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  1. Still on the old system, very frustrating ..... hurry up !!
  2. It is very easy to claim from DACS yourself, many forum members do it every year. Simply download all the sales data using the "Build a Downloadable Sales Report" button on your Alamy dashboard. You don't need ISBN numbers but obviously you need to delete from the spreadsheet any sales that are not eligible for the claim. Then use the results in the adjusted spreadsheet to put your claim together. Send a copy of the spreadsheet as backup to DACS by email. That's it. Claims for TV usage are more tricky as Alamy don't provide enough information in the spreadsheet. For that reason, I let Alam
  3. Hi Wim, I downloaded the data from Alamy using the "Build a downloadable sales report" facility on the contributor page. For those who have never used this or are new, this facility is also useful for compiling your DACS claim and for getting the quickest notification about sales. Sales show up almost immediately in this download, long before they appear in the "Recent Sales" section on the contributor page. You don't have to download all the fields, you can select the fields you are interested in. In any event, it only takes seconds to download. Once the data is downloaded as a .csv f
  4. Yes, 173 sales from 3383 images. I wish I had more free time to upload more of them. I have a large back catalogue of images (more than 20k) but they all need quite a lot of work and then keywording of course. I have only managed to upload about 600 this year. Must try harder next year .... Marc
  5. We have nearly completed another year of Alamy sales and it is time to reflect, review and learn lessons. This chart I am very happy with : This chart I am not so happy with : Sales increasing nicely year on year, efforts being rewarded, careful keywording resulting in customers finding my images. But all that work, all the hours invested, to end up with a declining revenue stream feels like pedaling backwards on my bike or kayaking up a waterfall. Too many photographers I guess, too many images for customers to choose from, too easy to just use Google Images and grab any ima
  6. Sorry to hear of your troubles ... As I always tell people, you don't know how good (or how bad) an insurance company is until you make a claim. Quotes mean nothing, don't assume a higher quote will mean better results in the event of a claim. Always read the small print and assume the insurance company will follow it to the letter. As you can tell, I don't like insurance companies. Marc
  7. The one lesson I have learnt is that you CANNOT predict what is going to sell so diversity of subject is very important. I can't remember how many times a sale has come through, and I distinctly remember originally hesitating to upload the image, thinking "who is going to buy that?". Most people would probably look at my portfolio and think of most of the images "that's never going to sell". But my average sales rate is about 15-18 per month with just over 3000 images uploaded. Stock photography, it would appear, is not about beautiful images. In fact, I don't even bother uploading my "be
  8. Two sales of $225 each today from North America. They don't come along every month but they do make up for the sub-$10 sales you get every now and then ! Thank you Alamy. Marc
  9. Thank you for the comments. I have downloaded the Adobe Lens Profile Creator and Downloader software and will have a go at putting a lens profile together for the X-T1 & 35mm f/1.4 combination. Someone else made one for this lens but with the X-E1 body, I tried it but it is obviously not right for use with X-T1 images. Thank you Marc
  10. "Suzanne" is my favourite, I still listen to it regularly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX0CfFdk-jw&list=RDZX0CfFdk-jw Marc
  11. Hi Betty, Yes of course you can correct barrel distortion manually in Photoshop cc or LR but that takes time. When you are processing large quantities of images every day that becomes an issue. It would appear from more research that Fuji have not bothered with distortion correction in the lens profile for the 35mm f/1.4 lens because they consider it insignificant. Apparently, on the new 35mm f/2 lens you get up to 3.5% barrel distortion when you switch the automatic lens correction off in Capture One, that's serious distortion! With my 35mm f/1.4 lens I'm sometimes having to adjust u
  12. Can anyone think of a reason why Adobe ACR (latest cc version) is only correcting for chromatic aberration when opening RAF (RAW) files from Fuji X-T1 with 35mm f/1.4 lens and not applying a correction for distortion or vignetting? There is no separate lens profile available as I understand it, Adobe simply apply what Fuji supply in the RAF file. An information box bottom right corner in ACR confirms it "The RAW file contains a built-in lens profile for correcting chromatic aberration. The profile has already been applied automatically to this image." I have seen other people comment
  13. I too learned all my basic photographic skills on a Pentax. Like most students back then (and even now) I had the Pentax K1000, it is the only 35mm body I have never been able to part with and it still works as well as it first did in the 1970s. But, having tried all recent Pentax digital bodies as they emerged at photography shows, I would not go for one of them now. They just don't feel right, and a camera that doesn't FEEL right is just not going to get used and certainly not ENJOYED. No matter what the features, make sure you try before you buy. I switched to Fuji X-T1 about 18 mo
  14. Betty, You need Adobe ACR 9.6.1 (Adobe Camera Raw). It downloads as a separate application, not with Adobe CC or Lightroom. You should be able to download ti from the Adobe CC Console. Marc
  15. Mine was of a vintage US Navy medal ... it would be nice to find out which hotel it was. Marc
  16. Just found out what my $650 sale from yesterday was for : "image to be used as permanent wall décor within a hotel located in Washington DC, only one print will be produced from this image" Wouldn't it be nice if we all had a few of these every month ... Marc
  17. Must be a special day today ... just broken my Alamy record with a $650 sale today. After all the moaning about PU sales by some people (justified by the way) this just shows that Alamy is still the place to be for decent sales. Very happy, thank you Alamy! Marc
  18. Be careful, I downloaded the Nik suite (Windows 7 Professional) and it promptly stopped my Adobe Creative Cloud desktop and Photoshop CC from launching ! Had to uninstall and re-install Adobe CC Desktop and Photoshop to get back to normal. Now all OK, and Nik plugins working too. Marc
  19. 23 sales for $1220, one of the best months of the year. Thank you Alamy.
  20. I do my own DACS claim but have agreed for Alamy to claim the TV licenses for me. Alamy tells me I have 11 TV broadcasts to claim for. I can only find 6 in my sales reports and the channel mentioned (More4) does not appear on the DACS claim form so I didn't include them in my own claim. I wasn't aware TV license payback was more valuable than books/magazines so this could be good news ... Better to get 50% of 11 x payback for TV licenses than 100% of nothing I say. For those not claiming DACS themselves, it really is much easier than you think. Go for it ! The people at DACS are very
  21. I have only just noticed that Alamy have introduced a new watermark on all images. There used to be a cross before, now every image has "Alamy stock photo" on it. Great news I think. Anybody else noticed it, and does anyone know when it was introduced? Marc
  22. Interesting discussion, I too have been pondering whether I should allocate more of my images RF status, rather than RM. I often have the choice but have given the bulk of them RM status up to now.
  23. Moved up to position 91 on page 1. Very happy with that, but will it bring more sales? We shall see ... Marc
  24. 10 best sales of the previous month with some background information / history how they came about perhaps?
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