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  1. Betty, You really need to take a good hard look at how your cell phone images and compare to those taken with your higher-end cameras. If you really feel they're up to Alamy standards then why not give it a go and submit them to QC? I like to play with my iPhone but I've found the quality is hit and miss. Sure it produces images that are larger than some I have in the Alamy archive but I just don't have the same level of control in terms of exposure, raw processing, etc. I certainly wouldn't want to go island hopping with only a cell phone. About a year ago Alamy Live News began accepting cell phone images. You can see the blog entry here. http://www.alamy.com/pressrelease/releases/archive/2013/01/23/163.aspx#.UtWuCmRDtsg fD
  2. Thanks Linda, As frustrated as I've been with Nikon USA, at this point I have enough invested in Nikon, 7 fx lenses, several old bodies, a couple of strobes and miscellaneous accessories, that it just wouldn't make economic sense to switch to Canon. Not that it's within my budget but, given the loss, it would probably be cheaper to buy a higher end Nikon. Maybe a D800. fD
  3. I've been thinking about upgrading from my D300 to the new D610. Initial reviews looked good indicating Nikon had resolved the oil issues that plagued the D600 with a newly designed shutter. However, recently I noticed almost half of the reviews on Amazon cite the same problems with dust (or oil.) A google search on this topic brought up similar complaints. So I was wondering if any Alamy users are shooting with the Nikon D610 and are you experiencing similar issues.
  4. In Lightroom 4 the plug-in extras for the Alamy Manage Images Plug-In appears under the Library menu - at the bottom of the list. Sorry I have no idea if it differs in LR 5.
  5. The scanner is a Nikon LS 5000 ED and transparencies shot with my other Nikon lenses are sharp, so I don't think the scanner is the issue. Lightroom did wonders for removing CA. When I upgraded to PhotoShop CS 6 I couldn't find a way to adjust non-raw images in ACR but Lightroom doesn't seem to have that limitation. If anyone really believes the Nikon 20-35 2.8 is a spectacular piece of glass I'd be happy to sell it to you for half of what I paid for it.
  6. She looks much more like an Airdale mix than an Australian Shepherd mix. https://www.google.com/search?q=Australian+Shepherd+Mix&espv=210&es_sm=119&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=N3LHUsLeNOjLsQSE84LADA&ved=0CCwQsAQ&biw=1678&bih=876#es_sm=119&espv=210&q=airdale+Mix&tbm=isch
  7. Thanks for the tip! The old Nikon 20-35 was fine for magazine and newsprint but now that I'm looking at these scans at 100% there's a lot to be desired. I've only started processing images with Lightroom in the past year or so but I'll have to go back over those old slides now that we're in the dreary days of winter.
  8. Interesting analysis. I just took a quick look and nearly half of my Alamy sales were of images shot with a sub 24mm lens. That might not be too suprising though since I tend to use wide angle lenses as my primary lens.
  9. I happened to catch a few moments of a film called "Celebrity" on Netflix where ( I think it was) J-Lo complaining that people with cell phone cameras are the worst. Why should it be legal for anyone with a cell phone to photograph these kids while it's a crime for paparazzi?
  10. Back to the original topic... I haven't been following the law that closely but from the little I've read, it's likely to have a chilling effect on the media's ability to cover news. From what I understand it only covers "paparazzi" or photographers who make money from their photos. What about all the fans with point and shoot cameras, or those gathering autographs who often slow down celebrities while the paparazzi photograph them? I don't understand why such a law would only apply to one class. Then there's the question of what consititutes permission to photograph a child? Must it be written permission? Is stepping outside a building into a gaggle of papparazzi implied permission? Here in New York we have plenty of celebrities living day-to-day lives that don't differ all that much from everyone else. I was just mentioning on another forum that it's not surprising to see celebrities shopping in the local supermarket. They seem to manage to get around, for the most part, unmolested. We did have a recent "event" where Lindsay Lohan supposedly moved in across the street which drew a fair number of paparazzi crawling all over the garbage cans to get a better shot. Somebody must've tipped them. We didn't see anything like that when Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian happened to both have lunch at Carbone, at the same time, a month or so ago... Then there's the question of our former governor and his latest girlfriend. Does he cound as a celebrity or just a tainted public figure? Of course in those cases no one brought their children along but, had a child stepped into the frame, could that have been a problem had it occurred in California? I'm just glad we don't have a similar law in New York.
  11. Maybe you just tend to notice the ladies more Of the Alamy photographers I either know, or whose names I recognize who do press events, I'd say it's about a 50/50 split in New York.
  12. I have an old Nikon 20-35 2.8 and had a hard time getting anything I'd shot with it past QC. Too much CA and not all that sharp. First thing I did when I started actively submitting to Alamy was to dump it for a 20mm. If you really want a zoom I'd suggest renting the newer 17-35 2.8 for some test shots before you buy.
  13. Bad enough to provide an image for free but in this case the photographer didn't even get a photo credit. So much for any illusions that these kinds of publications will give you any "exposure."
  14. I recently posted some photos to an event page on FB. Almost immediately someone asked me to email them privately because they wanted to use one or more of the images in a local publication and website. So I asked if they usually pay for images. She said they did, but since someone else had already sent them a free one, if money was the issue, they would go with the free photo... so I declined. Nowadays I suspect many, if not most, magazines will choose free images over those that cost them money. Even so, if they use your photo, there's nothing wrong with asking for a few free copies for tearsheets. This used to be standard practice no matter how much a magazine paid for images. Whether you want to continue paying for a publication that doesn't pay for photos is your choice. The idea that everyone gets paid except photographers tends to spoil it for me.
  15. I don't know specifically about batteries but here's one reason to avoid using third-party chargers. http://www.macrumors.com/2013/07/18/chinese-woman-electrocuted-by-iphone-4-likely-used-unauthorized-charger/
  16. I'm oldskool. I still remember those disk shaped batteries you could only buy in camera stores, and when Nikons had film winders that held AAs, that I could eat through in a few rolls of film. When they finally came out with the rechargeable EN-EL series batteries that have lasted me for years and only cost $40 a pop, that was good enough for me.
  17. Saw this on another forum earlier this week. Considering the number of problems we've seen with various electronics using 3rd party and counterfeit batteries or power sources, this doesn't seem unreasonable. Nikon's warranty does require that you use Nikon batteries. If someone feels the cost of original Nikon batteries is too high then maybe they should consider a camera that uses standard AAs.
  18. Manage Images seemed just fine yesterday when I keyworded some images on my Mac. Have you tried using a different keyboard?
  19. I just received my first email from Adobe on this subject, today, 6 December, that my information on their server had been compromised. I'm not a CC subscriber but I did purchase CS6 from from their a year ago. I wonder what took them so long.
  20. Same here. I bank with Chase and receive payments via ACH Deposit with no bank fees. By comparison, Chase charges me about $20 to receive a Wire Transfer.
  21. Two thoughts: I wonder if Alamy allows multiple accounts for individuals. Most websites don't and since they do allow pseudonyms that would seem to be their solution for people who want to separate their collections. Second thought, you would have to meet the minimum threshold for payment for sales for each account in order to be paid so it seems like improving the overall performance of your present account would be a better choice.
  22. The US Apple Online Store kept their usual prices for Black Friday but they offered a $150 Apple gift certificate with iMacs, MacBook Pros, and iPads.
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