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    (Undisputed Father of Stock Photography)

    "Stock shooters with no backlog have no backbone."
    "Quality is the brain of stock, variety is the mind."
    "Photos you ne'er take reap profits you ne'er make."
    "More photos than books in libraries is to come!"
    "Man or Woman, get thyself to a photo opportunity."
    "Shoot critics from all angles, with a gun, too."
    "Selling is our religion, licensing is our hymn."
    "To make captions a passion is to make a fine future."
    "Art is important to stock if Art is your bank teller."
    "Call them Key Words, they are a key to selling."
    "Take what swells the wallet, not the head."
    "Nudge up thy fee bar, avoid financial fubar."
    "Moaning nor wringing hands ne'er tripped a shutter."
    "Full-time fools be swayed by part-timers moaning."
    "Subject, show thy face, and blink not thine eyes!"
    "Stock shooters are cats, licenses are catnip."
    "Scavenger hunters we are, compositions our quarry."
    "The Subject was an idiot, horizontally and vertically."
    "Stock is what you shoot, not what you shoot with."
    "Less clutter clears the path to more licensing."
    "To catch more licenses, capture bigger emotions."
    "Shoot first, apologize second, ask permission last."
    "To optimize thy bankroll, compromise thy workflow."
    "Pretty is for club contests, salable is for stock."
    "Perfection reaps ribbons, reasonable reaps income."
    "Make more exposures than minutes wasted."
    "Key words our scripture, licensing our salvation."
    "The only good Canon is Pachelbel's Canon."
    "Principal is the principle of stock."
    "Be focused young stocker, sharp shooter you'll be."
    "The tripod of stock is quality, quantity, variety."
    "Shoot volume to pocket profit."


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  1. Commission change - James West comments

    In 2019 only. As a way to a. retain 50/50 b. contribute $$ towards 2019 upgrade costs Assumption: 10% more images vs. one's 2017-2018 average = some percentage more $$ for Alamy in their 50% share; images must not be fillers to meet 10% additional goal -- how to monitor that, I don't know...
  2. Commission change - James West comments

    +1 Suggest win-win alternatives to 40/60 in emails to James@ & Alan@... There are infinite possibilities & it need not be only one. There can be combos. For example, contrib gets 50/50 each month they submit 10% greater new images than their 2017-2018 monthly average; &-or 50/50 in 2019 until contrib reaches their 2018 total net, & ONLY THEN a greater contribution towards 2019 upgrades; 2020 to be determined in late 2019...
  3. Commission change - James West comments

    Hard core fatalism. WANTED: stock shooters with backbone who are willing to email their reasonable win-win counter-offers directly to management... Need not apply, just take action...
  4. Commission change - James West comments

    Are we pretending to misinterpret? Or is English our second language? Who-whom is now getting more than 50% FROM ALAMY??!!
  5. Commission change - James West comments

    It would be surprise to me if any individual or agency is now receiving better than 50/50 from Alamy. Someone surprise me...
  6. Commission change - James West comments

    "on that contract" as in, there are other contract(s) NOT subject to 40/60???!!!! what are those other contracts receiving? 60/40???!! (suddenly chokes & accidentally sprays cappuccino all over workspace)
  7. Commission change - James West comments

    > James, You should be properly dressed, pressed shirt at least If the Stay-50/50-Revelation hits in middle of night, PJ's are acceptable. Properly pressed of course. A name brand cologne helps.
  8. Commission change - James West comments

    Instead of suspending submissions, am going to continue submitting to show how I'm potentially helping to raise $$ for upgrades BUT... nothing new will go live until 40/60 threat is replaced with win-win alternative... Brothers & sisters, please. Please.
  9. Commission change - James West comments

    About 10 yrs ago, an agency wanted 50/50 ===> 40/60. I refused to sign, they continued me at 50/50 but prohibited new submissions. All other contribs except maybe one fatalistically caved in to 40/60. A year later that agency asked me to start submitting again... About 5 years ago a distributor wanted me to submit in a way that would have given me about 20/80 from an "oil tycoon name" agency's licenses. I said No No No. About 3 years ago they came back to me with a much much more favorable arrangement. I said Yes Yes Yes. Patience & persistence pays. Sometimes much more than fatalism & apathy...
  10. Commission change - James West comments

    Is there way to post poll in this thread? Are polls controlled by thread-OPs only?
  11. Commission change - James West comments

    > we are all aligned on the 50/50 and nothing worse In discussion, yes. In action, no. Sadly, its the latter that, IMO, forces Alamy to pursue win-win ways to raise $$ for upgrades, NOT via 40/60. An alternative to 40/60 would HAVE TO be pursued if everyone a. emailed counter offer directly to JamesW-AlanC b. took restriction or other actions by Feb19 EVERYONE, including the smallest volume contribs... These threads could be locked-deleted soon. Now is the time, if you cannot word your own counter offer, to copy the best ideas you've read & email to mgmt...
  12. Commission change - James West comments

    Regardless of what happens, I applaud the fact that these anti-40/60 threads have been allowed to continue, especially if they are NOT locked tomorrow or next week... Staying ON TOPIC helps prevent that, IMO...
  13. Commission change - James West comments

    To do this is HEROIC. Thanks NUJ.
  14. Commission structure single thread

    > reporting a monthly gross of approx $6,000 There are some exceeding that, possibly doubling that. And NOT due to their own images. Please take 5 minutes to write your own acceptable counter-offer & email directly to JamesW-AlanC. Suggest win-win situations in which contrib can retain more $$ & Alamy can invest in upgrades...
  15. Commission structure single thread

    Is it possible to start (anon. if necessary) poll in this thread? With all the voluble back & forth & back & forth, one wonders how many have sent even a short counter offer to Alamy? (stop whining about how small your collection is & has no weight, too) Counter offers need not be collectively organized, JUST MAKE THEM... Yes, counter offers in these threads have some weight, but direct objections & counter offers to Alamy have much greater gravitas, IMO...