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  1. If you're not happy with the LR4.4 conversions, the latest version of ACR in CS6 may do a better job for you.
  2. I was forced to retire just before my 50th birthday this year when a large and inconveniently located benign brain tumour curtailed my medical practice. My pension is tiny since I entered medical school late after doing a few other things first (including visual perception, optics and image processing, hence my interests now) and so my length of NHS service was short. So I'm slowly building up my photography portfolio for stock and when I've got my head around being retired at 50 I might start doing other photographic things (like commissions) as well. One thing I would say is that life is short, you never know what's around the corner, and you must absolutely do what you enjoy doing.
  3. You're welcome Sung - let us know which you go for in the end.
  4. A few other points while I think about it. I don't use it too often but some prefer the optical VF over the electronic VF in the X100 series and X-Pro1. 90% of the time, I use the EVF anyway so the lack of an optical VF on the X-E2 won't bother me. The second point, and a killer point for me, is that because it has a leaf rather than focal plane shutter, I can get insane sync speeds on the X100S. So e.g., 1/1000s at F/2 ISO 200 plus ND filter engaged kills a bright midday sky but lets me light a subject, even with the tiny built-in flash. The X-E1/2 cameras don't have leaf shutters.
  5. The X-E1 is at bargain basement prices at the moment. In fact, I've seen an X-E1/18-55mm lens kit for only £80 more than the lens alone. The X-E1 is said to have slow AF and a laggy EVF, both of which have been improved in the X-E2 (and X-T1). Others disagree say that the EVF and AF are OK with the latest firmware. I already use an X100S along with my Nikon DSLR gear and am in the process of rationalising my Nikon kit (i.e selling some of it off) and buying into the Fuji X system (X-E2 more than likely to start with) because I love using the X100S so much. The images it produces are great too. I'm tempted by the X100T but will probably hold off for now. My rationale for going for the X-E2 over the X-T1 is that I suspect that there'll be an upgrade to the XT-1 and X-Pro1 within the next year and with what I want to shoot, the X-E2 will be enough. I'll more than likely get the X-E1 too since they're virtually giving it away with a decent kit lens. As for your decision, if you can, check out what focal length (converted to full frame equivalent focal length (EFL)) you mostly shoot your current Sony at. If you shoot mostly at ~35mm EFL, get the X100/S/T. If you shoot at a variety of focal lengths with no particular preference, get the X-E1/2 with lenses that cover the focal lengths you shoot at with your Sony. This is easily done in something like Lightroom.
  6. Or got a load of images inappropriately keyworded and meant to type "FFS".
  7. No it's just after the raw image (your first saved edit as TIFF, PSD, JPEG, whatever). Colour spaces do not apply to raw files.
  8. Well done on a great image Graham. Admit it though, you chose the subject because of the "greenies vs reddies" farrago, didn't you?
  9. Be careful converting M43 raw files to DNG, Peter. M43 raws include data that isn't included in other raw formats (such as lens correction data) and the DNG demosaicing is different. Whilst the DNGs are readable by Adobe software, should you need to shift to a different suite of apps, your M43 DNGs may not be readable. There are ways around this but it's something to be aware of.
  10. After having no luck earlier this afternoon, it's just worked for me (6.05pm GMT).
  11. The image OOC at high res JPEG setting comes in at 60mp. Once i've processed it, since the failure i've reduced the file size down to 20mp for submission to Alamy so that images get through and I can start to build up my pass rate again. Hope i've made myself clear Only my second failure in nearly 200 submissions and luckily i haven't had to stay in the sin bin. John. Megapixels or megabytes?
  12. Not sure if this is a "Search" function rather than a "Manage Images" function but proper implementation of keyphrases. Batch appending of keywords & keyphrases Keyword and keyphrase limit rather than character limit. (Plus what others have posted).
  13. Indeed. An observation though, if I may. If we're going to use greenies for shortlisting, we may as well use greenies as the voting mechanism. For me, it should be either-or. Either the judge shortlists and we have a vote via the poll OR the images are posted and participants vote with greenies. And if we're voting with greenies, no votes should be cast until all entries are in. Please don't take this as me criticising Ed as I'm all for new approaches and ideas. As I said, I am making an observation. At the end of the day, nobody's died and it's just a bunch of snappers having a bit of fun.
  14. Thanks Peter, I've now had a chance to look. I've nothing to add to the above other than to echo that the decision was harsh but fair. As far as depth of focus calculations are concerned, they're based on "acceptable" degrees of blur - the laws of physics dictate that only one infinitesimally thin plane is truly in focus and technically, even a mm behind or in front of that plane is out of focus. It just becomes a matter of whether it's perceptible or not. In this case, it obviously was. Having said that, I'm surprised that you're getting a DoF of 72mm with a macro lens shooting at f/9 at a distance of 20cm. That would imply a very short focal length (wide angle even). ETA - I've just checked your sums. You're out by a factor of 10. (M43 sensor, 35mm lens; EXIF from G+) The Dof is 7.2mm not 72mm. This equates to about 4mm behind and 3mm in front of the plane of focus. In other words, that posterior DoF is less than the distance from the face of the pound coin to the note.
  15. As an appendix to the above, there are a few DAM gurus (like John Beardsworth) who deprecate the use of keywords for sorting in this way.
  16. As Paulette says, different people have different needs. I actually have an aversion to colour labels so using virtual copies for sorting based on colour labels isn't part of my workflow. Like you (apparently), I prefer the power of non-exporting keywords for any workflow sorting into Smart Collections. However, I know may way around quite a few photographic apps well enough to think outside the box when others have different needs. And Foreign Export asked specifically about colour labels so that's what I answered, although I mentioned keywords too. But otherwise, I agree with you - non-exporting keywords FTW (in Lightroom).
  17. For future reference, if you want to apply different metadata sets to the "same image", just create however many virtual copies you need and you can apply different colour labels, stars, flags, keywords, whatever to each virtual copy.
  18. No, I'd just take the photo. It is easier to seek forgiveness than permission.
  19. Was she the same one who ate Vegemite and peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon?
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