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  1. It's a balmy 45ºf (7º c) today in New York City and we even have sun. That's a relief because the past week was in the 20s (-5º c) dark, overcast, and it snowed several times overnight. I guess it was too warm to snow last night because we only had a bit of sleet. First Snow
  2. Something happened to my 2012 Mac Mini earlier this year. I don't know what it was but when I went to check my email one morning the computer was extremely slow and I kept getting the dreaded beachball. In the following weeks it just got worse and nothing seemed to help including restoring from a Time Machine back. The computer wouldn't restore from the Apple server either. After six weeks or so I finally gave up and just bought a new computer. Like MDM, I keep all of my photos and application related files on an external drive so there wasn't that much to go thought on the main drive. Fearing it might be a virus I did pretty much what MDM suggested - downloaded all of my software for a clean install, and then retrieved specific files from my back--up. Unlike my 2012 Mac Mini, my Late 2014 Mac Mini lacks a Firewire port. At this point I doubt any new Macs still have them. Before you restore from a Time Machine back-up you should double check to see which files you're restoring. I think I used a Time Machine back-up when I wanted to downgrade to Yosemite but I don't remember if it gives you a choice.
  3. Normally the first time you start up a new Mac it goes through the Set-Up process. That's followed by the Migration Assistant which asks if you want to transfer data from another computer That might be a better choice than working from a Time Machine back-up. Here's what Apple has to say about migrating to a new computer https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204350
  4. I should add, the old CrashPlan for Home allowed users to back-up to a friends computer, at no cost. I haven't really explored the Business Software so I don't know if this is still possible. When CrashPlan discontinued their Home service they did raise their rates, from $60 per year to $10 per month. I migrated to CrashPlan For Business and was promised a 70 percent discount once my current subscription ends in September 2018. At this point, I'll wait until 2019 before making a decision as to whether I want to continue with CrashPlan. I like the software and I hate the thought of having to spend months uploading elsewhere. fD
  5. Zenfolio seems to be a bit cheaper than Photoshelter. They're currently offering a $5 per month plan versus $10 for PhotoShelter. Zenfolio seems to limit file size according to the plan. I'm not aware of any size restrictions on PhotoShelter. They charge according to total space used. I currently have the Basic Plan which includes 175 GB and costs $30 per month. Zenfolio seems to support video. As far as I know PhotoShelter doesn't. Zenfolio supports several languages. As far as I know Photoshelter only supports English. Photoshelter has a free Lightroom Plug-In so you can upload directly from Lightroom. Both offer Affiliate programs. Both offer free trials. If you're undecided you might want to try both and see which better suits your needs.
  6. I back up everything including the outtakes, raw files and finished tifs. CrashPlan saved me twice when my archive drive and local back-up drive failed.
  7. Yes. I have 16gb and the computer runs as usual. Uploads do run faster when the computer is idle. The CrashPlan software includes a little icon in the menu bar so you can check progress, set preferences, etc. By default, CrashPlan also sends an email update with details showing much is stored, the last time there was a full back-up and a warning if your files haven't been updated in several days. “ Mac mini” Backup Destinations CrashPlan Central Last activity: 5.9 hrs ago Last complete: 5.9 hrs ago Backed up: 1.6TB
  8. Anyone considering cloud based back-up, who hasn't done this before, should be aware it can take a month or more to back up your data. I think it took me about 8 weeks, running my computer 24/7 to back-up a terabyte. For an extra fee most services will allow you to send a hard drive if you want your data backed- up immediately. fD
  9. I also have a PhotoShelter account but it's not really the same thing. Sure you can upload large photo files for storage and download as needed, but as far as I know, you have to do that manually - a small group at a time. By comparison, most of these back-up services work in the background, like Time Machine on a Mac. You simply set which computer, drives or folders you want to back-up and the software does the rest. If you need to restore a folder or drive you just indicate which one you want to restore, set the destination, and the software does the rest. fD
  10. Last year, after a gas main expolosion destroyed three apartment buildings nearby, I decided it was time for off-site storage. Amazon has several offerings. I did a 3 month free trial of their photo plan, which was free at the time with Amazon Prime, or $12/year for non-Prime members. The problem was I had to upload each photo manually to the site. I'm currently using CrashPlan. What I like about it is that it runs in the background so I don't have to think about it. I had about a tb of data, including about 50,000 photos when I first started and it took weeks to upload. I'm currently using nearly 2tb of unlimited storage. This summer the rate was $60 for a year but the rate is going up. Another choice is BackBlaze which was about $55/year the last time I checked. Depending on where you are in the world , you may prefer something a bit closer to home. fD
  11. I often see a login box at the bottom a post even though I'm logged in. If I go to another post it usually goes away.
