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  1. Hi there. Many thanks for your help. I like the idea of using Photo Mechanic, completing the keywords before uploading to Alamy, as I have never done this previously and for my workflow it sounds much more streamlined.
  2. Hi, I have been an Alamy contributor for a few years but feel I may be missing out on something. At present, I write each tag on my images individually, except if there are several similar images. I don't use the keywords in Bridge or Photo Mechanic, which I believe I could do and may speed my submission process. Please can you tell me am I right, and if so how do I go about it for each of the two programmes? Many thanks Kevin
  3. Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to see tag on screen in alphabetical order? Kevin
  4. Hello. I have usually uploaded my keywords on accepted images by copying and pasting them from the images (I use Keyword Perfect). This has always been a time consuming and laborious thing to do. Now, Keyword Perfect have updated their software and I am about to give it a free trial run. However, I wonder if anyone can tell me how to upload my Keywords via a .csv file as I have no experience of this. How does it work? How do the keywords recognise which image to apply the keywords to? Many thanks in advance for your help. Kevin
  5. Thanks for your help guys! By the way, Paul, I've been lucky enough to see Resplendent Quetzal a few times in Costa Rica as well as Golden-headed in Peru - as a tour leader myself - but no images good enough for Alamy I'm afraid. Quetzal
  6. Hello This is my first posting. I usually shoot (and contribute) natural history images, and have never had to deal with model releases / permissions etc. However, I also have some images which are city scapes / recognizable buildings / landscapes etc which I feel I would like to contribute. One, for example, is a panorama of Sydney harbour at night. There are no people in the scene. Please can you advise me about whether or not I need 'permissions' to submit such images? There are lots of buildings in the scene, ranging from the Opera House to the harbour bridge. It would be impossibl
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