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  1. This one's just appeared in a different article on Guardian Online. Phil Degginger Terry Harris (cropped to landscape)
  2. Guardian Online Dinodia Photos Shaun Higson b&w (same article as above) Dave Pattison (also same article)
  3. Guardian Online Artur Marciniec Joe Belanger (cropped from portrait to landscape format)
  4. Guardian Online Hire Image Picture Library Ashley Cooper Pics Premraj KP M4OS Photos
  5. Guardian Online National Geographic Image Collection Moodboard (heavily cropped to landscape format) Stefano Cavoretto Science Photo Library
  6. Guardian Online All from this article. D0NDA1 :: Zoonar GmbH BP43WT :: dbimages B7M1XP :: Victor Paul Borg
  7. Guardian Online BF93KK :: AMD Images A7F8FA :: Justin Kase (same article as above) B0AAYY :: PhotoAlto (cropped from portrait to landscape format)
  8. Guardian Online DFER92 :: age fotostock DDNHFC :: Kristian Buus A07P51 :: john angerson AYD7H5 :: Albaimages
  9. Guardian Online 4th April AHJE30 :: Martyn Vickery BBEERJ :: Eye Ubiquitous
  10. Guardian Online 3rd April ANXDRE :: mediacolor's CFM16M :: Tetra Images CT166N :: Cultura Creative (RF)
  11. Guardian Online 3rd April All from this article. EABJ72 :: Sean Elliott (cropped) CMWHPH :: Jon Sparks C7PK6H :: darryl gill BT84F6 :: Brian Hartshorn B5650F :: Phil Wills EFJKR2 :: Robert Morris DH4K9W :: Julian Eales
  12. Guardian Online 3rd April D17W25 :: Tracey Whitefoot BRWA8W :: imageBROKER BJFHH4 :: ableimages AW480K :: Richard Peters
  13. Guardian Online 3rd April BJ6KEF :: Adrian Lyon ABER7K :: PhotoAlto sas (actually late yesterday) AA0FA8 :: thislife pictures DEF5WA :: Danita Delimont
  14. British Medical Journal 4th April 350:8002:9 AC3JW0 :: Patrick Eden (heavily cropped)
  15. Guardian Online 2nd April CE5PNT :: Friedrich Stark There's also a photo credited to Alamy that I can't find. Article linky.
  16. Guardian Online 2nd April AN0T77 :: David Noton A98D05 :: David Noton (same article)
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