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  1. found in Hayes garden centre shop calender by carouselcalenders lake district images 2017 mine has not been recorded as a sale yet jan--robert harding feb--incamerastock mar--james osmond apr--david lyons may--david lyons june--[mine] gary telford july--robert wyatt aug--john morrison sept--adam burton oct--iconic cornwall nov--adam burton dec--james osmond
  2. Many thanks lisa for finding Blackpool beach very much appreciated Gary
  3. I have two images in Landscape photographer of the year awards book and appearing in their galleries these are 1 DJ119J and in this years awards just announced F4J8GT
  4. I do not really specialise in anything particular so i don't see why my images would bounce about like yoyo from one month to another.
  5. Rubbish no sales and with the re-rank dropped from page 15 to page 55 on the search term for where most of my images are based so very disappointing
  6. Very slow for me. June was quite good but after i have a pretty good month the next is normally a poor. mind you i'm still waiting for payment from a newspaper back in December 2014 so fingers crossed that will come through
  7. Some here frombthe guardian online http://www.theguardian.com/enterprise-open-road/gallery/2014/sep/26/uk-road-trips-top-10-scenic-drives-in-pictures?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral
  8. port size? not sure what that is but I like to offer different viewpoints of a subject perhaps I should tone this down to just 3 or so on that example for instance I,m very much still learning on this keywording stuff
  9. thanks for comments I do often multi keyword a batch something I will have to change not realized how bad it can be
  10. Not had a zoom for well over 2 months ?? could be 4 months will have to check, does seem a little strange, 3 sales this year (well two of those were last year just recorded for this year) wish I could get more zooms
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