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  1. hello

    Where to start?? Get into the habit of looking at photos in the newspapers, magazines books etc, ask yourself why that particular photo was used? Did it tell a story etc. Take a close look at the photos in the images found sections of this forum. Read books/magazines/Internet articles on the techniques of photography and on composition. Practice the techniques that you read about. I used to spend quite a bit of time looking at Flickr and still occasionally upload,. While there is a whole load of dross floating about on Flickr there are also some excellent photos. Immerse yourself in the subject. Again ask yourself why you like a particular photo, what are the elements that make it successful? To succeed here you can follow a news route - probably only viable for a full time shooter, upload photos related to a niche subject related to a hobby or interest, or upload general interest photos. If the latter you will need a few thousand photos before you start to make a regular income. Some very talented folk make good money from a relatively small collection (2-3 thousand), honed to perfection over the years by gradually adding improved shots and deleting less successful images. Many, me included, go for the numbers game, avoiding too many similar shots, but accepting that you need to have several thousand photos available in order to succeed. Then we have keywording, at least as important as the photos themselves. It's a long hard road, there is massive oversupply in the industry and fees are on a downward spiral. This is not a route to easy money. You might enjoy your photography more by remaining an amateur and forgetting about shooting for stock.
  2. One word tags versus phrases

    No findings! I use a mix of the two. I like to be able to include phrases that might be used in a search, and I'm never sure which linking words are ignored by the search engine and those which should be included. Phrases tend to include these terms, so may be beneficial. Presumably an exact match with a customer's search phrase will result in a higher probability of a view. It remains a black art!
  3. Prefer that on the right, but might have gone for a more punchy sky. Darker blue whiter white.
  4. Have you found any Alamy images in June 2018?

