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  1. I don't think it's either a Direct Sale or a Distributor Sale. It's not mentioned in the Alamy contract and it doesn't conform to any of the commission splits in the chart. I'm guessing Alamy calls it an Affiliate Sale because it's an entirely different model.
  2. I've had this on my Dashboard as well as Net Revenue. I've found re-loading the page once or twice eventually brings up the data.
  3. In another thread, SpaceCadet wrote " The best (keywording) agency in the world is the one between your ears." So no, I wouldn't be happy about lowering the percentage for keywording. One other agency I no longer work with charged a one time fee of 25 cents per image, against sales, to have images keyworded by a third party. It took weeks to get the images online and the results were pretty bad.
  4. True, but those of us who weren't interested in the Affiliate program, or don't even have websites, probably didn't bother to read the details.
  5. There was some talk about what it would mean to Affiliates, and how to insert the html, but I don't remember much discussion about how it would affect photographers in terms of percentages. Not that I necessarily would have opted out but, photographers can opt out of distribution sales, which pays a lower percentage, so why not Affiliate sales as well? I guess the numbers are a bit odd because the Affiliate program also takes a percentage (which isn't included in the breakdown). 20% is a hefty amount for adding a link to your website compared to 38.5 percent for the photographer who actually created the photo. I guess I just wish Alamy had explained this scheme fully instead of leaving us to guess what it actually means.
  6. As mentioned in another thread, I have one of those Worldwide sales where there was no deduction in Net Revenue but there was an Affiliate Deduction in Balance of Account - Alamy 38.5%, Affiliate 23%. At the time I presumed it was a Distributor Sale but maybe I was mistaken. I've noticed some kinks in My Alamy over the past few days, resulting in errors when I try to access my Dashboard as well as Balance of Account. Maybe half the time when I try to check one of the pages the screen shows no data. If there is a new percentage for sales made through "Affiliate Websites" where photographers only receive 38.5% of sales shouldn't we have received noticed? All of this is rather confusing.
  7. A search of All of Alamy shows one search for "copy space" and 4,228,979 results.
  8. Now that you mention it, I just presumed it was a distributor sale because of the split. The license description says it's Worldwide so it could be either.
  9. I have one of those too from 9 Nov. I'm sure there was a deduction when it first dropped in, before the new system.
  10. Better to figure it out now than wait until you have news. It's the same info you need for the usual stock images, plus the headline field. The major difference is the upload route. News images have to be submitted within 24 hours so you won't have a lot of time to ask questions if you have problems.
  11. I was quite happy with my 12 Megapixel D300. I still use it especially with longer lenses when I want the focal length factor. The only reason I upgraded to a 24 megapixel D610 is because it's full frame and most of the time I prefer to work with wide angle lenses. I have a 100/10 cable connection so uploading files isn't a major factor but these 70mb tif files do take up more space on my hard drive. Another advantage, as others have mentioned, is that it gives me room to crop, but if I need to crop too much I must be doing something wrong. At this point, I don't feel I have any need for more pixels.
  12. EXIF/ Metatags should be visible in the "File Info" section of PhotoShop under the FILE menu. (not the filenames) There's no need to Export a jpg. Just use "Save As" with "Embed Color Profile ADOBE RGB 1998" checked.
  13. Alamy recently had a listing for a Part Time opening on the News Team to work alternate Sundays. It seems to have been filled.
  14. Madison Square Garden? These are probably people taking selfies with friends at various events - not photos of Madison Square Garden or anything you would normally shoot for stock. I also noticed some of the photos are of Madison Square which is a park rather than a sporting or concert venue.
  15. Some time back I read about Amazon pulling books because of Copyright Infringement. Apparently they even have the ability to delete them from buyer's tablets. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/18/technology/companies/18amazon.html
  16. True but that doesn't stop anyone. My guess is, either people aren't aware of the rule or they don't expect anyone to follow up on it.
  17. Only 300? I did a search for "Manhattan Skyline" and got 66,465 results. Some of them aren't very good and some of them aren't skylines. Any touristy shot of New York is going to be oversaturated. The view from the top of the Empire State Building, or Top of the Rock is probably the worst. But If you feel you have a different take on it and it's not going to cost a lot of money then why not?
  18. Maybe it's a self-published book. Either way, I'd imagine the publisher would be responsible rather than the seller. EDIT: Sorry I misread your post. Have you searched Amazon for his name? Many self-published books are listed by author rather than seller.
  19. Well there are all kinds of horses all over the world in various situations. For example there are only 155 results for Lipizan Horse, 648 for Assateague Horse and 203 for Chincoteague Horse. Narrow it down to Chincoteague Horse with a child and there's only one. I suspect most buyers looking for a photo of a horse are going to be more specific.
  20. I wouldn't leave out the name of a public park or it's location. This could very well be what a client is searching for.
  21. Central Park and Carl Schurz are public parks - essentially supported by City taxes, so no property release is necessary. Certain areas in some parks, like the Central Park Zoo, or the Bronx Zoo in Bronx Park, are run by the Wildlife Conservation Society and do have restrictions against photography. Also, not all parks in New York City are public city parks so the rules can vary. For example, Gramercy Park is private.
  22. As long as you're on public property then you should be able to photograph without permission. However, while your photo doesn't show property, in theory there could be objects on public property that require a release. I recently photographed a "public art" installation in my local park. I marked the photos RM Editorial, containing property without a property release.
  23. I have a number of Black and White archive photos that have sold (none of which appear in the Black and White Category) but I doubt they've sold because they're black and white. I suspect photo buyers sort of expect older photos to be in black and white but they seem to prefer color images when they're looking for something contemporary. Of course clients can do their own conversions and they may prefer to do so if they're looking for something more stylistic.
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