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  1. 'Searching for a high quality compact, light SLR or mirror-less camera, preferable full frame. My Canon 5D's are getting to heavy for international Travel. I am 78 and need less weight to carry. Any suggestions?' or tags 'personal messages'.
  2. I have been with Alamy since 2006, my sales are fine. Some members tell me that shooting RAW is no longer in style. They shoot Large JPEG's. Can anyone offer some help on this topic.?
  3. Yes I agree, thank you for your fine input. I will hang on and be happy
  4. I am getting to point in life that I am considering stepping back What can I do with my Alamy collection of some 12000 images My sales are good each month. Can it be sold Anyone has any suggestions
  5. Hello and Happy New Year from cold and snowy Canada. I am looking for a keyword software in order to be more effective in marketing my images. Any suggestion what I should consider? Thanks Bert
  6. I did not get much help, but thank you anyway. I uninstalled my Lightroom 5 and reinstalled my Lightroom 2 and everything is working perfect. I wonder out loud weather Adobe produces the software so you are forced to upgrade?
  7. I am working with a Canon full frame 5D Mark-II and a EF24-105mm "L" lens and have the same problem. Not sure why, but I can correct it partly with Photoshop CS-5, it's an ongoing battle.
  8. When ever I transfer images with changes from Lightroom 5 to Photoshop CS-5 it will not transfer the changes I made in Lightroom What am I missing? Can anyone help? bhof39@rogers.com
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