    Times 2nd M10WCF Andrius Aleksandravicius KAUNAS, LITHUANIA - JANUARY 25, 2018: Unboxing Fitbit Charge 2. This ia heart rate and fitness wristband that tracks activity FX06TE Bovey Tracey, Devon, UK. 09th Apr, 2016. Parke 5 kilometer fun run at Parke Dartmoor National Park HQ Bovey Tracey Devon Credit: Paul Glendell/Alamy Live News FKNK78 London, UK. 9th March, 2016. Trade unionists and others at a rally with NHS workers outside University College Hospital, joining the Junior Doctors picket line on their strike day. Leading trade unionists including Sally Hunt, UCU General Secretary, came to speak in support of the doctors and the campaigns to save the NHS from privatisation. Peter Marshall/Alamy Live News MWDNNE Oxnam, Jedburgh, Scottish Borders, UK. 1st June 2018. North Country Cheviot Sheep return to their fields, having been relieved of their fleeces on Swinside Farm near Jedburgh in the Borders. Chris Strickland / Alamy Live News Scottish Edition H5N3CW David Lichtneker Entrance to Culloden House Hotel in Balloch, Inverness, Scotland Glasgow , Scotland, UK. 27th May, 2018. Camunnock International Highland Games celebrates traditional Scottish culture with a street procession of MRNK4C Chieftain and athletes, heavy events including stone putt, challenge caber & sheaf pitch, other events include log boxing, stick fighting & wrestling, music events include Eaglesham Fiddlers, St. Francis Pipe Band and Highland Dancing and is held in the picturesque conservation village of Carmunnock. Credit: Skully/Alamy Live News Runners make their way down the Royal Mile towards the Scottish parliament building during the Edinburgh Marathon IAIN MASTERSON/ALAMY can't find it - elapsed live news? MTDC8P Edinburgh, UK. May 29 2018; Edinburgh's Ross Fountain restoration has been completed though some landscaping work is still to be done before it becomes fully operational. credit steven scott taylor / alamy live news MT8XEW Edinburgh, UK. May 28 2018; Oriental Short-Claw Otters which are designated a vulnerable species, swim and play in the hot weather at Edinburgh Zoo. credit steven scott taylor / alamy live news MTDAWH Hawick, Scottish Borders, UK. 29th May 2018. Riders and horses of the Borders town of Hawick ride out to Mosspaul on the Dumfries and Galloway March. The Mosspaul ride takes place twice, traditionally to allow those working the famous Hawick textile mills in shift patterns to take part. The Common Ridings celebrates the capture of an English Flag in 1514 by the youth of Hawick at a place called Hornshole and the ancient custom of riding the marches or boundaries of the common land. Credit: Chris Strickland / Alamy Live News STEVEN SCOTT TAYLOR/ALAMY The Royal Regiment of Scotland forms the honour guard at a rededication ceremony for Edinburgh’s ancient Mercat Cross. - can't find it MTYMH8 Camptown, Jedburgh, Scottish Borders, UK. 31st May 2018. Strecching its legs for the first time in an open field. Racehorse Maggie Blue and her day old foal at trainer Harriet Graham's Racing Yard near Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders. Credit: Chris Strickland / Alamy Live News MWDNWA Alloa, Scotland, UK. 1st Jun, 2018. A portrait of a member of the band from Dollar Academy. Alloa shows its support of the UK Armed Forces as part of the UK Armed Forces Day events, this year also marks the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 and the 100th year of the British Royal Air Force. Credit: SOPA Images Limited/Alamy Live News Weekend D74EM8 PURPLE MARBLES The Star Inn Harome near Helmsley North Yorkshire England UK United Kingdom GB Great Britain E46ARM Alec Scaresbrook Ornamental elder in shrub border, Cumbria, UK AYN6JT John Glover Canna Tropicanna syn C Phasion summer flower herbaceous perennial DT0XJ6 RM Floral cotinus smoke bush flower spray fins small flowers dark leaves foliage deciduous tree trees ornamental HJDW2E Jo Whitworth Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' Purple/bronze fennel - can't find it A0G88M Holmes Garden Photos Acer palmatum dissectum in ceramic container, planter, pot, bronze foliage, small tree, Maple, garden plant acers trees BNHEXB Steffen Hauser Wild chervil (Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing' CWJKNM CHRIS BOSWORTH Sedum "Purple Emperor EY6NA2 John Bentley Malham Tarn, North Yorkshire, UK, seen from the south HMMAEH Photimageon Rows of plants for sale in garden centre greenhouse, Coton Manor Gardens, Coton, Northamptonshire, England, UK EW70YD Elizabeth Whiting & Associates Euphorbia "Characias" and pink hyacinths with red chaenomeles "Japonica" in spring garden Travel MNN353 Zairon Jacobs Scheveningen Beach, Netherlands That's me finished for a while, about to clog the arteries of Europe with my caravan
  5. Have you found any Alamy images in June 2018?

    TImes 1st MTYNDC John Eveson Staffordshire County Showground, UK. 31st May 2018. A handler has his hands and legs full during the sheep judging at Staffordshire County Show. Credit: John Eveson/Alamy Live News
  6. So how was your May, eh?

