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  1. Quiet month so far but just had a $156 sale today so perhaps this thread has kickstarted buyers into action ....
  2. Allan, yes I agree there is no problem with there being a logo in the picture, but these are images of the logo alone which I thought was not allowed ... surely this is blatant trademark infringement? See the Contributor Guidelines : http://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/prepare-images.asp Marc
  3. The seller who has the very first image on page 1 appears to have loads of images of corporate logos (see ED40R1 for example). I thought this wasn't allowed? Marc
  4. I just finished reading this book as it happens. You would not believe what bye laws still exist today, how weird some of them are, and how most of us are blissfully unaware of them. It's a really good book, very enjoyable. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1364344.The_Strange_Laws_of_Old_England Marc
  5. Yes, I agree, there are some legitimate concerns there that need to be addressed by Alamy. I was especially shocked to see the web chat quotes, if they are true then that is simply outrageous in my view. Marc
  6. My portfolio on Alamy is made up almost entirely of cutouts, I would estimate about 2500 are cutouts and have keywords to that effect. Switching the filter on produces 1834 cutouts so about 700 are not recognised. I've not looked into it any further as yet but thank you for highlighting the problem. Interestingly, images isolated on black are not recognised as cutouts, which is understandable but a shame I think. Marc
  7. Certainly, it is fun trying old lenses on new digital bodies, and you learn quite a lot from it. Don't expect to be bowled over though ... most old lenses (there are some exceptions I'm sure) don't come near the quality of the best lenses of today. For example, mounting my old Hasselblad Zeiss T* lenses on my Canon EOS body left me severely disappointed. If you compare the results with images taken of the same subject with my Canon 100mm f/2.8 L IS macro lens, you feel like throwing the old Zeiss lenses in the bin.
  8. Just been paid by DACS for the first time (I applied direct to them, not via Alamy), £185 payment, nice surprise! The process was easy, they were very helpful to a first-time applicant. Marc
  9. Alamy have just released their accounts for the year ending 31 December 2013. It shows some interesting results, including the effect of reducing contributor commissions, headcount increase and dividends paid. The full accounts can be downloaded from Companies House for £4.99 I think but you can get the summary free from DueDil. Interestingly, Debtor Days have reduced which must be good news for all of us. The Directors are rewarding themselves well, nothing wrong with that, it is their company and they deserve payback for their hard work just like we do. Turnover is down but profits are u
  10. Glad to say I remain in the Top 500, must be doing something right ...
  11. This is where good glass really earns its money. I recently bought the Canon 100mm 2.8L IS Macro lens, having used mostly kit lenses before or 18-200mm zoom. This prime lens has made all the difference. I used to spend HOURS getting rid of CA, now it is no longer a problem for me. I will using primes only from now on.
  12. 7 sales so far this month, I'm not complaining. After a record July and August I was not expecting September to carry on the same way anyway ... chins up everyone and good luck to all.
  13. Just filed my DACS claim, very easy to be honest, if I can do it I'm sure you can do it too! Just download the Alamy .csv file as suggested in this thread and follow the advice other people have given. I emailed the modified spreadsheet to DACS and had a nice and helpful reply from them within 24 hours.
  14. Cinque Terre (Italy) on foot, I have never managed to equal the experience. http://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?qt=cinque%20terre Marc
  15. I use it in most of my images as part of "cutout isolated against on white background" Marc
  16. 16 sales for $1547, excellent month, very happy. Best month for a long time. Thank you Alamy. Marc
  17. You just can't predict it, May was poor for me but June has brought 5 sales already. Up and down, name of the game I'm afraid. Marc
  18. When I do an advanced search on Alamy for my contributor name, all my images come up as you would expect and only two images have been 'labelled' Creative. This hasn't changed since Creative was introduced. When I clicked on the Cut Outs category at the bottom of the Alamy homepage today (most of my images are cutouts), and then added 'pram' to the words 'cut' and 'out' already in the search box, several of my images are shown under the Creative tab that don't appear under Creative in my contributor name search. The same test with several other words gives the same result. If I search
  19. Brilliant new summary, well done Alamy! A few glitches, and a few improvements to be made, but overall a fantastic job.
  20. One sold on eBay for the Durst M601/M605 on April 7th for just over £40, see here : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Durst-Siriocam-UB-19000-Kamera-Adapter-fur-Durst-Vergroserer-M-601-und-M-605-/360898984295?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_77&hash=item5407417967&nma=true&si=qW0VGNUjHGesoVMHFdLXDm%252BoztQ%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 If you set it up on eBay as a saved search with email notification, I'm sure one will turn up after a while. Marc
  21. Yep, I've had a few old sales reported recently, it looks like Alamy are systematically auditing customers (at long last!) and finding quite a few instances where "self-reporting" has not worked ...... Marc
  22. That's interesting, first time I've seen an alamy picture on the BBC site Does seem to be new, but there's at least one more usage that's been reported on this thread. Alamy appear to have been added to the Beeb's list of agencies. Good news ! Only just spotted this, first time I've seen one of my sales reported in the sales thread I think. Thank you. I have sold quite a few images to Channel 4 and wasn't aware the BBC is new to Alamy. This sale hasn't been reported yet, though the image was zoomed earlier this year. Will be interesting to see what the sale price is ... Channel
  23. I think you'll find many (if not most) contributors do all their keywords, captions and descriptions prior to QC upload. At least that's what I do. Marc
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