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  1. Ok, so what are iQ sales? Had one pop up last month for $81 - my first this year but I don't have many images on-line.
  2. Windows 7 will be supported until Jan 2020 under the Extended Support scheme (that has just ended for Windows XP), so plenty of time yet to get value for money from a new PC running 7. http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle/search/default.aspx?alpha=windows+7
  3. You also have to bear in mind the support from anti-virus vendors for Windows XP if you decide to stick to it, as well as the issues already outlined above. McAfee make it clear that they will only support it in their products whilst it reasonably practical to do so. There are some good cheap Windows 7 systems on eBay using refurbished systems from around £100-£150 (eg http://r.ebay.com/4KvY7h). Upgrading to Windows 7 is a no brainer, its not too big a jump from XP either. Windows 8.1 has brought some of the features back but alas not the Start button as we knew it. McAfee will continue
  4. Thanks for the comments, the reach will be important, so the 100-400 it will be.
  5. I am jetting off to the Falkland Islands soon and plan to make the most of the opportunities to shoot the local wildlife. This includes penguins, sea lions, elephant seals, birds of prey etc. I need to travel as light as possible but don't want to compromise on quality. I will be taking my 7D, 50mm and 17-40mm lenses as well as a tripod. I am looking at either the Canon 70-300mm L or the 100-400mm L. Both have their pros and cons so would like to hear from people who have experience of both these lenses.
  6. It would be nice if it gave us a show, just imagine the excitement if it shows up on Christmas Day #justsayin
  7. Thanks for all the helpful replies. I think I'll submit normalised versions first then submit a smaller set with the heavier processing afterwards Email MS? Who is MS and what is there email address?
  8. Hi, I'm preparing a submission and wonder if the original post-processing I've applied would be suitable for Alamy. There is a few images out there but I feel its not the norm, is it worth submitting heavily processed images or is a more simple cleaner finish preferred by buyers?
  9. Lynn, some applications just aren't designed for or lend themselves to the touch interface, Excel being a good example. To benefit from touch you need to be using applications designed for touch, otherwise frustration and disappointment will ensue. As an IT system manager, I know that upgrading our network to Windows 8 will require a lot of re-education, we might not roll out touch screens just because the applications we use were never designed that way. Security is important to us all, the more malware we're saved from by a combination of built in Windows security and additional appli
  10. Should be able to John, seeing plenty of systems advertised with Windows 7.
  11. The only issue I had with the 8.1 upgrade was my laptop booted to a black screen from hibernation. Only happened twice, it stopped after I posted on the Microsoft TechNet forums for assistance. Hmm. As for upgrading to Windows 8, the only way to do it is by upgrading from Windows 7. Windows 8.1 is a free download for Windows 8 users or you can buy Windows 8.1 If you want to maintain your current programs, I'd recommend the upgrade via Windows 8 as this retains your programs, settings and data. Upgrading to Win 7 to 8.1 directly means you have to reinstall your applications and your set
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