    15 for $295, highest $65 lowest
  7. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Times 31st HRAH92 David Dixon The Minster School in York city center,England,UK HPB5XH Cyberstock Viagogo online ticket selling website on smart phone screen AF23JH Janine Wiedel Graduating Students drinking at the bar Cambridge University Graduation Day 2007 C909X4 Sebastian Wasek Holne Bridge over the River Dart, Dartmoor National Park, Devon, Southwest England, Europe Business Two women standing in sea at sunset - possibly lapsed live news EEG2D6 Justin Kase B&M Retail Ltd home store entrance at the Lakeside retail park West Thurrock Essex England UK
  8. I noticed this problem when trying to upload a recent sale image. Katie pointed out that you can copy the image address from the HTML version of the page.
  9. Thanks Katie, I need to explore that possibility. Makes it very difficult for people to post numerous pics in the Images found section. Going off topic here but it might be helpful. Here's an image (Not sold) lifted from the HTML code and here's the particular line used
  10. Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicPrint run: up to 500,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 01 April 2018End: 01 April 2023Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. The fee, too low to mention here, thought it was a newspaper web usage, then checked the details Can't post image as, when I right click upon it, I get "Save Preview Image" ???
  11. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Cheers Matt! Times 30th K2WJKR Russell Hart An HM Revenues & Customs letterhead surrounded by new £1 coins and a £5 note MTDAWH Hawick, Scottish Borders, UK. 29th May 2018. Riders and horses of the Borders town of Hawick ride out to Mosspaul on the Dumfries and Galloway March. The Mosspaul ride takes place twice, traditionally to allow those working the famous Hawick textile mills in shift patterns to take part. The Common Ridings celebrates the capture of an English Flag in 1514 by the youth of Hawick at a place called Hornshole and the ancient custom of riding the marches or boundaries of the common land. Credit: Chris Strickland / Alamy Live News Scottish Edition AYDFW9 Martin Creasser Corncrake, Crex crex, calling, Balranald, North Uist, Scotland, UK, wild bird B55MAY Simon Price. Prison Officer walking outside Craiginches prison in Aberdeen city, Scotland, UK Irish Edition MT8YJT Belfast, Northern Ireland. 28th May, 2018. A woman holds a placard with the message "DUP [Democratic Unionist Party]. Embarrassing NI [Northern Ireland] sine 1971". . Credit: Stephen Barnes/Alamy Live News DM65YJ Stockbroker Two Drivers Exchange Insurance Details After Accident World D82F2G ngo Oeland Emu in front of the Flinders Ranges
  12. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Cheers Simon and Steve! Times 29th K6BPJN Martin Carlsson Robotic lawn mower on grass lawn in beautiful garden in front of idyllic wooden house HKAMXG Rosemary Roberts HM REVENUE AND CUSTOMS LETTER HEAD WITH BRITISH MONEY RE HMRC TAX TAXES INCOME WAGES YEAR SELF ASSESSMENT FORM AVOIDANCE UK Coastliner 840 bus crossing the north york moors - can't find it CN795A Paul Williams Whitby harbour looking towards Whitby Abbey . Whitby, North Yorkshire, England MT2NCJ Belvoir, Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK. 28th May 2018. In early morning mist on a Bank Holiday Monday, The Belvoir Hounds leave the kennels out for early morning hound exercise with The Belvoir Huntsman, Mr John Holliday, on his bicycle leading the pack. Credit: Matt Limb OBE/Alamy Live News Scottish Edition FBTKC9 DGB Culloden Battlefield, Historic site, Inverness, Highlands, Scotland, UK M7P68J PjrStudio British Pound Coins World GAATEM Jose B. Ruiz Female Bonobo (Pan paniscus) resting with her infant, Max Planck research site LuiKotale in Salonga National Park, Democratic Re
  13. Not particularly talented, but patient and a bit of a control freak. I like to be in charge of the situation John In truth I have lost images both due to auto focus systems letting me down, and due to my fumbling with manual focus kit. When using Canon I almost always auto prefocused on a spot and held the focus using the back button technique. The viewfinders on the Sony CSCs are so good, combined with focus peaking, that, for most stock shots, you don't need autofocus. I still rely on the Canon autofocus for shots of the grandchildren however, there are some subjects for which it really is the best way!
  14. I've also tried the Olympus 75-150 f4 and found it to be plenty sharp enough, but it lacks contrast. The Pentax equivalent is a much better choice, indeed a £15 example resides permanently in my camera bag, having displaced a new Sony 55-210. Example here With old gear all kinds of things may have happened to it over the years, while there is always the variability on quality when new, so people having different findings from the same kit is not surprising! Agree about the focus peaking, although it is much better on the a6500 than the NEX, and sometimes it is so overwhelming that I need to switch it off!
  15. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Times 28th EAXFN7 eye35 Hikers on Brandelhow above Derwent Water English Lake District Cumbria England UK GB EU Europe Scottish Edition CXM51K Kenny Williamson Motion blurred traffic on the M8 Motorway at Charing Cross in Glasgow city centre, Scotland, UK World EA176G Tim Plowden Black bear fishing for seasonally abundant salmon in the summer along a river, Tongass National Forest, Southeast Alaska FCGMM0 Holger Burmeister The Pantheon and the Fontana del Pantheon on Piazza della Rotonda, Rome, Italy Business C3XE3E Keenretail Carpetright, Sheffield E23C7H SIMON DACK/ALAMY English football fansBrighton, Sussex, UK. 14th June, 2014. World Cup 2014 football fans at the King and Queen pub in Brighton tonight as they prepare for England's game against Italy l