a downer on negatives and positives. Perhaps it's because we've all gone digital...
  16. I've had a few accepted. Funnily enough though, I've had a bit of a spring clean of my port this morning and I've culled quite a few Lensbaby shots before I beef my port up in the coming months.
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