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  1. Wildlife Photography was always my favorite type of Photography I am on NPL and on Getty as well amongst many others, I now only do Wildlife Photography 20% of the time down from 80% of the time. The reason being most sales are Editorial and prices are heading south down and down, so I now concentrate on other things, instead of trying to get thousands of pictures I concentrate on a subject that might be used for advertising. That is one area especially on Getty where you can still get big money for pictures, earning 10 dollars a sale on Editorial is not worth the time or effort.
  2. I was only using farmers as a example to explain getting 10 pounds for a RM travel image is not enough to cover costs of production, nor is 25 cents from microstock. To cover costs you would need 50 dollars for a eighth page at least.
  3. When I was up in the Western Isles in 2006 I was speaking to one of the Top wildlife Photographers in the UK his income then was around 30,000 pounds a year. He is on every single Wildlife Agency there is, and so I have heard his income has dropped dramatically, I spoke to an owner of one of the biggest Wildlife Agencies in the UK she said the Agency was badly affected by Microstock. Some Wildlife Photographers just did Stock before 2008 now most do guided tours just to survive, I know a few and the few I know are all badly affected by Microstock.
  4. I disagree it costs just as much if not more to keep up with Cameras, Computers, Software, if you started in 2002 and used Pro Cameras you would have had to upgraded two or three times. The same with computers and Software, it depends what of Photography you do, as for the real good pictures doing well would depend on if it was available as a 25 cent download.
  5. A while ago there was talk about the Farmers going out of business due to the major Supermarkets not paying them enough money, if the Farmers were in a similar state to Stock Photographers. Millions of people would have a Cow or a Goat at home and be selling milk to the Supermarkets at a penny a gallon, no Farmer would be in business. The main problem most people who run picture Agencies are only there to make money, and have no involvement in production costs if they did they would not be selling them at such ridiculous low prices. As an example to how crazy things are it costs be
  6. The best subjects on Alamy that work for Stock are those subjects not available on Microstock at 25 cents a download, or subjects others can not easily copy. As for Wildlife images, that sort of Photography has been destroyed by microstock, most Wildlife Photographers now survive by running Workshops or Photography trips, or live of their name and get sponsored by Nikon or Canon.
  7. I am not new to Stock, but have been reading the Alamy forums for years so i know how Alamy works, if I want to know the current state of the Stock Industry I just read comments like from the person who started this thread. And then I just get depressed and know that the Stock Industry is in a race to the bottom, when I want to buy a set of Tyres for my Car I ring around different companies. And if I find one doing a cheap deal 50 miles from Home I quote that price to my local Tyre company and get a cheap deal, customers to the Stock Agencies do the same thing. They just say I can
  8. Lack of sales on Alamy is because of a number of reasons poor Alamy rank, picture subjects the size of the collection but the biggest reason by miles is Microstock. I just do not understand people on here mention lots of reasons for lack of sales but never mention the main reason, Shutterstock is now worth a Billion pounds. Where do you think Shutterstock made a Billion pounds from destroying RM sales selling pictures at 25 cents a go, so the strange irony is the Person who started this thread complains about lack of sales. But supplies the very Agency that is the main cause of hi
  9. Something I forgot to say, from what I have heard Editorial on Microstock does not sell very well at all, most customers on Microstock just want a picture they can use forever in anyway they want. So any pictures of Property or People without releases, should sell as RM for years to come.
  10. Nearly all the pictures that used to sell well in the days before Microstock, are now selling at 25 cents a go on Shutterstock or other Microstock Agencies. Microstock works by the download so popular subjects that used to get lots of sales on RM are now getting lots of downloads on Microstock. So these subjects now get hardly any sales on Alamy as RM, why would they when they can be brought for 25 cents to use for ever in any way they want. So what is left on Alamy that sells for most people are subjects that Microstock Photographers think would not get lots of downloads, that covers t
  11. I am new to Alamy but do have some knowledge of the Stock industry, pictures of Trees in the Mist or Landscapes with mist still sell very well but now on Microstock. One picture on ISTOCK of the sun shining through the Trees made the Photographer 150,000 dollars 7,500 downloads, the same pictures are still sold on Getty RM and can make big money on advertising sales. Alamy from what I have seen makes most of its sales from Tramps on park benches cut outs on white backgrounds pictures of Road signs,drains, fag ends, Seeds, Kippers, I was just enquiring how much money I could earn. That was e
  12. HI How many pictures do you need to upload to start earning money? just joined
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