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  1. I believe Win 7 would have been patched as part of the standard update process. Only XP & Win Server 2003 needed the emergency update & if you're still running those you deserve all you get... HM Gov take note :-)
  2. Me too... :-( Never expected to make much at this game but not a single sale in 2017 so far! Didn't do too badly last year. Martyn
  3. Having problems with the date taken field in the new IM. With the old system I normally only entered the year for date taken. These still show up correctly in search results for "legacy images" & as January 1st in the IM. However, I can see no way to just enter the year for new submissions, also seems impossible to remove a date once entered. I would have thought this should be any easy problem to fix... In the meantime, any ideas on a workaround?
  4. Pretty close, 0.43 - well below the reported average for last month (0.55).
  5. Malware & Open Source Programs If you download from a reputable source (https://filezilla-project.org/ for example, or Sourceforge) then Filezilla is no more prone to malware problems than any other software (including a lot of the stuff you have to pay for). True of many other open source applications.
  6. Medieval Street - Mdina, Malta City of London - The Leadenhall Building Venice - Communist Party HQ
  7. Sorry for asking such a basic question, but... What is the best way to insert an image & link? Not done this before on this forum. Thanks - Martyn
  8. My dashboard page hasn't updated since the 25th (on the new IM).
  9. No problem with QC times But, the delay between key wording & the image going on sale seems to be longer than usual. Did some yesterday evening & still marked as "ready" approx. 24 hours later. Maybe it's just me? Martyn
  10. I use one of these - Toshiba 1TB Canvio Aerocast USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive. Plugs into the laptop like any portable drive but also has a SD slot which can automatically backup files. Runs on an internal battery when not plugged in & you can connect a phone/tablet via wireless to manage files. Can be had for a very good price & no problems so far...
  11. One of my pics was in the set (Millau Bridge) - will let you know what shows up in sales...
  12. The Observer review section - September 29th (& Guardian web site). CB9K1J - Archaeo Images - The Millau Bridge One of mine, pleasant surprise to see it on the Guardian web site. Not shown up in sales yet, anyone know how long that usually takes? Several other Alamy pics in the article on Bridges.
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