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  1. I had a cleared balance of $171 that showed No Payment Due. Then a small distributor sale came in around Nov 11th that gave me a balance of $177 with Payment Due December 1st.
  2. If you're one of those people who worries about making the minimum payout each month, then yes, even a $5 (net) distributor sale may push you over the threshold. If you already meet the minimum for payment each month these distributor sales may be less attractive.
  3. Rob Ford is news here in New York too. That's quite an accomplishment considering we just got over an election year of weiners , johns, kitty killers and campaign ads with photos grabbed off the web.
  4. One refund from last month which was licensed the same day for less than half the first rate... so now I've got a negative balance.
  5. I could be mistaken but I've been under the impression that this email is an auto-response, send out sometime after images have been processed, when the system isn't too busy. I'm always confused about the way various upload paths handle data entered into the Caption area in PhotoShop so when I can, I'll check the images in Manage Images and finish off any captioning and keywording - sometimes before it even appears in Track Images as "Bypassed QC" I suspect what happened in this instance was, your images were bounced back to QC because they weren't considered newsworthy, and there was some kind of subsequent glitch in the process. I've also had the impression there's some difference between what those of us in the US consider news and what's news in the UK, but I don't understand why Alamy Live News would reject an image because it looked like stock. News outlets use stock images every day. It would be helpful if Alamy Live News could clarify. Then I could pin a copy on my monitor
  6. I haven't received anything about Pinterest but I did receive email promoting Alamy Video with a code for 25% off everything in my cart. It said I received this because I'm a register Alamy Customer (?????)
  7. When I first read the blog which says "we’ll be paying out on balances above $75, starting with the December payrun at the beginning of December." I interpreted this to mean people clearing $75 or more will see a December check. However when I mentioned in the forums that Balance of Account didn't seem to have been updated yet to reflect the lower threshold others seem to interpret this differently. When you actually receive the money seems to depend on how you get paid. I received mine via ACH Deposit into a US account sometime between the 4th and 6th of the month.
  8. Balance of Account doesn't seem to be updated yet to show the new payment threshold. Mine currently shows $171 in cleared funds with payment Not Due.
  9. I kept telling myself that had to be something other than dust... Snow? Crumbs? After all, this is Alamy
  10. I received an email with three Creative picture requests earlier this week. It was a bit of a surprise since I don't have any Creative images with Alamy. The email notes it was sent out because I'm a registered Alamy contributor. Even so, it seems like a step in the right direction. I'd definitely like to see some reportage/archival requests.
  11. Everything seems good in terms of photo apps but I'm finding PhotoShelter takes over a minute to load using Safari. Anyone else on PhotoShelter experiencing this issue?
  12. Here in the US, if you have a little patience, you can often pick up a refurb for several hundred dollars less via the Apple Online Store. I just missed out on a Mac Mini that was priced $130 below the usual $800. They come with the same warranty. Only the packaging is different. Just scroll down the main page for the Refurbished and Clearance items. Sorry I have no idea if they offer refurbs in the UK.
  13. Much to my surprise, when I booted up VueScan today, I discovered they already have a Mavericks update available. http://www.hamrick.com
  14. After backing up my hard drive I finally decided to take the leap. The download only took about an hour with my 15/1 cable connection but installation seemed to take twice as long. So far everything looks good and my computer seems faster, but I haven't tried to scan or PhotoShop yet.
  15. Maybe it's a bit early to ask but has anyone taken the leap and upgraded to Mavericks? I'm curious to hear about compatibility with PhotoShop, VueScan, and other software. Stacy
  16. Best thing to do is go into an Apple Store and try one out. The last time I used one at the Soho Apple Store it had PhotoShop installed. Earlier this month I picked up a Mac Mini Quad Core 2.3 with 4 GB ram and haven't yet upgraded it. Even so, I'm able to run CS 6, Lightroom 4, Bridge, email, and upload via Safari at the same time without a problem. Although older iMacs had a ram tray at the bottom of the display the slim new 21 inch iMac isn't considered user upgradable. You should still be able to bring it back to Apple for a ram upgrade or an Apple Authorized Service Station but if you want to be able to easily swap out ram whenever you please the 27 inch iMac would be the better choice. Contrary to what others have said, this particular Mac has 4 USB 3.0 ports, Firewire 800, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Audio, Thunderbolt, etc. Apple's current system, OS 10.8.5, has AirDrop which is supposed to transfer photos between your Mac and iDevices. And if you care about Quicken, there's now Quicken 2007 for Mountain Lion which has all the capabilities of the old Quicken 2007. It's available for $15 from Intuit.
  17. I've found that sometimes when I change adapters on my Nikon 5000ED that unless I really shove the adapter into the scanner it doesn't always make full contact. When this happens scans will sometimes have a color cast because not all color information is transferred. Of course these are two very different models but removing any adapter and re-inserting it firmly might help. Another possibility is that you just need to clean your connections or try a different cable.
  18. If you have doubts about the iMac screen then why not consider a Mac Mini? Better yet, go into an Apple Store and try both iMacs and a Mac Mini. I felt the Apple 27 inch monitor was a bit too large for my personal taste and preferred the size of the 21 inch iMac. I'm currently using an LG display with my Mac Mini via the HDMI port. Getting a Mac to work with an Asus should just be a matter of getting the right cable though you may not have all the features you'd get with an Apple Display.
  19. Reportage/Archival images have different size minimums - images only have to be at least 5mb - which explains the QC warning. I have some images of a historic news event, shot on ISO 400 color negative film, that could never make it pass QC due to Film Blemishes. So I cleaned them up as best I could and submitted them via the archival route. They've been some of my best sellers.
  20. First time since switching to Blue that I've started off in the red. A sale from last month was refunded and then licensed for 19 cents less. That and a distributor sale came out to $23.67 gross.
  21. About 20 monnths ago I submitted a small number of photos to the MyPhone Collection. It's an image exclusive 5 year contract. I can market the images myself but can't submit those images, or similars, to other agencies. No sales so far. I believe Aurora uses Alamy as a sub-agent so any images you submit there could appear here on Alamy as well.
  22. Technically yes, and while dpi may be incorrect the terms are often used interchangeably. Either way there's no point in using a "higher resolution" image because most displays will only show it at 72ppi.
  23. Most displays, with the exception of Apple's Retina Display, show images at 72 dpi, so there really isn't much reason to use a higher res image. Larger images will sometimes scroll off the screen when viewed with a smaller display. One solution is to use a full screen image and set the browser to auto-resize for a percentage of the screen. It doesn't always look as good as the native size and Image quality will probably vary from one browser to another.
  24. Uploaded two images last night via the Reportage/Archival route. One arrived in Manage Images immediately and soon after I received email confirmation that my images were ready to be keyworded. The second image is still pending. Update: Second image seems to have come through.. only about 24 hours after the first one.
  25. That's the one I was thinking of! There was also an incident where our Health Department licensed an image from Getty. The original photo was of an African American man sitting in a chairand. It was then photoshopped to remove one of his legs, and used it in a TV ad implying he'd lost his leg due to diabetes and soda consumption. As far as I know it didn't result in a law suit but it did stir quite a bit of controversy. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/30/nyregion/man-in-diabetes-ad-says-he-is-shocked.html?_r=0
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