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  1. It's your call, not an Alamy thing.
  2. After a few years of steadily rising sales and income, I have seen a reduction in both, although more specifically income. So I also need some answers! Looking at your work Will I am seeing a good variety of subject matter from numerous interesting locations, but, in addition to the more obviously commercially attractive work, I am also seeing quite a few similars and a number of, in particular landscape, shots that are rather bland. Pruning might help, but who knows, the game is changing all the while.
  3. You've captured your locality beautifully. I greatly admire quirky and FBYR5A does it for me. You maybe want a gentle look to your photos, in keeping wit the subject matter, but I'm wondering if some of them could do with being a bit more brash, with a tad more brightness, contrast and saturation? But that's possibly just me displaying bad taste 😉
  4. It didn't actually fall apart John, just ceased to work. I took it to my local repair man who looked at it and drew breath through his teeth. "I've a box of these, none can be fixed". However he did fix it, but the repair didn't last. I do abuse my camera kit, often carrying it on my bicycle and it does occasionally get accidentally dropped, while I do take a lot of photos. A friend bought a used 16-50 from Ebay but that didn't work properly so he sent it back. Not inclined to go down that route. If we had a local camera shop selling new Sony gear I might have another go at the FF 28-70 in the knowledge that I could easily return it if it were as bad as the last one I tried. I seem to recall Wim saying that he went through a few of them before he found a keeper. This kind of thing is not exclusive to Sony, I once bought an expensive Canon lens that was never right despite a number of trips back for adjustment and repair, including the replacement of a lens cluster. Hopefully won't happen to me again as I now test all new kit and return if not A1.
  5. Not managed to find one to my taste as yet Ed. Tried the Sony Zeiss 16-70 and was hugely disappointed, razor sharp in the centre and with great colour but useless edges. Next came the 28-70 kit lens from the FF Sony - edges better than the Zeiss overall but the copy I tried was soft down one side. Moved on to my collection of vintage glass, tried a Tamron adaptall 28-80 and that was OK, certainly sharper across the frame than either of the Sony offerings, but the images lacked detail contrast and the lens is a bit of a brute to cart around. Latest test was of an old Pentax 28-80 and that was promising, but, sadly, my copy appears to have some internal issues resulting in an occasional and random lack of sharpness in the centre of the frame. This is all reported in gory detail on my Blog Tried to buy a Pentax 28-70 advertised on the web site of a local store, but they couldn't find it when I turned up to make the purchase! Actually my kit 16-50 was better across the frame than the two other Sony lenses tested, although nothing like as sharp as the Zeiss in the centre, but that fell apart and I'm unwilling to part with cash for another. The search should continue, but I'm becoming a tad weary...........
  6. Matches my experience John. My Sony a6500 has never required a clean other than with a blower brush, and I change lenses frequently. Presumably a slippery surface coating on the sensor and a self cleaning cycle that works is part of the answer.
  7. Tyne Bridges Grey's Monument Newcastle Apartments reflected in the river Tyne
  8. I'm far from being the best person to answer your second question as I don't now claim directly, but this may help. You can download a listing of all of your Alamy sales including details of the destination country and the type of eventual use. You can edit this list to take out any that are not relevant and send the edited list to DACs. This won't give the detailed info on ISBN data but it is a starting point. A reverse image search using for example Google or Tineye might find the particular books that are involved. I've no idea how you would find TV usage, but as mentioned above you could hand that over to Alamy. I guess that you are now too late to opt out of Alamy doing the work for you this year, as, if you have any money due, it should be coming your way very shortly.
  9. Just a thought, you can't always frame an image in camera for maximum impact and cropping can make a so-so shot look a deal better. You do lose some pixels, but only a minority of customers appear to specify image size, so, in most cases this is not an issue. Remember that your shots appear alongside hundreds of others and they need to jump out and say buy me! On the other hand some applications do require space for written copy, so cropping out blank sky is not always a good idea. 😮
  10. As I understand it, the default situation is that Alamy will claim on your behalf unless you tell them not to. I have tried claiming myself and allowing Alamy to do it for me. I found that I received more allowing Alamy to claim on my behalf, even though they take a cut. However the decision to do it yourself will depend upon your circumstances. I work exclusively through Alamy, if you are using other agencies or selling significant numbers directly, it would be probably be better to do it yourself. Further if you have good records of all of your sales e.g. the ISBN data for your book sales, you may well be better off going alone. Reading these posts it appears that there are half measures, e.g. having Alamy claim your TV usage and claiming print usage yourself.
  11. A sad loss and a tragedy for his family. If anything positive is to come of this, and we don't know the detail as yet, but maybe this should be a wake up call for all of us to take care when out and about. Didn't Keith survive a storm related incident some while ago? There have been several occasions when I have taken risks in order to capture a shot, maybe in future I'll be more careful.
  12. Thanks Harry, following your post I've just tried that but getting the Hieroglyphic message - System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at ASP.myupload_metadatadownloadhandler_aspx.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) I'll try again later.....
  13. I seem to recall reading here that it is possible to get a download which shows whether or not the optional fields in AIM have been completed? Having just trawled through a selection of mine I realise that I have missed some of the entries in the no. of persons and property fields, something I now need to check. 😲
  14. Looks like you may have found somewhere to rent Ed? If so that's good to hear!
  15. Thanks Regis, I'll add that to my keywords!
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