  12. All it really does is show how to hot link an image, supposedly, for a Facebook Ad. The images only seem to be 1000 pixels wide rather than the "High Resolution" this site claims they are. Of course it's an infringement, but If other agencies really cared, they'd have Youtube, which hosts this video and has quite a few videos on lifting images from several agencies, remove them. Truth is, nothing is completely secure on the net and the highest risk is when an image is licensed for web use. If it makes you feel any better, I don't see any videos about "How to Download Free Images" from Alamy.
  13. Maybe the image can be used in a PDF file that's no more than 150 dpi, and users can print out the page. It doesn't seem to be uncommon these days with textbooks.
  14. Up until the 27th it was looking like my worst month in years, but then 5 sales dropped in during the last 3 days. All in all, 8 licenses (including one affiliate sale) for $488 gross. On the upside, I just surpassed the number of sales in 2016.
  15. It's all in the math. When Alamy makes a discounted sale, what they received is split 50/50 as stated in the contract. With an Affiliate Sale 23% of what Alamy receives is taken off the top and the remainder is split 50/50.
  16. What a waste of hard drive space. Some of them have captions like "No nb bldsa 2c034" Is there a place on this planet where "No nb bldsa 2c034" actually means something?
  17. Another way of looking at this is, who does the billing? If the person with the website bills for the photo, which seems highly unlikely, then it's some kind of third party sale.If Alamy does the billing then it's a direct sale. Normally these kind of referral links come under advertising and marketing which is one of Alamy's costs of doing business. Presuming that's the case, it should be deducted from Alamy's share.
  18. OK, for those of us who are geographically challenged. As far as I'm concerned, anything left of the Hudson River is West.
  19. From John's link "In Canada, Fowler’s Toad is limited to a small number of locations along the north shore of Lake Erie. It is also found in the eastern United States." According to Wikipedia, the American Toad ranges as far west as the Dakotas and parts of Manitoba.
  20. I'm no expert but he looks like a typical American Toad like I used to see in the woods when I went to camp in Western New York State. If he's really tiny he might be a Dwarf American Toad. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_toad
  21. Here's some info on the vulnerability https://www.wired.com/story/macos-high-sierra-hack-root/
  22. I've heard High Sierra isn't compatible with quite a few programs which is why I haven't yet updated from Sierra. There are two ways to revert to an earlier system. You can format your hard drive and restore from a Time Machine back-up. I did this a couple of years ago when I needed to revert to Yosemite, The other option is to go to your previous purchases in the App Store and download the installer directly from Apple. This is discussed on the Apple Support Site as well as how to make a boot disk of your system once you're downloaded the system. https://support.apple.com/
  23. I'm still on the fence about this. I understand it's a sale I wouldn't have otherwise made, and I realize Alamy wanted to offer Affiliates a strong incentive to participate, but I feel 20% is a lot, particularly when half is deducted from the photographer's share. I checked Amazon last night and, by comparison, they pay Affiliates 10% I also feel it sets a bad precedent for Alamy to change the commission structure, in whole or in part, without more formal notice than mentioning it on the forums, and without amending the Photographers Contract.
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