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  1. My last email discussion with CR was August 23rd 2017 but I don't see the survey in my inbox or junk folder. For some odd reason, every now and then when Alamy sends out email other than the usual payment info, I seem to miss it. I think the last Alamy email I missed was the contract update but fortunately a friend sent me a link. No I'm not aware of ever opting out of Alamy email.
  2. Did anyone ever make a living from stock photography? If they did it was probably well before 2003. Agency photographers were able to made a living back in the day, but that included money from assignments. The photographer's percentage was higher and rates were higher too. With assignments, the client would pay expenses and then the images would go into stock. With shooting stock or on-spec work agencies would sometimes split the expenses with photographers.
  3. The only time I had a problem with my Mac desktop was when I tried to use Safari. Never had a problem with Chrome. I don't even try to login with my iPhone.
  4. I had a similar situation where I did an image search on a reported sale that came up with a number of blogs and other sites that don't pay for content, each pointing back to one of the British dailies. When I went to the newspaper site bloggers had cited as a source it showed a surveillance video. All I can imagine is that they used the stock photo initially, the bloggers stole it and then the newspaper replaced the photo once they were able to get the video.
  5. Every image page has a share button on the right side of the photo. I only see ones for social media but if people can post to any of these then I would think it's ok to post your Alamy photo on your own blog. Different blogs use different interfaces but If you know a little HTML it's easy enough to insert a link as we often do on this forum.
  6. Personally I would never put high res photos on a blog unless I know there's image security - nothing larger than 72 dpi at 800 pixels, and definitely watermarked. Alamy has some HTML examples, that can be found via the Dashboard, to link a blog or your website to your Alamy collection. If you only want to use a few, you could use the "Share" button for each image which should bring viewers back to Alamy when they click on the image.
  7. If your computer is having problems reading the cards I would strongly recommend replacing them ASAP. Sale or not.
  8. I'm currently using two Sandisk Ultra 80mb per sec SD cards in my Nikon D610. Sandisk doesn't seem to rate speed in the same way as Lexar but I haven't even noticed the buffer kick in while I'm shooting, but I don't shoot sports. Before buying you should consider Micron, who owns Lexar, is discontinuing SD Cards, so while there are plenty of bargains out there I don't know what will happen in terms of warranty https://www.dpreview.com/news/3111535898/lexar-discontinued-micron-announces-the-end-of-lexar-memory-cards
  9. This has been discussed extensively on several Personal Use threads. I'd suggest searching the forums to see what's already been said by contributors as well as Alamy. My take on it is that there's no clear answer. It seems to be up to each distributor and probably whether each one licenses images for Personal Use. Some time back I opted out of the Eastern European distributors and all of my images now carry Personal Use restrictions. I haven't been getting a lot of distributor sales but I did have a couple from Germany and France. fD
  10. +1 More characters in the caption area and a slightly larger font. (I think 14 pt is the default on the forums.) I find it difficult with longer captions to scroll up and find spelling errors or make other corrections. Changing the font from gray to black would help too when contributors are working in AIM for an extended time would make it much easier on the eyes.
  11. It seems like you might benefit from a basic photography course that explains the relationship between aperture and shutter speed.
  12. Nope. Never had a Mamiya Roast Beef 67 I did have a Wista 4x5, several Nikons - F2-AS, FM, FM2, FE2, Rolleiflex, Widelux, a couple of Fuji 6x9 and a bunch of toy cameras and "antique" cameras. Here's one I shot back in the 80s with my Widelux
  13. Do Brownies count? I had one when I was about 5 years old. It was a Christmas present and came in a yellow box that said "Open Me First."
  14. Yes my understanding is that Alamy already donates a share of their profit to medical research. I already have a number of charities I donate to, though not necessarily well known NFPs. Last year I donated my entire S******* earnings to an anti gun violence group Personally I prefer to choose my charities and donate when I believe its most needed or when they have matching funds. fD
  15. My first "real" camera was a Pentax Spotmatic with a 50mm Takumar lens that I bought used in 1976, for $125. Not long after that I bought a used Vivitar 135mm lens and a 35mm Takumar lens. My first enlarger was also a Vivitar and I used to print in the bathroom. At first I went to the library and took out every book I could find on photography, learning to process and print from that. Once I'd exhausted both of my local libraries I began to take workshops. Yes it was expensive but one of the nice things about photography back then was that you could substitute various household items to save money. I'd store my chemicals in old juice jars and use clothespins attached to a string in the bathroom to dry my film and prints. My first "camera bag" was some kind of army surplus bag I picked up at an Army Navy store.
  16. So now that I said I only get reported sales at the beginning and end of the month, two dropped in today. Maybe I should say this everyday FWIW September is an odd month on this side of the pond because we have so many "holidays," like Labor Day, Primary Day, Sept 11th Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, that aren't observed on the usual Mondays.
  17. I've also noticed for the past couple months that I seem to have sales during the first week, and then nothing or close to nothing until the last week. Then they come in during the last week two or three at a time. Sales numbers have been about average but many of my sales don't show as zooms.
  18. Yes some do. I once received email from a client who asked why I did't put all of my images with a certain agency and just let them do the billing. Price is probably a major factor for buyers with a limited budget. They may also prefer to license all of their images from a single agency and only deal with one bill..
  19. Under Distributors Alamy does list the UK. I thought I'd opted out but apparently I overlooked it. That's one to keep in mind during the opt-out period next April.
  20. I'm no expert but the bird looks like some kind of Hawk to me... not a red tailed Hawk
  21. Yes it was quite slow when I uploaded earlier today but I thought that was just me.
  22. Yes they said the "average" cost of a flight from Miami to New York was $2000 before Delta and Jet Blue lowered it to $99.
  23. I have a FB friend in Puerto Rico who posted a video this morning. Fortunately Western Puerto Rico sustained less damage than other places which have been deemed 90% uninhabititable. Her house is still there and she only has one tree down in her yard. Let's hope Cuba fares as well. There was a very dramatic story on the news about the "Last Flight out of San Juan" where a Delta plane flew through the hurricane to land in Puerto Rico, and then took off through the hurricane to return to JFK in New York. I've heard that Jet Blue and Delta are now offering $99 flights out of Miami, as long as there are seats available, for anyone who wants to evacuate.
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