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  1. I'm not holding any of the images on my site. I'm merely displaying the ones on Alamy on my webpage if that makes sense. I just wanted a quick way to showcase all my alamy images without having to seperately upload them to my website as well. The module takes search terms so you can pull in specific subsets if you wanted to - hence the menu on the right.
  2. Just curious but do any of you use Joomla for your websites ? Only I've been working on creating a couple of modules to pull in Alamy content to my site and wondered whether that would be useful enough to make them generally available at some point. Bit of a niche thing really I suppose. I've got a working example up and running here... www.carol-carpenter.co.uk/index.php/portfolio
  3. I'm afraid I stopped caring about bhz as a sensible measure when I spotted this in my "Your images" search results a few months ago :- bhz 1 1 0 0 0.00 180 0 0.00 Can't get my head round why mine would have shown up within the first two pages of search results (assuming 90 per page) in someone searching on "bhz" when I'm always usually somewhere way down around page 18 or so on a normal search of "bhz". As Alamy says ... bhz position really is irrelvant. This is ignoring the burning question of why someone (who's searching is recorded by Alamy) would be searching on "bhz
  4. I have been having a major problem uploading for some weeks now using Firefox - since the latest upgrade to Flash. It might upload one or two images and then freezes midway. After a while it shows a Flash has crashed sort of dialog box. I get round it by using Chrome instead for uploads - which seems to have no such problems. I'm hoping sooner or later a new flash update will solve the issue. Firefox v36.0 Flash v Windows 7 Carol
  5. if you get a chance.... You just have to visit the Monkey Sanctuary and Bird of Eden encloures - they are along the coast from Cape Town. Plan to spend a day at the bird one, and about half a day at the monkey one. They are right next to each other. The bird one is the largest in the world and is unbelievable. Go early to the Monkey one - so you get to go on the guided tour without too many other people like we did. I can't stress enough how good these two are. http://www.monkeyland.co.za/ http://www.birdsofeden.co.za/ near Plattenberg bay. I did both (do both and you pa
  6. My first sale from only 44 photos! :-) Carol http://www.alamy.com/search/Imageresults.aspx?qn=Carol%20Carpenter
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