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  1. The best! Link includes embedded coupon. https://secure.smugmug.com/signup?Coupon=XeTM35tH9RHqE
  2. Hi Michael! I've been contributing to Alamy Live News (the newspapers you referred to) since it began. Sadly I can probably count the times I got a license sale to newspapers within first 48 hours on the fingers of one hand. The funny thing is that another news agency I submit to (in the US) gets me dozens of news publications monthly, including in UK press. I have no understanding of how Alamy are competing in the news image markets. But, images submitted to Live News are moved into stock after 48 hours and Alamy often gives news photos a second life, sometimes years down the
  3. This is the portfolio/publications link I sent: https://www.imagesofmythoughts.com/Photography/Publications-Exhibitions/ Very few of my news publications are through Alamy Live News. On the other hand, a 2nd life for the photo through Alamy, months or years down the line, often brings in more than the original publication. Although photojournalism and news is what I do, I would certainly be unable to financially sustain myself if I relied only on the income from photojournalism.
  4. Hey Bill! Light clothes, a hat for shade, comfortable shoes and always carry a bottle of water! Any more detailed questions you can reach me at NirAlon@ImagesOfMyThoughts.com +972-54-4404656 on WhatsApp or NirAlon on Twitter
  5. I welcome the change and simplification but will have to remove a couple hundred images I have restricted based on geography.
  6. For post-processing, annotation and transmission from iPad I use Filterstorm Pro 2 (http://filterstorm.com/pro2/) available in the App Store for $15 (US). I won't get into all the features and benefits, those can be read on the developer's web site, but in short, it seems to have been developed with photojournalists in mind and allows post-processing, single image or batch IPTC metadata tagging and image delivery with presets for annotation and predefined destination settings. It supports export of images to FTP (which I use for Alamy), email or to the iPad photo library (from which you can t
  7. I shoot 98% news as a freelancer. Have been for years. Have worked with several agencies over the years before Alamy opened that channel and also since. I closely follow what gets published, by who and through what channels, worldwide. In regard to breaking news, spot news, or even second life reporting on an issue, publications need 'an' image to illustrate whatever it is they want illustrated. It doesn't matter if it's a good image or the best image. They will use the first 'ok' image they see. In my experience two factors come into play, and only two; (1) photographer dependent - s
  8. I think it would be very beneficial if Alamy formally joined this thread for clarification on French law and Alamy policy in this regard.
  9. I use Filterstorm Pro 2 on an iPad. Allows batch annotation of images, prerecorded sets for IPTC fields, built in FTP client with presets for different destinations and a wide set of post-processing tools. Seems to have been designed with photojournalists in mind. App is a bit buggy and support not great but I've learned to work with it.
  10. http://www.fastcompany.com/3055922/brand-evolution/diamonds-are-a-brands-best-friend-the-evolution-of-de-beers Photos: The Advertising Archives / Alamy Stock Photo (De Beers ad); ClassicStock / Alamy Stock Photo (1960s MALE HAND SLIPPING ENGAGEMENT RING ONTO FEMALE HAND); Nicholas Eveleigh / Alamy Stock Photo (Large cut diamond with drop shadow); Portrait Essentials / Alamy Stock Photo (Cecil Rhodes); Aflo Co., Ltd. / Alamy Stock Photo (World map and magnifying glass); Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo / Alamy Stock Photo (Cecil Rhodes); Eric Nathan / Alamy Stock Photo (Diamonds); Eric Nat
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