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    My Favorite Moses Byrd Quotes
    b.July4,1876 d.July4,1976
    (Undisputed Father of Stock Photography)

    "Stock shooters with no backlog have no backbone."
    "Quality is the brain of stock, variety is the mind."
    "Photos you ne'er take reap profits you ne'er make."
    "More photos than books in libraries is to come!"
    "Man or Woman, get thyself to a photo opportunity."
    "Shoot critics from all angles, with a gun, too."
    "Selling is our religion, licensing is our hymn."
    "To make captions a passion is to make a fine future."
    "Art is important to stock if Art is your bank teller."
    "Call them Key Words, they are a key to selling."
    "Take what swells the wallet, not the head."
    "Nudge up thy fee bar, avoid financial fubar."
    "Moaning nor wringing hands ne'er tripped a shutter."
    "Full-time fools be swayed by part-timers moaning."
    "Subject, show thy face, and blink not thine eyes!"
    "Stock shooters are cats, licenses are catnip."
    "Scavenger hunters we are, compositions our quarry."
    "The Subject was an idiot, horizontally and vertically."
    "Stock is what you shoot, not what you shoot with."
    "Less clutter clears the path to more licensing."
    "To catch more licenses, capture bigger emotions."
    "Shoot first, apologize second, ask permission last."
    "To optimize thy bankroll, compromise thy workflow."
    "Pretty is for club contests, salable is for stock."
    "Perfection reaps ribbons, reasonable reaps income."
    "Make more exposures than minutes wasted."
    "Key words our scripture, licensing our salvation."
    "The only good Canon is Pachelbel's Canon."
    "Principal is the principle of stock."
    "Be focused young stocker, sharp shooter you'll be."
    "The tripod of stock is quality, quantity, variety."
    "Shoot volume to pocket profit."


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  1. Sure. Except if DACS money comes from UK copy machine taxes & such taxes don't already exist in US & elsewhere, ain't likely as it would trigger political lobbying... Even if such taxes DO exist in US, someone else is now benefiting from that & don't want to give it up...
  2. Changes to Alamy Contract

    What is EPUK response to new contract changes???
  3. what happened to EPUK???

    In past, non-UK editorial shooters were NOT accepted. Has that changed???
  4. what happened to EPUK???

    What I see under news is this: OK, now I see a single 2018 entry: all others seem to be years old...why???
  5. what happened to EPUK???

    Newest posts on their homepage dated 2016. Did they transfer to members-only homepage? Although not qualified to join, I considered them authoritative source & checked their website often in the earlier part of this century...
  6. a. thanks, they are all unreleased editorial b. confused why you, a frequent LiveNews contrib with many images showing people in public places would be asking newbie-like questions involving freedom of press in democratic countries???! c. sorry (& move on)
  7. 24/7/364. Except when it might disturb. Bought $1.99 pop-up flash diffuser like this for RX10-IV; Then clipped partial Styrofoam cup in front to eliminate (always-on lens hood) shadow: (yes, flash intensity reduced, but...) (taken quickly with smartphone camera)
  8. Alamy's 2017 Annual Accounts released

    Did a Yankee Triple Check: a. found no limitation signs at attraction entrance b. found no limitation notices attraction website c. Alamy search returned hundreds-thousands inside attraction, implying no limitation Regardless, if wrong, action will be taken...
  9. Alamy's 2017 Annual Accounts released

    Comments on my collection size were mostly negative 2004-2010 e.g., dilutes quality of collection, causes buyers to stay away, etc. etc. blah blah Comments on my collection size in recent years magically transformed toward admiration... It seems my gross/image/yr is currently ~£0.40 & must have been thrice that 2004-2010... So can I raise my previously lowered head when I walk by once-critical-now-ex-stockers...?
  10. done, done, & done. thanks all! a whole lot.
  11. Alligator Alley safer than (Location: Kansas, United States) Tornado Alley, no contest.
  12. searching "out" "off" "on" return millions of images now; thought previously "off" didn't ???! or did it...? "the" & some others still return 0 images; has Alamy ever provided list of search-insensitive words?
  13. nearby the east-west road being elevated so natural water can flow north-to-south under; don't know what to call this item other than: construction water release pipe (steel or aluminum???) any advice from construction mavens appreciated !!! note: this was weekend, no workers around, so it might involve 24/7 pump keeping water away from new raised highway foundation...?
  14. How was your September 2018?

    Disagree. my Aug 16-day central London roam-around yielded ~1635 keepers; surprisingly, am finding many are niche, even one-offs. Ultimately what matters is licensing, TBD... As to Sep 2018, it started on a Sat, ended on a Sun, & had only (20) workdays, one a bank holiday...? Isn't this a couple-few workdays less than typical...?