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  1. The workflow ReeRay links to seems to depend on what camera you have. I haven't had any issues transfering and processing .nef files from my Nikon D300 and I've been able to ftp them directly to my PhotoShelter site using FilterStorm. If you have an Alamy ftp account for news Filterstorm should work here too.
  2. Uncropped images from my iPhone 4s are 22.9 megabytes (3264 x 2448) Those 60 mb files make me wonder if some people are up-rezzing.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by Photostream... is that one of Apple's Cloud apps? Anyway I've noticed that iTunes "optimizes" photos when you transfer them from a computer to an iPhone or iPad. I genrally use Lightroom to transfer images from the phone to the computer. Then I email them to myself when I want to transfer them back to the phone. fD
  4. Check your camera manual. There are two different protocols for transferring files. I don't remember the names offhand but Windows uses one and Macs use the other.
  5. I'm also on a Mac forum and I remember there was an issue with Mavericks and WD hard drives. I presume that's been resolved by now. I don't remember anyone with more complex networks or systems mentioning any issues but it's possible it's true. I'm using a five month old Mac Mini with two external Seagate drives, a LaCie back-up drive, a couple of scanners with an Airport Extreme. We have three iPhones, an iPad and a Roku connecting to the network and, aside from Safari behaving rather flakey with PhotoShelter, I haven't noticed any issues yet. If anything Mavericks seems faster than Mountain Lion and all my software that was compatible with ML runs fine under Mavericks.
  6. Apple offered a free upgrade to Mavericks OS 10.9 several months ago. What you're probably seeing now is the upgrade to 10.9.2 which has a security fix. If you haven't yet, you should also update your phone to iOS 7.0.6 which has a similar security fix.
  7. I was a bit surprised when a number of my Stockimo images showed up as RF. Apparently if you indicate a photo can be used commercially RF pricing is applied. If you state it can't be used commercially then it's RM. Granted, almost all of my Alamy submissions are Editorial and I haven't ventured into RF before but I thought it was possible for an image to be "commercial" and still RM.
  8. Just when I thought I was getting a sense of what they were looking for, I had three out of four rejected this morning. The iPad has a 5 megapixel camera while the iPhone 4s, 5 and 5s all have 8 megapixel cameras. Still most of my photos that were accepted were shot using my old 3Gs which only has a 3 megapixel camera. fD
  9. Open app, go to Home, choose a picture and click on Edit. You'l see a red "Delete photo" tab on the bottom of your iPhone screen. Thanks Mihai but I was talking about my deleting rejected photos from the activity screen, NOT my accepted ones from Stockimo!!!
  10. It wouldn't hurt to email support@stockimo.com and ask them to clarify if they're accepting images shot with iPads and iPods.
  11. I haven't noticed this with Hipstamatic images. Are you experiencing this issue with filters applied in the Apple Camera app? TABan mentioned the same issue in the Technical forum: http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/2023-stockimo-glitch-with-iphones-built-in-filters/#entry30363 I do wish they'd add a delete button for all the rejected images in the activity log. Seeing my rejects everytime I check my activity is a bit disheartening. fD
  12. It won't appear on Alamy until after it's accepted and after Alamy's database has been updated.
  13. I also saw on twitter that a number of Stockimo submissions were rejected because people didn't caption, keyword, or state the number of people correctly. I have six that have been sitting in the queue for just over 24 hours. No idea if I should upload more or wait to see if I get bounced.
  14. I replaced my old iPhone 3Gs with a 4s last October that's Pre-Paid via Virgin Mobile. It's running iOS 7.0.4 and the app seems to work just fine... though I won't know for sure until I've uploaded some images. One of the things that troubles me is, I have several thousand iPhone images on my hard drive, in Lightroom, but it looks like I'll have to transfer them back to my iPhone to submit them. It's almost impossible to check an image for sharpness on the phone and who wants to store gigabites of images on a 16gb phone?
  15. I bought a new CanoScan FS 4000 US back back in the days of SCSI for about $500 (US) that I used for newspaper work. It was fine for ISO 400 color neg and I really enjoyed the ability to do six frames at a time. After a few years it developed some issues with the film transport mechanism so I upgraded to a new Nikon 5000ED. The Nikon cost me about twice as much but I like it so much better that I'm rescanning files I did with the Canoscan.
  16. If the image appears on Google is it possible it was licensed by a client and Google indexed it from there? Google will show you the website where the image appears. If it's no longer there you can often check their cache. When I filed a DMCA complaint I provided the url to the image on my personal site as well as on Alamy. Presuming your pseudonym is similar to your real name the Alamy link should be sufficient.
  17. You might be better off asking Jim Kerr directly. I remember having some weird issue when I upgraded to Lightroom 4. I contacted him and he was able to help me resolve the issue quickly.
  18. I use a method that's similar to dimphotog and John Mitchell and is left over from the days when photo agencies filed physical transparencies, and then modified by digital. Essentially it's YYMMDD-My Initials-001.jpg Each exposure has a unique file name. When images are downlownloaded from the camera via Lightroom or Bridge, they're saved in a folder with the date: YYMMDD Sure you can name your file Heron.jpg or Heron1.jpg (Alamy may have a minimun number of characters for filenames) but once you've shot several hundred Heron files you're going to have a hard time remembering exactly what the last Heron shot was named.
  19. Why now download the demo and decide for yourself? http://www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php
  20. I also sold a bunch of gear several years ago on eBay - mostly manual focus lenses, a body or two and a scanner. For the most part I got back what I had paid for them. Building a positive rating, being hyper critical about any flaws or usage, including photos of the actual item and answering any questions will bring higher bids. fD
  21. Seems like youre turning this into more steps than is necessary. You can download directly into Lightroom or Bridge by using Get Images From Camera. You can either name the new folder or let the software do it for you. I prefer the way Bridge renames images but the same is probably do-able in Lightroom. Once they're in Lightroom you can make your choices and premliminary adjustments. Adding them to a Quick Collection should make finding them easier. Then you can open them in PhotoShop with Lightroom Adjustments. Lightroom should track any changes to the image and update the settings. As someone else suggested, you probably need to check your preferences or sort menu. My copy of Lightroom simply stacks all versions of the same file. Most if not all of your keywording in Lightroom too. Then once you've finished editing your images you can simply Export them to disk, as jpgs, to upload to Alamy. After the upload you can delete those jpgs to save space. I'm don't understand why you're shooting RAW + JPG since it's so easy to export files as jpgs whenever you need them.
  22. The license number should be included in the email message you receive after you've paid for the plug-in. From what I remember, boot up Lightroom, go to Plug-In Manager and choose the Alamy Plug-In. From the Plug-In window you should see a place to enter your login info and plug-in license number.
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