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  1. Hi Semmick Your plight is one that is felt by most of us from time to time. One of the problems with access to your sales and statistics on a daily basis is that you tend to look every day, other day, or week and this can be both encouraging and discouraging in equal measure. Years ago you sent you tranys off to the library they would sell them over a year at the end of the year you got a cheque if they all sold on the same day or one a week all year round it didn't matter as you didn't know you'd keep shooting in optimism submitting when you had enough to send in a batch and thats how it worked. This year I had 3 months without a sale prior to that one or two a month then 2 months selling 4 a month. This month quiet again so far but I'm uploading about 800 more shots in the hope as others have said more variety and volume will make the difference. Time will tell. One other thing I add is that the more you submit the more you realise that the shots you think will sell often don't and the things you think why am I bothering with this end up selling you just can't second guess what some one somewhere wants. Stick with it Dave
  2. I'm in the same boat John 14 images uploaded on the 26th of september and still waiting unfortunately they are holding up about 450 later submissions. All a bit dull. Dave
  3. I have just been chasing up a shot that the Daily Mail published in July and hasn't been reported in my sales yet. MS said some of the papers only report the shots they have used every 3 months so you may have a little wait. Dave
  4. Hi all Do sale's get reported in real time or when the your image's data is refreshed ? Thanks Dave
  5. Hi Olli I've never googled my name and Alamy. I just did and low and behold there's one on the daily mails website that hasn't been reported from july!!. I shall be emailing MS. Thanks Dave
  6. This may have been covered before but what do you regard as good jobbing ctr mine varies from 0.something or other to at the moment 7.01 I'm sure the 0.something isn't great but what do other folk think is the good norm ? Cheers Dave
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