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  1. I just checked on Allen's forum link and also saw 15 missing thumbnails. For whatever reason, this seems much more common with the forum link. I've been sending screenshots to Member Services and all, except for one, are appearing properly as of this this am.
  2. I used to use Cumulus, which was originally Aldus Fetch, until it became too high-end and expensive. http://www.canto.com DP Review has a review of Phase One Media Pro which might be worth looking into. http://www.dpreview.com/news/2011/5/10/mediapro
  3. I can't imagine it could possibly be a ram issue since we all seem to be experiencing similar issues with images with the same code that went into the system sometime between 28 and 30 May . Much more likely is the possibility that the images either became corrupted somewhere between Manage Images and getting indexed into the main search, or somehow didn't get a thumbnail when the system processed this batch. By comparison, I uploaded a few to Live News on Monday which begin with a D8E. I haven't had any problem with these whether I use a 2.4 ghz iMac 4 GB Ram or my iPad. Previously I was using a computer with half the ram and didn't experience missing thumbnails.
  4. I thought it was resolved yesterday morning but when I checked back later in the day the white squares with blue question marks were back. One difference this morning is that now when I click on a blue question mark it does give me a zoom, then when I go back to the search, I can mouse over and get a preview of the image. Images keyworded since then appear fine so maybe it was simply a bad indexing run? I think Kathy DeWitt's suggestion of reuploading the images, then deleting the old, may be the best way around this.
  5. I received a response from Alamy today that they're aware of the problem and are working to resolve it. I haven't seen any missing thumbnails today and images I uploaded since then are appearing normally. Let's hope this is the end of it.
  6. I've been getting this intermittently with the missing thumbnail issue.
  7. When I use the link from My Alamy, which searches on my pseudonym, thumbnails that start with D8f are missing. However when I search from the link on this forun, under my avatar, images beginning with D8C are missing thumbnails.... Or maybe it's the other way around. Either way, I seem to have varying results depending on which link I use to begin the search.
  8. I had the same issue with images keyworded and indexed earlier this week via the Archive/Reportage route. At first I could only see square boxes in the search results and couldn't bring up a thumbnail. Then I checked them in Manage Images and couldn't get a thumbnail there either. Today, using mouseover, gives me an image, and I can see them in manage images, so I guess there's some improvement there. However, when I go to "My ALamy Page" only 3 thumbnails appear. The rest are empty boxes. Other images uploaded via the News route appear fine.
  9. Searching my name and Alamy Live News brings up the past 60 images I've uploaded to the news feed since March 23rd, but not the hundreds I've submitted via the news feed prior to that. Searching on my name brings up all of my images. The photo credit in the caption definitely seems to be a new addition.
  10. I've noticed recently that the search engine seems to be picking up words in the caption. For example, If I search my name and Live News everything I've submitted via the news feed recently comes up even though it doesn't appear in any of my keywords. BTW, anyone notice when Alamy started adding the photographer's name and Alamy Live News to the captions?
  11. Definitely contact news@alamy.com. If the file creation date is older than 48 hours it will be rejected, either by the server or news team. During Hurricane Sandy our power was shut off for five days so I was unable to upload. Once power and Internet was restored i uploaded via the newsfeef but all of my photos that were more than 48 hours old were bumped down to Reportage and had to wait for the system to update before they became available.
  12. Back in the days of film and darkrooms most photographers burned and dodged during printing. Some even used multi-grade paper with different filters to retain detail in the highlight and shadows. I couldn't necessarily consider darkening the background digital manipulation.
  13. Also the first image appears to have been toned. It may be monochrome but it's not black and white. Granted, digital alteration is probably in the eye of the client but I would include some mention that it's been toned in addition to the monochrome conversion.
  14. Ian Dagnall http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/20/elliot-morales-gay-hate-crime-_n_3306206.html?utm_hp_ref=gay-voices Philip Scalia http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/18/new-york-gay-hate-crime-shooting-_n_3299277.html?utm_hp_ref=gay-voices
  15. C7NCC1 Fabrice Lerouge http://huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/14/french-france-most-arrogant-country_n_3274231.html
  16. I don't know about Windows but the Mac versions of CS 2 that Adobe made available was PowerPC only. If Adobe ever makes CS 6 available without activation and provides serial numbers I'm sure it will be years after Apple releases a completely different OS possibly based on an entirely different processor.
  17. Before Elements there was PhotoShop LE which came packaged with most scanners. For years Adobe offered various upgrade paths so users of LE and the Educational versions could upgrade to the full version for $150 to $300. Just because someone is an amateur, or doesn't make enough money from photography to afford $700 for the full retain version, doesn't necessarily mean their copy of PhotoShop isn't legitimate. However I will agree that there are a lot of pirated copies out there. That's a what happens when you price software so high and allow it to be activated by a half dozen serial numbers readily available over the internet.
  18. If you photoshop several images into a single image don't you run the risk they'll be licensed as a single image?
  19. Interesting. Yesterday I had the clear impression Adobe would no longer be developing for CS 6 but the statement above seems to indicate otherwise.
  20. When I purchased the CS6 Upgrade back in December none of the local stores had the DVD in stock. There may still be some available on Amazon. Looking at the Adobe website, PhotoShop CC seemed to be the only version currently available. However, I tried searching the site and eventually found a link to purchase CS 6 online. So it looks like Adobe is still selling CS 6 but they're doing their best to hide it.
  21. Is it my imagination or has Alamy changed the way captions and locations are displayed in the Live News Feed? I used to caption my images City, Date, Caption but sometimes the City and Country would appear a second time, maybe below the photo. I presumed it was grabbing this data from the Origin portion in IPTC. Since the redesigned I noticed the caption that appears above the photo is shorter so I dropped the Date and City from my captions, presuming this data would be displayed in Live News by default but it wasn't there when I checked this weekend. Today it's back. I hope I didn't cause anyone any extra work over the weekend recaptioning my images. Stacy
  22. I thought the forum was only open to registered photographers. From tha Alamy Blog "We thought carefully about how we could introduce a stronger community feel to the redesign and move away from the negative aspects seen in the old forum. With this in mind, we've now made it compulsory to be a registered Alamy photographer before you can post." http://www.alamy.com/Blog/contributor/archive/2013/04/22/5331.aspx
  23. News, Reportage and Archive images bypass QC within minutes. You can view the status of specific uploads on the "Track Submissions" page. If I have time I normally Caption and Keyword minutes later when they become available in Manage Images. Once they've been in Alamy Live News for 48 hours they'll be added to archive with the next update. Last time I uploaded a batch of News, and a second batch of Reportage. They were indexed in the archive on the same day.
  24. Maybe not the worst idea for people who have occasional sales but what about those who have multiple sales a day? I sometimes upload images more than once a day and find the email confirmation always lags way behind the time my images are ready to be keyworded. If such a practice was implemented I hope there'd be a way to opt-out. Opting out of QC confirmation wouldn't be a bad idea either. Also, if you're using Lightroom with the Alamy Plug-In, you can set it to check your Alamy balance each time you start Lightroom.
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