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    My Favorite Moses Byrd Quotes
    b.July4,1876 d.July4,1976
    (Undisputed Father of Stock Photography)

    "Stock shooters with no backlog have no backbone."
    "Quality is the brain of stock, variety is the mind."
    "Photos you ne'er take reap profits you ne'er make."
    "More photos than books in libraries is to come!"
    "Man or Woman, get thyself to a photo opportunity."
    "Shoot critics from all angles, with a gun, too."
    "Selling is our religion, licensing is our hymn."
    "To make captions a passion is to make a fine future."
    "Art is important to stock if Art is your bank teller."
    "Call them Key Words, they are a key to selling."
    "Take what swells the wallet, not the head."
    "Nudge up thy fee bar, avoid financial fubar."
    "Moaning nor wringing hands ne'er tripped a shutter."
    "Full-time fools be swayed by part-timers moaning."
    "Subject, show thy face, and blink not thine eyes!"
    "Stock shooters are cats, licenses are catnip."
    "Scavenger hunters we are, compositions our quarry."
    "The Subject was an idiot, horizontally and vertically."
    "Stock is what you shoot, not what you shoot with."
    "Less clutter clears the path to more licensing."
    "To catch more licenses, capture bigger emotions."
    "Shoot first, apologize second, ask permission last."
    "To optimize thy bankroll, compromise thy workflow."
    "Pretty is for club contests, salable is for stock."
    "Perfection reaps ribbons, reasonable reaps income."
    "Make more exposures than minutes wasted."
    "Key words our scripture, licensing our salvation."
    "The only good Canon is Pachelbel's Canon."
    "Principal is the principle of stock."
    "Be focused young stocker, sharp shooter you'll be."
    "The tripod of stock is quality, quantity, variety."
    "Shoot volume to pocket profit."


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  1. What would make Alamy world Number One?

    You wrote: " I see more and more stock images coming from the folks in San Jose to whom I pay my monthly imaging software bill" What does that have to do with F??? (delete F links, IMO) Monthly imaging software bill = "dry clay brick" company maker of Photoshop, doesn't it???!!! What's your basis for stating you see more & more of their images???????
  2. What would make Alamy world Number One?

    If willing, how do you see those images? Licensed online with "dry-clay-brick" credit line? Where?
  3. Who Are We?

    > What are you, and which group do you think is the largest on Alamy? full time stock shooter since joining first agency 1992; some educational assignments early on, a decade of visitor bureau shoots ending a decade ago... also stock investor since 1994 thanks to hating 3% interest rate on my savings back then; (am I a Double Stocker? Stocker Squared?) the latter takes minimal time yet can tower $$$-wise over former, especially recent years; coincidentally sold about half my shares this very day in one company I've held for few years: THANKS FACEBOOK !!! (symbol FB) so in 2018 my stock licensing income may be under 10% of my total income...? I so wish it was the other way around -- money making money is nice, but...
  4. Am cretin when it comes to apps. Just learn WhatsApp allows free intl phone calls. But if, say, calling a museum to get info, it won't work if they're not using it on call??? And one still has to be online so its NOT a way to avoid need SIM card or similar? Any comments-advice about WhatsApp whilst travel shooting appreciated...
  5. Arcade or shopping centre or circus in UK?
  6. Almost all pedestrian mall-street searches must be for specific locations using proper nouns???
  7. pedestrian mall street zone, in any combo very few searches in rolling year... what word-phrase is more often searched to find them????? thanks.
  8. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Contribs mentioning low cost of living urban areas... Here's a couple: CDMX, Lisbon
  9. Theoretically, (238) friends with (1000) laptops could share a single monthly subscription as long as only (2) laptops are signed on at any given moment????? STGTBT (sounds too good to be true) But if it is, who want to do a massive Alamy Contrib sharing of one subscription!!!?? (I'll reserve Sundays from 11A to noon)
  10. If willing, explain further. Once you pay first $9.99/mo., you are then able to download CC software to (2) machines? But can also download to third (we have 3 laptops in home) & later be signed in to only one in order to choose which of remaining 2 becomes the second of two signed on maximum simultaneously???
  11. Its time. Within 7 days if not a couple. My main CS6 tools are burn, dodge, content aware (loose). Will they all be in CC? In other words, can I switch without skipping a beat, without pause, without losing my way, without disruption.... What it is, is this: is CS6 "within" CC??? Later I can explore outside of the CS6 part of CC...?
  12. Infringement claim - UK Small Claims

    Industry standard for infringement = 10X one's regular licensing fee for infringed usage AFAIK, e.g., US textbook licenses were typically $180, infringed image cases settled typically for $1800/image. Supporting evidence = google "infringement penalty" "industry standard" or similar & try to find others mentioning same...
  13. 50 cents per image buyout including copyright? as in, (1000) of your processed tagged images, my choice, for $500!!!!!!? BRING IT ON THEN AGAIN, NOT MUCH JOY IN MAKING $$$ FROM PHOTOS I DIDN'T TAKE....