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  1. "Ag-Gag" and the UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act which got Royal Assent a few days ago are two cheeks of the same corporate fascistic arse.
  2. Someone else has mentioned this - navigating by swiping the screen of a tablet or smartphone results appears to be a culprit. Since these are "involuntary tic(k)s", perhaps we should call the phenomenon, "Alamy Tourettes".
  3. There's one too many periods in that last ellipsis.
  4. Sounds good. Do any Bridge Preferences need to be tweaked for this David? I'm thinking of how Bridge renders embedded previews and whether any specific Prefs need to be set. Also, do you tell Bridge to sharpen the previews (also in Preferences IIRC)? The last time I used Bridge was a couple of years ago (CS5) it was painfully slow rendering NEF previews. I've since updated my Mac though and might give this a go. Thanks for posting.
  5. Hey look, I could give Stu a positive vote after all! PS - I agree with Inchiquin. Some notable shots this month.
  6. By the way, for anyone who's interested, if you don't have a Lensbaby but want "that Lensbaby look", shoot with a standard 50mm and tell Lightroom or ACR that you want to manually control Lens Corrections and then select something like a 10mm wide-angle lens from the drop-down menu. (Assuming you don't have something like Snapseed or onOne PPS7 that does the selective defocus thing. And I'm not sure if this works using other lens correction software).
  7. I know. I was sooooo tempted to Neg his post but my conscience got the better of me and I Pozzed it. Ironic too, that on a photography forum, we're having a bit of a downer on negatives and positives. Perhaps it's because we've all gone digital...
  8. I've had a few accepted. Funnily enough though, I've had a bit of a spring clean of my port this morning and I've culled quite a few Lensbaby shots before I beef my port up in the coming months.
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