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  1. Nice blog entry Ed. The word "like" is a word I have come to "dislike" because of its over use. Walk around town here and every couple of teenage girls you pass, all you hear is the word "like". Every generation has its "word". Anyone remember the word "gear" from the 60's? Made popular in England by the Beatles I believe. It was like, "Ghia", like. Used in much the same way as "awesome" is now.
  2. As a rider to my last post, I guess it's interesting that we're* being exploited by India for once... *i.e. John is...
  3. I'm afraid you are not going to get that. A cover for a business trade mag in China runs to around $40-50, in Canada about $80 for one in the mining sector.......that's prices within last couple of quarters. India does not pay well for print media, you can get a years subscription for a mag like India Today for about £15 a year 1.5million circulation/weekly. On the other hand, you can get skilled photoshop work done for $5 an hour, that's the market in India. So they should license their cover images from a cheaper source; a source that fits with their budget. If they really, really wanted to use John's image on the cover, they should have coughed up the appropriate amount.
  4. The Road to Nowhere (well, North Lincolnshire, actually) . . . And a slightly different perspective...
  5. Bumpety-bump. The complete list as of May 2014 is now: Autumn A Magical Moment Alone Forgotten Minimalism In the Air Excess Night Heat Taking it Easy Triumphant Harmony Cold Peace Sunset Unusual/Weird/Lucky shots Health Abstract/Minimalism Rules Perspective ...
  6. And the clear winner is... Tom's beautifully composed and understated "Keep off the Long Grass" image. Well done Tom! Over to you to choose this month's challenge.
  7. Another tough one this month. Lots of clever juxtapositions and laugh-out-loud humour. No overweight cats to influence the shortlist this month. Just nice weather, reruns of Columbo and French roast coffee. So cast your votes before June 7th. These are the chosen images: Martin’s Rules . . . Tom’s Long Grass . . . Rob’s Congestion Charge Cameras . . . Lisa’s Beard Covers . . . Ann’s Neighbo(u)rhood Watch . . . Sheila’s Visitor . . . Danny’s Big Red Button . . . Keith’s Naughty Cyclist . . . Bryan’s Water Wisdom . . . Maria’s Espresso & Kittens
  8. Thanks all. I'll get the poll up as soon as I can.
  9. Right folks. Two-and-a-bit days left. So tear yourselves away from the new Alamy Dashboard, console yourself with the fact that, "at least my CTR isn't as bad as Russell's" and get some "Rules" pictures posted. Surprised we've had no slide rules yet... This rule is inviolable - no more entries after midnight on Saturday 31st May British Summer Time. So as usual, you lot further West than than the UK need to bear that in mind.
  10. It's called the "simultaneous contrast illusion". (I studied the physiology of it 30 years ago).
  11. But George's point is that it's Alamy who choose the "appropriate" licence. If that's for an image that is already offered as RF elsewhere but Alamy decide that the appropriate method is RM...
  12. If you're going to apply it to all of your images anyway, set it as a camera default and you don't even have to choose an import preset. It will be done automatically on ingestion. If you want to do it on selected images only though, then Phil's solution is the way to go.
  13. Not exactly. You could add it to your per camera ± ISO default settings though I'm not sure if that's what you want because of the performance hit.
  14. The only reason for specifying "300dpi" in file metadata is so that clients who don't understand file sizes are satisfied that they're getting a "high resolution" file. Specifying "1 dpi" in the box would give you a file exactly the same size as one with "20 gazillion dpi" in the box. DPI is only important when it comes to printed output. Technically, you should vary the dpi depending on print size and viewing distance and you should do this at the time of printing (so once again, what's in the box is academic because you may well be changing it at print time). And reducing the dpi at the printing stage is why you can get large prints with more than acceptable quality from 6MP images
  15. I can see I'm going to have my work cut out already. But keep it coming!
  16. Like Steve above, I have a portable combined card reader and HDD. If backup is all you want, it's fine although I have found mine a bit flaky. It's a NextoDi - the 1TB version of this. The 1TB version is currently unavailable on Amazon perhaps because others have found it flaky too. But even if it worked as it was supposed to, if I had to buy something today, I'd go the laptop route USB/FW external drive and separate card reader.
  17. I don't mean, "these are the rules". I mean that the subject for this month's challenge is "Rules". You can interpret that as broadly as you like. The April comp was another high quality one and I'm surprised I got a look in, let alone win. Sheila must have had a tough time whittling that lot down. The "Broom" shot was taken when I had some downtime doing up my house last year and run through CEP4 to extract some detail in the plasterboard. Now, if only the bugger would sell. Usual rules (hoho!) - maximum 3 entries per photographer with the competition open until midnight on the 31st May. The game is afoot...
  18. Good grief. Thanks for the votes. I shall have a brief think.
  19. FWIW, I've had a few X100S files accepted on Alamy that started out life as JPEGs. They also show a mild case of what I would class as the foliage "watercolour effect" but since the foliage is in the background and OOF anyway, I decided that it was worth the risk. QC agreed, obviously. I would echo Duncan's advice regarding experimenting with in-camera settings and to shoot raw + JPEG. I currently do both and coincidentally also set NR at -2 and Sharpening at -1. I'm finding that JPEGs produced with these settings still require a fair whack of sharpening in post but foliage doesn't suffer as much, though it still does a little in LR/ACR and less so in Aperture. I'm running a trial of Iridient Developer at the moment and so far I'm impressed with its output, both for NEFs and RAFs. I'll almost certainly buy a licence (~50 GBP or so, currently) after I've tested it some more. Alternatively, I'm trialling Capture One Pro which also plays nicely with RAF raws but I don't need yet another DAM app.
  20. Blimey, I wasn't expecting to make this shortlist. Thanks. I love cats but unfortunately, I have a cat dander allergy. "But I'm willing to take one for the team", he wheezed.
  21. Back on topic, Sony cameras are great; it's just a pity that it's Sony that makes them.
  22. Depends where you are in Cleveland but is York within your 50 mile radius?
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